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Admin Essay: OMJ - Exploring the Jasper Factor

OMJ: Exploring The Jasper Factor.

Everyone is familiar with the concept of the Rob Effect. In popular fandom theory, anything that either Rob or Edward touches catches immediate interest, because both and Rob and Edward are widely adored. In no way disagreeing with this concept or the success of its effect on me personally, I must say that the Rob Effect has a formidable foe.

The Jasper Factor.

I’m naturally curious about this phenomenon because I enjoy both Jasper, the character, and Jackson, the actor. And simply because I can, I’ve decided to explore the topic of the Jasper Factor with my fellow ficsters and you.


On some recent podcasts and message boards, I’ve heard this question asked, and I believe I’ve come up with a really interesting theory explaining the new influx of Jasper fics.

We are bored.

We love Edward, yes. But so much has already been done between him and Bella that it’s only natural to see audiences wanting something to break the monotony. Jasper, I think, is a natural second selection to Edward because he’s the second-most-intriguing male character in the series. Some may disagree with this, and that’s fine. I certainly can’t speak for the fandom’s interest as a whole. But it’s difficult to deny that Jasper is having a sudden peak in ficdom.

Bear with me here.

Jacob is a controversial character. He seems to have just as many fans as haters. You can lose, as well as gain, a whole niche of readers by simply introducing him into an established B/E plot. Plus, we all see Jacob coming! Authors use him as a popular plot device between Bella and Edward all the time, so upon first sight of Jacob entering the story, our immediate reaction is, “Here we go…” It's almost impossible to see Jacob as anything different.

Carlisle is a bit of a father figure, which can at times creep us out with shipping him and Bella. Emmett… well, Emmett is 'Emmett, the big brother', so shipping him with Bella can also leave an icky residue of gross. There are plenty of B/C and B/Em fics out there, so I don’t want to imply that the audience for these shippings is nonexistent, because that would be utterly false.

But it’s so difficult to dislike Jasper.

manyafandom, author of All I Ever Knew:

Why Jasper…well how long do ya got? Seriously I could go on and on about Jasper and why he is the most undervalued Cullen in the books. The main reason for me is that Jasper was the Cullen that we didn’t get a good idea of who he is. Sure we learned his back story and special ability, but a fully formed characterization was never conveyed or presented to us. Jasper is more than his military background and ability to manipulate emotions. I want to know more. What makes him tick? Why is he the way that he is? What his thought processes are like? What would he be like as a human? Also, Jasper is the strong, silent type; but he’s compassionate and fiercely loyal as well. He has a laid back, easy going nature that is seldom explored. He’s so complex that I think SMeyer glossed over him, losing the opportunity to explore him further. Really, who wouldn't want a Jasper in their lives?? No one that I know.

He really isn’t controversial in canon, and also feels a little two-dimensional in the series. His backstory is more scandalous than most of the Cullens’, which makes us curious to explore it. He’s also within non-disgusting physical age-range of Bella, and the series never puts direct focus on his brotherly relationship with her. I can totally understand why people are writing more Jasper nowadays.

Some people just love Jasper, understandably so. He is a charismatic motherfucker, after all.

Starfish422, author of Over The Top:

Why Jasper? Because when I write Jasper, I get to get inside the head of a character with whom I am (I can admit it) in love. I adore him in every incarnation I've read; and in this story I get to write my ideal Jasper - faithful to himself, close to his family, beautiful, with a huge capacity for love; but not flawless - not too good to be true.

Mandi1, author of You've Kept Me Waiting:

I don’t hate Edward, I just know Jazz is infinitely better. Edward is occasionally so cookie-cutter. Yes, he’s handsome and talented and kind and brave and a regular Sir Gawain, but Jasper is all those things…with a bad side. And who doesn’t love a bad boy? Not only is he bad, but he hides that bad side out of love for a good woman. How adorable is that? And also one word: Ducati.

SorceressCirce, author of Just One of the Guys:

I think his best quality is his unyielding loyalty. Canon Jasper puts Alice first and would follow her anywhere, even when it means making tough choices such as deciding to kill Bella around the time of Twilight because she put Alice in danger. Harsh? Yes. But he really would go to any lengths to keep Alice safe – and then when Alice asks him to back off because she loves Bella, he does it.

Admittedly, there are ficsters out there who simply prefer their Jasper shippings as opposed to Edward. Some of these individuals can be a little... er... passionate. But we find ship devotions of ficsters in any fandom.

Idreamofeddy, author of Colliding Meteors:

"You're not good for me, Bella." Bitch boy needed to be thrown through the trees for that and have certain parts of his anatomy removed. I really have nothing but love for Edward. One of the first fan fics with Jasper and Bella I ever read was Someone Else's Memoirs- and I was so glad to see that other individuals shared the same thoughts I had when it came to giving life to Bella and Jasper romances. The fan fiction world that has developed off of Stephenie's stories is just mind boggling and a wonderful way to entertain oneself, and that's why I enjoy reading more than I do writing. I've enjoyed all these wonderful stories starting from Every Father's Sacrifice by TheRomanticidalEdwardian all the way down to that smutty filled masterpiece of The Tie That Binds by Fiberkitty. The fans of this series are truly unique and I'm so glad and humbled to be a part of this fanbase.

