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GuestFicRec: Vixen Sits Pretty in Twilight Pink


Usually, I prefer dark, deep fiction (unless there’s pure sex, of course), but in this case, I’ve taken up the banner of fluff romance.

Upon first inspection, this appears to be another movie-based fic, and although the plot is loosely based on the 80’s staple, Pretty in Pink, this fic seamlessly ties the universe of Twilight with our favorite characters from the movie. There are only three chapters posted, but this story has promise and two enthusiastic, first-time authors at the helm, taking the characters on with unique style and clever wit.

When I say loosely-based on Pretty and Pink, I mean that. This isn’t your typical teenage love story: the characters are older, college age, and I instantly fell for them.

nicnicd writes Bella, but thank goodness this isn’t the typical Bella I’d love to slap upside the head. This Bella is smart, sassy, straight forward, and a complete and absolute spitfire. An infuriating James hassles her and she hands him his due comeuppance with a sharp tongue. When a simpering Victoria goes after her, Bella shuts her down faster than you can say Molly Ringwald.

Right off the bat, Bella’s personality shines through the usual traits and comes off sweet with a touch of snark. You see some of the movie plot as Bella rummages through her closet for something to wear. Although Alice is her fashion muse, Bella is capable of dressing herself (gasp!) and enjoys shopping. She has fun with clothes, and uses them to project her inner self to the outer world.

In fact, fashion is such an interesting part of this story, the authors have gone so far as to provide us visuals for the outfits of each chapter.

Bella’s gear from Chapter 3
Then, of course, my personal favorite - Edward’s gear from Chapter 3

Oh yes, I know.

As for character development: your heart strings tug as Nic weaves the Twilight characters into the Pretty in Pink universe, detailing Bella’s abandonment by her mother at an early age, her struggle with her self image, and her yearning for someone to talk to about lovely, girly things. And, of course, you can’t help but giggle at her inner ramblings as she spies an... Adidas-wearing Edward.

Oh, Adidasward? Where to begin? Hands down, I always prefer an EPOV and MusicJunki takes Edward and runs with him. She offers us an instantly likable character by weaving in a subtle layer of self-awareness keeping him from becoming anything typical. His character is a good-natured, well-to-do medical student who has been dragged into fraternity life by his brother Emmett.

I know.

First impressions lead one to believe this has all the makings of a stereotypical ficward, but MusicJunki places him far from becoming the typically arrogant, man-whoring frat boy with an empty head and motivations. Instead, he is seeking and clearly unfulfilled in his life. The reader gets the impression he enjoys a comfortable existence where everything generally falls right into his lap owing to his financial and social status (paralleling our beloved Blane, of course), and yet he is growing indifferent to this easy lifestyle.

At the start of his POV, he is just beginning to question his contentment as he dates the requisite sorority girls. Adidasward is gradually becoming bored with them, but the interesting aspect I adore concerns his attitude. Even with the usual supply of attentive females at his disposal, he’s never found himself complaining, and yet is still in want of something more.

Overall, he has swagger, charm, and confidence - that is, until he encounters Mystery Girl, a pretty brunette that distracts him completely, leaving him uncharacteristically tongue tied and stuttering for his next line.

As for the alternate points of view, the characterizations are not one sided, but have noticeable depth. With Alice as the sweet but dippy record store owner with a soft spot for Bella and a penchant for attracting loser boyfriends, a Jacob (Jakey = Ducky) that’s the often overlooked, but still highly regarded friend, and other characters that truly settle into their roles, this story has promise. In addition, James and Victoria’s brand of snobbery and Emmett’s playful yet atypically-intelligent personality add even further to this unique story.

The writing is quick, snappy, and real. The pacing is well done. The banter and humor quickly suck you in, leaving you in stitches and anxious for more. The characters captivate, and the fun the authors have shines through in the wonderful writing.

For this summer, I recommend this lighthearted romance with your mint julep and sunshine. Give yourself a treat, and settle into this story.
Vixen1836 is the author of the wildly loved Black & White. She is currently prepping her first novel for publication and is a light of hope for many women in this fandom.


  1. Congrats girls, you guys deserve it!!!!!!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Pretty in Pink so thanks for bringing this to our attention, I am off to go read NOW! :)

  3. it did suck me in rather quickly, no lie. good recommends, vix, good recommends.
    *the clothes site is ridiculously fun too.


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