Sunday, May 10, 2009

AngstGoddess003 Embarasses Herself: Tech Q&A

Ask the resident TLYDF geek all your computer, website, coding, and graphic related questions! Hardware, software, firmware, you name it, and I probably know a little too much about making the innuendo into a really confusing sexual advance. "Rob can RAM my SATA port with his harddrive any day..." or just general commentary, "There's nothing like using Photoshop to stroke your magic wand..." or interweb humor, "<fail size="epic"><sarcasm background="disappointed">Breaking Dawn was O.M.G. soooo awesome!<vomit src="sippie cup of blood" class="ZERO"></sarcasm></fail>"

God, I could so code the entire Twilight series...

<Twilight size="three">
            <beautiful name="Bella">I'm plain</beautiful>
            <tortured title="Edward">You're yummy in my tummy
                    <bloodlust size="a whole lot">TURMOIL</bloodlust>
            <knowing src="Dog">You're a vampire.</knowing>
            <tortured title="Edward">
                    <conflict amount="annoying">We cannot be</conflict>
            <careless name="Bella">I love you.
                    <creepy title="Edward"><freakishly accepting name="Bella">STALKING</freakishly accepting></creepy>
            <sparkle inensity="blinding">PEEN</sparkle>

ANYWAYS (Geez. Stop me when I do shit like that... seriously.) I'm procrastinative, wordy, looking for article topics, and armed with a mouse and keyboard, folks. White and nerdy and srs bsns [kinda]. Send your LJ, graphics, HTML coding, and any other tech related questions to and I will answer them right here at TLYDF.

Thanks bbs!

<3 AG

P.S. Happy Day, you mothers!



  2. That just became my favorite bit of geek humor, but sadly no on I know irl will appreciate it with me. *tear*

  3. If you're white and nerdy for writing that, am I white and nerdy for understanding what you wrote...? LOL

  4. I may not know much about coding, but I think I just pulled something laughing. *sniggers*

  5. This? Is TCFW (too cute for words).

  6. OH! I think I'm in love. Will you marry me?

    J/K, J/K

    but srsly, I'll probably be emailing you shortly. If I remember. And if I don't, eventually.

  7. That may just be the funniest thing I've ever read, ever. Congrats on being the first thing to make me cry this year.

  8. The little math geek in me just thought this was too funny. I'm glad that I'm not alone thinking that stuff like this is hysterical.

  9. Te he! Just saw this today. Thanks for a Monday morning chuckle. :-)

  10. YES! Maybe now my terrible graphics won't be so terrible...

  11. Ha, that was great. If only html coding could always be so entertaining...

  12. Lmao oh yes /tear that was good.
    Did you know that I love I love the way you look when you ty- opps sorry I told myself I wasn't gonna be stalkerish today >_<.
    Pshhh I'm just kidding, or am I O_O DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!.
    Sorry I'm just bored and catching up with the blogs I missed >_<.
    Tell your kitties Chrissy said hi =).

  13. I love how you snuck the reference to sparkle peen in there =) Priceless!


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