Janna Banana, author of When Darkness Turns to Light:

Though I don't hate Edward, I do find him at the bottom of the list of people that I'd like to see Bella with. Of course, I prefer her with the Jasper that I created however, if we are looking at the Stephenie Meyer characters, I'd say I'd prefer her with Jacob (I can hear the gasps now).

Standing back and rereading the books from the perspective of wanting the Bella/Jasper pairing to work, I was surprised to read how many instances where he was actually rude to her, discounted her feelings and was extremely condescending. He constantly made decisions for her and disregarded what she may have felt.

I chose Jasper because out of all the characters in the book, he was the least developed. I matured Bella by four years and since she is human, her personality would have changed due to the things that she went through. Edward's personality is set in stone, there is no changing that but Jasper was a blank canvas upon which I could create my own hero for Bella to love.

So, though I know we can't all agree on these views, we can definitely agree on one thing -- I am certain: FanFiction is awesome because it offers us the possibility. I realize there are some people who jump to Edward's defense because he is their behbeh (coughAngelcough) and that's perfect! Variety is the spice of smut-I mean, fic. I mean fic. Honestly.

Again, this is just my theory. Please, feel free to comment and leave your own views on this, as I’m quite certain everyone would enjoy the discussion.


I’m going to take this time to dissect the fandom’s most popular Jasper variations, and why they work. Obviously, there's no possible way to generalize every single Jasper characterization. Some pegs just don't fit into the following holes. But, I can explore the most popular uses of his character, and what makes them successful to the audience. I've contacted eight authors of various Jasper related stories and picked their brains. Let's see what they say!

Vampsper :“Humans are yummy in my tummy.”

Canon Jasper is complex, in the most glorious of ways, but there are caveats to using him as an author. By choosing to explore Vampsper, the author must research his past, power and, if done in his POV, must choose their own methods of depicting how empathic manipulation functions. Pretty cool, huh?

I interviewed Mandi1, author of You've Kept Me Waiting to pick her brain about her own use of Vampsper.

1. To you, what is the most important aspect of the A/J dynamic to depict?

Showing that Alice and Jasper have that deeper, soulful connection in every look, every movement, even in their arguments, is important. Unfortunately, it’s something hard to depict. I like to portray that they care for their family, but that their love for each other is so much more than that, because they had each other before and, if something were to happen, they would have each other after. They’re not much use without one another, are they? (I’m lookin’ at you, JasperxBella ’shippers.)

OH!. BURN. (Not really.)

2. Do you have any advice for new authors looking to write a canon Jasper character? Historical research?

Knowledge of dates, wars, time spent in certain places will help you craft a canonical Jasper. Knowing that Texas was NOT a plantation state will make an entirely different Civil War!Jasper than if you are under the illusion that he had slaves. Remember his past. Remember that there was a Maria. Think of what that did to him. And think of who and what he relies on SPECIFICALLY in the story. Alice? If she’s gone, then who? Carlisle? Or has he gone 360 and relies solely on his hunger and the hunt? Jasper is a balance of southern gentleman with blood-craving beast.

3. In your opinion, what is canon Jasper's most defining moment?

I could be totally predictable and say when he met Alice. Had he not met her, things would be ENTIRELY different. He would not have the heart he has now. But I also think the moment where he gave up on Maria and left the south says a lot about him. That was the moment he left behind what he had known, and to give up something that has been your life for so long says a lot about someone, especially when they’re going on to live a better life. Jasper cared more for his victims and for his conscience than for his bloodlust, and that proves him to be a good person underneath it all.

My rec for Vampsper is Amputated at the Neck by Minisinoo. Though I have qualms with the depiction of E/B, Minisinoo's Jasper is always perfection in how he uses his power and his characterization is simply spot-on. Everything I always imagined him to be, and more.

Texsper : “Stop yer butcherin’ of my twang-a-lang, miss darlin’ cupcake marmalade sugar britches.”

I’m personally pretty anal about
how people portray Texsper. They want him to have that dash of southern gentleman, and depending on the nature of the universe, this can be a very slippery slope. Sometimes I wonder if it shouldn’t be a rule for the author to have actually visited the South at one point in their lives to get a realistic feel for the twang. But, this becomes obsolete with any Vampsper because, of course, times, colloquialisms, and pronunciations are subject to evolution.

How to make him Texsper without turning him into an effeminate, soft-talking Nancy-boy? I asked PastichePen what her formula was. In her story, If Love Could Light a Candle, she takes the impression of Texsper to the extreme, giving him a unique voice that screams Southern, but doesn't emasculate him in any way.

What's a successful formula for Texsper?

1. a Texan beta to keep you on track.
2. Southern pride.
3. Realist, single party states, colonialism, and wartime history interest.
4. Sworn belief that you'd rather drink a human than a good riding horse.
5. Scars that are worn with pride and occasionally (when the situation necessitates) accessorized with a cowboy hat.
6. Staunch belief that Edward needs to get over his yankee-ass whiney times.

My recommendation for Texsper, besides Candle, is Long, Tall, Texan by BamaBabe. Her Jasper favors one endearment -- Miss Bella -- and doesn't even say the word "darlin'" until chapter 6.

Darksper : “I invented ‘Emo.’”

Be still my heart…

What’s not to like? Darksper is a complex individual with an ominous secret, past, or view of the world. Darksper makes sense to me, because in canon, if you really think about it, he’s likely had the most traumatic after-change experiences of any of the Cullens. It’s true that Edward was somewhat traumatized from the effects of his mind-reading, yes, but Jasper has his empathic powers which puts him on level ground there. Finally, he’s had the trauma of being Maria’s pawn, the scars of the newborns, and has felt the torment of both vampires and humans’ emotions as they die.

That’s some pretty hard-core shit.

I sent some questions to IdreamofEddy, author of the Darksper story Colliding Meteors.

1. What is your most important consideration when characterizing Jasper in the angst genre? Are his powers important to this?

The past that was built by Stephenie around Jasper is all about angst. From being turned at a young age as a young confederate officer to being immersed into the hellish vampire wars of the south. And it had to be true hell, didn't it? I've tried to imagine what it was like for him off of the information that was given in Eclipse, which really wasn't very much from his perspective but it gives a writer plenty of angst material to build on. While he managed to escape the horror of his past and find meaning to his existence, it's a part of his life that he can never escape from. So I see Jasper's character as being somewhat hard and complex. He's quiet, he's shy, and even though he is an empathic vampire I can see his character having a difficult time displaying his own emotions and feelings. The ironic thing is this makes him so human, for a character who probably thought he was far from being human. His past and the power he has gives a writer plenty of material to cover when writing Jasper's character in an angsty story. His powers are always important for him because he can gauge another character's emotions and respond to that as appropriately as he can. Basically, he can cover his ass if he needs to.

2. Is there anything in canon that makes you inclined to portray Jasper in an angsty fashion?

Maybe some of my response above would fit into this question also, Jasper's past is true angst. I've considered doing an angst story based on his time with Maria and Peter, it's on my to do list. Of course that pivotal moment in New Moon when Bella gave herself that papercut gave several writer's (including me) a way of introducing a Bella and Jasper Romance.

My recommendation for Darksper is an AH story by Struck Upon a Star. Tie Me Down to this World portrays Alice and Jasper in the genre of Angst/Hurt/Comfort beautifully. It's just too emotional to even sum up.

Edsper : “You’d hit that shit too, and you know it.”

Excuse me a moment…


Okay. Whew. Sorry about that. Slash does strange things to me, like giving Edward the go-ahead to give it to someone who isn’t Bella.
I know, it’s difficult for many to stomach, and that’s perfectly alright. It’s just… well it’s a fusion of the Rob Effect and the Jasper Factor. It’s a force to be motherfucking reckoned with, if ya’ ask me.

I contacted one of my favorite slash authors, Starfish422, author of Over The Top, and asked her some E/J related questions.

1. Is there something special about the E/J dynamic in canon that caught your eye and inspired this concept?

In canon? No, I can't say there is. Jasper is my favourite Twi character, followed by Edward; so when I was considering writing a Twilight slash fic, to use their characters was the natural choice.

2. As both a reader and writer of slash, do you find it easier to depict an E/J romance when A/B aren't present?

In slash, a world where Bella doesn't exist makes for a happy reader in Starfish world. I suppose it's because Bella isn't related to any of the canon characters. On the other hand, Alice, being Edward's sister in canon, doesn't bother me as a peripheral character in slash. Funny story: when we were up to chapter...what, 17, I think?...of OTT, I got a review asking (and I picture this being asked with some degree of frustration) whether we'd ever see Bella in this story.

3. Do you have any advice for new authors out there interested in writing E/J as romantic?

If you have to choose, err on the side of reality. Writing well is a balancing act - weighing the readers' expectations against the reality of the plot. The fact is that most fanfic readers are women, and women in general have a certain picture of what the ideal relationship looks like. But these characters are men - men in a relationship are not the same as women in a relationship, gay or straight. If you find yourself in a place where you have to choose between realism or romance - in my opinion, realism should always win out. The readers will respect it, and you're likely to see your readership expand beyond us straight girls. :)

My recommendation for Edsper is any story by mithrilxmoon. Her "T" rated E/J one-shots are quick reads that can be enjoyed by just about anyone. It's a beautifully poetic portrayal of their romances.

Bellsper : “Because, unlike Edward, I'll hit that.”

Romantic Shipping: Okay, so I’m not a big fan of the shipped Bellsper, personally. Bella can only be with Edward for me, whereas I grant Edward ship leniency with Jasper and – very occasionally – Carlisle. I won’t explore this double-standard, because it’s my own unjustifiable preference and no one really gives a shit.

I asked JanaBananna, author of the most well-known J/B stories -- When Darkness Turns To Light -- a few questions regarding the coupling.

1. What is the biggest hurdle when shifting realistically from canon to Bella/Jasper?

The hardest thing for me was coming up reasons for the Edward/Bella and Jasper/Alice relationships to end in a manner that the readers would accept in order for them to be okay with the Jasper/Bella pairing. So, the perfect spot was when Edward left Bella in New Moon and I made it that he never came back. That one was easy. I worried about the Alice/Jasper aspect but thought that if I made it that Jasper and Bella were meant to be together and Alice saw it, it made sense that Alice started to pull away and Jasper also had his own problems with the relationship as well but they parted as the best of friends and no one was hurt in the process. I had a dream of Bella dancing with someone in a bar and Jasper watching her, his crossing the bar to get to her and then giving her the steamiest kiss ever. So, I actually wrote that chapter first and then based my story on that one scene. I had read several Bellsper stories and it bothered me that they both would just jump into a relationship with one another without proper respect being paid to the deep love that each of them felt for their respective partners (Alice/Edward). Or, the stories where they cheated on Alice or Edward - that would just never be able to happen with Alice's visions or Edward's mind reading, there is just no way to get around that if you want to stick to canon characteristics.

Do you ever find it difficult to justify the Bella/Jasper romance without demonizing or vilifying Alice and/or Edward?

I never wanted to vilify either of them as I thought that would turn people off the story, especially if I were to vilify Alice. In the actual series, Alice and Jasper's love was solid and everyone loved Alice so I had to tread carefully with that relationship. Not only was the relationship with Jasper so solid in the books, so was the relationship between Alice and Bella. So, I felt strongly that Alice and Jasper, even though no longer lovers or mates, be still very good friends and be there for one another, no matter what. Now her absence in Bella's life was due to Edward's extremely bad decision in New Moon when he left Bella and required his family to do the same. Alice, having been Edward's "sister" for several decades felt required to abide by his decision, no matter how bad it was.

I can't honestly say I don't feel that I vilified Edward, I just pointed out his bad decisions and expanded on them. He did make decisions for Bella without considering how those decisions would affect her. His not trusting the depth of her feelings for him was disrepectful to her in so many ways and was what allowed him to walk away from her in New Moon and I used that to my advantage in that he never looked back. I also found several instances in the series where I thought he was so condescending to her so it didn't take much for me to be able to play on that.

Why can Jasper put out when Edward insists that vamps/human relations are impossible?

Ha, ha! Well, that was another Edward decision that I twisted to my own use! Edward could have put out but he didn't trust himself to not lose control. Having never had sex before, he had no idea what to expect and therefore, did not want to hurt Bella should he not be able to control the "monster" within once they were fully in the act, be it by biting her or or just flat out killing her with his strength.

In my mind, though not touched upon in the story, Edward would never have attempted to have sex or even kiss another person as the mind reading would make it almost impossible. Can you imagine having sex with someone only to know that they are thinking of something or worse, someone else. Edward's ability made it hard for him to get close enough to another person to even contemplate sex and therefore he kept himself closed off of those emotions. With Bella, it has been so long since he had been close to another that he was taking baby steps to get used to it.

Jasper was quite used to physical relationships and had a ton of experience both before he was turned and during and, therefore, knew what to expect.

: These are the fics in which Jasper – who could have easily been a love interest for Bella – has managed to find himself in “The Friend Zone,” which usually gets mixed reactions from the audience, for obvious reasons. It’s easier for the larger, more generalized B/E enthusiasts to swallow, while still getting the added thrill of the possibility.

I interviewed SorceressCirce, author of Just One of the Guys, and asked her what made this work.

1. Is there something specific about Jasper, as opposed to Emmett, Jacob, or any of the other Twilight male characters that makes him a more feasible friend for Bella?

I think the best choice for a male friend for Bella really depends largely upon the Bella character. When I started looking for a best friend for my Bella, Jake was immediately out because of his romantic interest in her. Bella needed a friend, not someone who would complicate things or make her feel guilty because she didn’t return his feelings. Emmett, while I love him, is a little too easy-going and blunt. It was really Jasper’s empathic nature that made him the best choice. He can sense the things that Bella keeps hidden and knows best how to draw her out to talk about them. Bella has a tendency to lock herself away and take care of other people without dealing with her own problems – Jasper doesn’t let her.

Is there anything in canon that makes you inclined to portray Jasper and Bella as close?

I’d like to think that with the way their relationship was going, Bella and Jasper would eventually become close. Jasper kept his distance for obvious reasons, but there were times – such as at the hotel in Phoenix – where he reached out and really tried to make Bella feel valuable. I think that sort of caring had been rare in Bella’s life until that point, and she needed a bit more of it. Bella’s happiness, by virtue of Jasper’s empathic gift, becomes Jasper’s happiness, which will keep him close to her as well. The close friendship between Alice and Edward would likely help contribute to an eventual friendship between these two as well.

3. What makes Jasper such an awesome homeboy?

I think Jasper’s empathy is the biggest factor in his being such an awesome homeboy. It has to be cool (and occasionally annoying) to have someone who just gets how you feel all the time. Feeling everyone else’s emotions makes him more thoughtful and careful than a lot of guys (a la Emmett – though I love me some Emmett too), so in some ways, I guess he’s more girly. At the same time, he’s a badass with the scars to prove it. Pretty hard to beat that. I was always intrigued by his Southern upbringing as well, and I think that weird mix of gentleman-but-best-friend is a fun one to explore.

My recommendation for a Jasper/Bella story that I think even E/B loyalists can enjoy is Someone Else's Memoirs by a certain slant of light. This story takes place after a tragic incident in which Edward and Alice were both killed. Instead of it feeling as though Jasper and Bella are somehow betraying Alice and Edward, it simply feels as if they help each other heal, and grow close in the process. It's complete, and a relatively short read at 24k words. Also... I fucking BAWLED.

Thirdsper : “May I join you?”


Hales yes! Thirdsper is a truly awesome phenomenon.
Not only can Edward and Bella be together, but Jasper can enter into the romance without any betrayal or sour aftertaste of love triangleage. This is easier for the B/E loyalists to handle, I think. It's also Edward and Jasper, straight, in the same bed. Come on. I mean, seriously.

I asked Manyafandom, author of The Arrangement, what makes this trifecta so damned awesome.

1. Why does the concept of B/J/E appeal to you, as a writer?

To begin with, Jasper as a character has massive appeal to me. At the time I started writing there wasn’t that many Jasper-centric stories. I wanted to explore Jasper as a main character and not just Alice’s love interest. Also I feel there is a bond between Edward and Jasper that isn’t touched upon in the books that much. I wanted to take a deeper look at that. Throw Bella into the mix as the main love interest and the dynamic becomes even more complicated. Also, it just made sense to me that if Bella wasn’t with Edward, she would be with Jasper.

2. Do you ever have difficulty with the E/B, A/J canonites out there?

Not really or not anymore. The fandom has changed in the 8 months since I started writing TA. Back then non-canon was a taboo of sorts, now it’s somewhat accepted. Any difficulties I had in the beginning weren’t related to the non-canon nature of the story. And I wouldn’t say difficulties, more people wondering if Alice was going to show up in the story eventually. I think readers that would have a problem with this coupling just don’t read it. Surprisingly, I had grumblings when I brought Alice in, some readers wanted it to stay the trio.

3. Is there anything specific from the canon series that makes you inclined to portray E/J/B in this fashion?

Nothing specific, more an overall feeling that if not for Alice, Jasper would have developed romantic feelings for Bella. Her calm, perceptive nature would have appealed to him. Edward and Jasper have similar personalities and struggle with the same issues. Because of that, I think they would be close, maybe even closer than Edward and Carlisle. I’m not substituting Jasper for Jacob in the equation, I think with the similarities between Jasper & Edward make the relationship more realistic or plausible. Also it makes it all the more difficult for Bella to choose between the two.

Mr recommendation for a good Thirdsper (E/J/B) is Calefaction by ExploitingReality. There is no sex between E/J for the people out there that don't prefer it.

For a good slash E/J/B, I recommend Just The Three Of Us by kuntrygal.

And -- for the love of Jackson -- for those brave souls that might enjoy Thirdsper in E/J/C format, read We Three by Starfish422 and let her blow your fucking mind.

Of course, there are other Jaspers. Domsper, as seen in stories like Dark Salvation and Primal Needs, is always intriguing. And I'd be remiss not to make mention of Sagesper in the masterpiece known as Cowboys and Indians.

Empathic Manipulation vs Mindreading:

Which is the cooler power?

There were a lot of mixed emotions on this. Obviously, both powers present enormous burdens -- physically, emotionally, mentally. On the other hand, both can be really awesome. I conducted a small survey and asked 20 readers and authors to opine on this topic for a bit. Here are the results.

Empathic Manipulation : 7

Mandi1, author of You've Kept Me Waiting:

Excuse me, do you see “manipulation” anywhere in the word “mindreading?” Hell to the no, you do not. Jasper has control and that, my dear friends, is not only incredibly useful but also insanely sexy. I mean, you can think of something else to cover up dangerous thoughts, but you can’t hide your innermost feelings. Edward can hear what people are thinking, but Jasper can feel the same vein of thought and control it, manipulate it, change it if need be.

SorceressCirce, author of Just One of the Guys:

Of the two, I think empathic manipulation is cooler. Why? Well, mindreading is nice – saves you the trouble of asking what they want for dinner and all that – but being able to sense what someone is feeling and then manipulate it is awesome. It definitely reminds me of the whole “with great power comes great responsibility” thing though. Can you imagine someone who thinks like Mike with Jasper’s power? Hello, man-whore.

Mindreading : 10

manyafandom, author of All I Ever Knew:

Damn, this is a tough question. Cooler: Mindreading, it has to be. The power I would want; Empathic Manipulation. I think hearing the thoughts of people would drive me bat-shit crazy. Whereas with EM I could get the basic jist at what people were thinking without hearing all the dirty details.

Random Reader Comment from The Twilight Sisterhood:

As for the powers... I think they are both incredibly intrusive; you're either invaded by their thoughts or their emotions. I think I’d have to go with the thoughts, because it is the lesser of the two. I think Edward learned to ignore and tune out the chatter all around him, but they never said anything about jasper being able to ignore emotional surges around him. I’m a very empathetic person, and I know how hard it is not to succumb to the emotions of others when they're running high. I imagine most of the time he's not even sure how he himself feels, he is so inundated with the thoughts around him.

Copouts who couldn't make up their mind or said 'Precognition' : 3

Idreamofeddy, author of Colliding Meteors:

I have and had admired Edward's ability for mind reading because I couldn't even fathom the madness that he hears in his head. It was actually a wonderful thing for him to find, someone who he couldn't hear. It makes me question whether or not he and Bella would have fallen in love if he had been able to read her mind, and I'm just not so sure it would have happened. Jasper's gift however has been with him for a long time, and in a sense he has the same ability. He can't hear thoughts but I believe he could sometimes perceive what the thought is with the emotion behind it, giving him an advantage of sorts. They're both great gifts.

Random Reader Comment from The Twilight Sisterhood:

The "cooler" power is relative... I think the mindreading thing is cool, but not sure I'd want to live like that the rest of MY life or live with someone else who had that I'd have to choose empathetic manipulation, although I'm a moody bitch, so I'd have to choose C - none of the above...if I had a choice, I'd choose seeing the future like Alice...she has the ability to change the future based on her visions! Way coolest power!

So, Mindreading wins this round, yes, but empathic manipulation is a very close second. I suppose in order to explore this fairly, they should both be put up against Alice's precognition. I like what SC said. With great power comes great responsibility.

I'd also like to point out that in Let Me Ease You by fibbins, Jasper can use his power to make people orgasm -- without even touching them.

Just sayin'.

Jackson as Jasper?

Do you envision Jackson when you read or write Jasper>?

Well, why wouldn't we want to? Jackson is gorgeous and adorable. I added this question into my survey and asked readers and authors whether or not Jackson is their Jasper. This got mixed results as well. Jackson isn't tall, which makes some people iffy about placing him in that role mentally. Some just use his face, while others are devoted to Jackson as the whole image.

Jasper is Jackson : 11
Jasper is Jackson, with physical alterations : 5
Jasper is not Jackson : 3
Jasper is Joe Anderson : 1
Jasper is Tatum Channing : 1

So, I'm going to end this craziness now because the article is late and so fucking long. Jasper has this effect on me.

Does the Rob Effect have a formidable foe?

I think so, but... you can read all of these fabulous stories and be the judge.

Support the fandom's Jasper! Feel free to comment with discussions and questions, and a huge thanks to all the authors and readers for contributing.
Big thanks to Touchstone and Pastiche for helping me gather recs, and the girls over at the Twilight Sisterhood and my chat pals for participating in my Jasper survey!


  1. you know how i feel about this.

    Jackson is hot as hale and owns the piece of me that rob doesn't consume.

    as for the rest. you know.

  2. Fantastically written, AG!

    There are no words for what Jasper does to me. I think you've captured the Jasper Factor perfectly - and good god with the Edsper and Thirdsper...yes, please. More of this.

    Thanks for including me :)

  3. Awesome post! I personality am one of the many Jasper lovers, and the advice on Texsper was awesome. Having lived in the Lone star state since the day I was born I find it annoying when Texsper suddenly starts following the stereotypes instead of truly just having that southern attitude.

  4. Now I see why Val was gathering Jasper story names earlier this week.... this was awesome. I am an absolute Jasperian... although, like you, I don't ship him with just anyone; and, *unlike* you, I DON'T ship him with Alice... I prefer him with Bella, although it doesn't break my heart if he's with Edward. I've just had too much Edward/Bella... overloaded. And Alice... I realize that my general dislike of her is due to the way she is generally - unfairly - portrayed in fanfic at large. It's not fair to Alice, but, ah well.

    I can't even tell you how excited I am that Someone Else's Memoirs came up more than once in the article. If I could recommend only one fic for the rest of forever, it would be SEM. It is just fantastically phenomenal.

    Oh, and I will not get into my feelings on Jackson... we'll just leave it at that :)

    Thanks for spreading the Jasper Awareness, Sam!!

  5. Loyal reader, first time poster. And naturally, it's for selfish reasons. Thanks a ton for the rec, AG.

    I'm also baffled by the recent proliferation of Jasper fics. I've always been on Team Jasper (reference the fact that I'm currenlty wearing one of my *two* 'Jasper Says Relax tee shirts'), and it simultaneously frightens and intruiges me that more and more people are beginning to take an interest in him. Fortunately or unfortunately, I still can't read Bellsper without wanting to go all Edward and rip my computer screen in half, but I adore Jalice and Friendsper, and I hope the new exploration of Jasper in fanfic will precipitate more quality fics of this nature.

  6. I agree with the notion that the fandom is getting bored with Edward and that is why people are putting Jasper more in the spotlight. He is the most interesting secondary character because there is so much past to him that was left unsaid by SMeyer.

    THANK YOU for bringing up the butchering of the Texsper, I was just bitching about this yesterday. In the beginning I read so many fics where every other word out of his mouth was darlin' I wanted to scream whenever I read it. It soured me to the whole Bellsper phenomenon.

    I'm right there with you on the Bella must be with Edward, but Edward can certainly be with Jasper or Carlisle. That is exactly me. I'm trying to broaden my horizons.

    Your descriptions of each of the Jaspers had me laughing, esp Thirdsper "may I join you?" fantastic.

    I'm a huge fan of slash pairings and it must always be Edward with Jackson or Carlisle, never Jacob. Never, ever, EVER Emmett. eww. That's just wrong. Very very wrong. And don't even get me started on the other slash pairings I've seen or heard about. *shudders*

  7. ElleCC: I can't even tell you how excited I am that Someone Else's Memoirs came up more than once in the article. If I could recommend only one fic for the rest of forever, it would be SEM. It is just fantastically phenomenal.

    You know, I'd had something else recced when I began formatting this article, and then I had to find the link for idreamofeddy's quote. IDK why I began reading... I don't usually do J/B unless E/A have died, which luckily, they had. (God, that sounded meaner than intended...)

    First read ever was yesterday, no lie. I cried. So emotional. Naturally, I shoved my other rec aside with a quickness.

    struckuponastar: Fortunately or unfortunately, I still can't read Bellsper without wanting to go all Edward and rip my computer screen in half,

    See. This is me. I can not stand to see a fic end in any way other than E/B, with the exception of slash. It's so odd...

    I was kind of saddened that I had a more difficult time finding Jasper fics that weren't him shipped non-canon. They were all J/B and E/B, which is awesome, don't get me wrong. But it was harder to find J/A pairings than I'd expected.

    Thanks everyone for reading/commenting!

  8. Edward for me could take a hike. I can recognize Rob for the hottie he is, but overall, Edward is just too overbearing and domineering in my opinion. I love a domineering man in the bedroom, but I'm an intelligent woman that is more than capable of making my own decisions and handling what life throws at me. Edward doesn't allow Bella this right, he keeps things from her and makes decisions for her without her input, whereas I see Jasper as a straight shooter. In stories with Bella and Jasper together, Jasper gives Bella the information Edward would refuse to grant her, and he allows her to make her own decisions.

    Jasper's a man and not a boy and is comfortable enough in his abilities to trust himself with Bella. Edward at any age comes across to me as an insecure boy that when not in control is lost and therefore allows his insecurities to control him and his relationship with Bella. So, on any given day, Jasper pulls the rug right out from Edward.

    Even in real life, Jackson runs circles around Rob. To me, what makes Jackson so uber sexy is his that he seems to be perfectly comfortable in his own skin and in any situation. Whereas Rob, oh the other hand is the exactl opposite.

    BTW, my Jasper is Jackson in all his forms and styles. I'd like him to be taller, (sorry Jackson, but the hubs is 6'5" and after 12 years I'm kinda used to being towered over) and I do write Jackson that way, but I'd still canoodle with him at any height.

  9. this was great.

    and the pictures are all soooo pretty with all the overlapping divs, etc.

    good job, AG^3. ;-)

  10. I just have to say, that this is a GREAT blog. AG, you've outdone yourself with this thoroughly researched and well-crafted article.

    Jasper's so endearing with his southern charm and empathic abilities. Thank you for helping us understand his various roles in TwiFic and just how versatile his character can be.

    Seriously, I'm always so impressed with the level of commitment from all the admins and contributers of TLYDF blog. Thanks to everyone who keeps this place miles above the rest!

  11. so very true. i got a little bit tired of reading Edward fics. I mean yeah we love them but, Jasper is there too. Ive always been TEAM Jasper since the books, and looking for great fics are impossible for him. Ive stumbled across a few and i mean very few vamsper ones, but im still looking for a GREAT human one. Ive been reading "one more shot", its a great AH J/A fic and thats just one.

    we need more JASPER

  12. What a great article! I loooooove Jasper! He is most definitely my favourite Cullen. I'm almost always on his side when he's in competition with Edward (e.g. The Arrangement and Nothing Left To Lose) - usually I end up disappointed but philosophical.

    One thing you didn't mention that Jasper has going for him - he's blonde! I know the stereotype is that girls like their men tall, dark and handsome, but I have to say I'm a sucker for a hot blonde. Could just be me...

    Anyway, I don't really see how anyone could not love Jasper. He's tall, blonde and gorgeous. He's sensitive but still manly - a bad-boy with the soul of a poet. He rides a motorbike. And to top it all off, imagine coming home from work after a crappy day and having an instant mood-fixer available! It doesn't get much better than that!

  13. Oh, and Jackson is definitely my Jasper - minus the constipated expression... :-D

  14. Idreamofeddy gives a huge thanks to you AG for writing such a wonderfully superb article, especially the Texsper portion. I applauded that piece. The one thing I decided before I wrote my story and the other one I'm trying to write is in no way shape or form would I use the word Darlin or have him pick up a guitar and sing. Okay, maybe he sings a little bit in CM, but just his own version of Ticks and Rudolph.

    That being said it's easy to see where some authors have gotten the idea that these traits belong to the GOD known as Jasper. It's from Jackson, and maybe the occasional official image off of the making of Twilight. Some of that's okay I guess, but does Jackson say Darlin? Maybe in one fic it's okay, now it seems to be spreading and I'm starting to cringe more.

    I know quite a few actual Texans and rednecks, and not once have I ever been called Darlin.

    I'm so glad that you AG read SEM. Like you, I bawled, and when I feel like shedding a few tears I always go back to it and read it again. No other fic has effected me so much.

    So Thanks Very Much for letting me be apart of this wonderful piece. I'll even accept the fact that I gave a copout answer to the power question. But if the question was who makes me cream in my pants more, it's Jasper.

  15. Loved it! Finally, Jasper is getting some attention! I would have liked some more A/J fics because I can never find them but I suppose you had the same problem. I'm so glad you mentioned Tie Me Down to This World because it is such an amazing story. The raw emotion just flows from the page... I wish someone would do a full rec of it.

    The reason I read Jasper is because I can't stand Edward or Bella, and he and Alice are my favourite alternatives but I suppose that's not normal. And I'll read any pairing except Jasper/Bella. I'm a bit like you with how you can't read Bella with anyone else but you like Edward with other people... I love Alice with almost any other member of the Cullen family bar Esme but I really can't do Jasper with anyone else. Even after Alice has dumped him to be with another character, I can't stomach him finding anyone else.

    I think Jackson is an amazing Jasper, but when I'm reading, I don't see him as my Jasper. I don't see any of the Cullen's as they are depicted in the movie.

    Anyway, fantastic article, I can't wait for more.

  16. Very interesting article. It was nice to read everyone's take on their particular Jacsper. It would be nice to see ignrntslt (Passion and Disaster); Rosalee Lorraine (Echoes of You; The Gardener) and DefinatelyStaying (The Forbidden Room); House of Cards; Next Weekend) take on their Jacsper.

  17. You seem to have overlooked A Lesson In Release and A Lesson in Fate by Lillie Cullen as well.

  18. I was actually just in Austin and heard a very beautiful Texan man call a friend "son" in his beautiful drawl - there was something so completely orgasmic about it that I had to give it to my Jasper to use. I have no idea if it is a real Southern thing or just this one HOT guy, but it's in my head and made my SWATJasper that much more delectable IMHO.

    Jasper has that edge of danger and air of mystery that just makes him so much fun to read/write. Thanks, AG for give him some spotlight.

  19. I have thought about Jasper's role in FF a lot in recent months, and therefore I am SO glad you did this. I cannot think of anyone better to have done it, either. You've obviously put a lot of thought into his character, and I feel like you have a better grasp on him than anyone else I've seen/heard comment on this subject.

    Now, Jackson as Jasper...JacksonUNFskinnyboyYESgivememore. Ilove him. He is beautiful and I love guys that are skinny like that, but still have seksi tone, so yeah, love him. I fully accept Jackson as Jasper in the movies, but when I think of Jasper in fic, it's not him. I don't have a celebrity comparison b/c my Jasper lives only in my head. Due to Bella's initial description of Edward as lanky, I always see Jasper has having broader shoulders and a slightly larger build. JMO =)

    Regardless, I'll take some Jacksper in practically any form. *slurp*

  20. Great article, AG - fantastic to read so much love for my favourite boy. xoxo

    As an aside, a fic where Jasper uses the expression "Darlin'" is a massive cockblock for me. I can't express how much I despise it. Hehe.

  21. Darlin' turns me off massively as well.

    it just does, since I'm a southerner and really, no young guy says that. And I know he's not "young" but he is.

  22. It's all because from in Twilight when they are in the hotel

    Jasper: "You're wrong, you know."

    "I can feel what you’re feeling now — and you are worth it."

  23. Fantastic! I have come to love Jasper over the last few months immensley. It was a slow progression, but I'm happy to have gotten there as he is one of my favorite characters. These were great resources for anyone wanting to write a Fic with a variant of Jasper.
    I have to say that my favorite incarnation of B/E/J is The Trip Home. His emotional element is well represented, and it doesn't hurt that all the smexin' is amazingly hot!!
    Thank you for writing this!

  24. I don't know if it's the way that Rob portrays Edward or just how canon Edward really is but in my mind, there is no comparison. Jasper is it. Maybe I'm projecting what I want him to be or maybe I've just read so many great portrayals of him in fandom but he comes off as so strong and self assured. Also, the fact that hundreds maybe thousands of people went up against him and didn't live to tell about it is just so sexy to me. It could hearken back to year one and I;m just subconsciously choosing the best caveman to be my mate. Edward and his effeminate hands doesn't seem like he could hold his own as well as Jasper in a brawl or scavenge for food. His southern twang is just icing on the cake and also, I think that everyone who ships Jasper has had this particular thought at one point or another but he really seems like he can throw down in teh bedroom.

  25. I personally think that Bella would have been a better match for Jasper in the end. Their personalities are perfect for each other. with her, he finds trust and understanding. With him, she finds umm well for lack of better words, trust and understanding. Both things they lacked from Edward and Alice. While Alice loved Jasper, she never truly trusted him (if she did, she wouldn't watch his future constantly for slip-ups). Edward didn't truly trust Bella either. He belittled her by saying she was just human, so she didn't "really" understand. He didn't even allow her to make her own decisions, he took that right away from her before she even knew she had a choice to make. However, both Edward and Alice loved Bella and Jasper fiercly. I think their intiall relationships are a pivotal point in all of theie lives. Bella and Jasper needed to have that type of love with e/a to be able to have enough faith in themselves to move forward. They learn and grow from those past relationships. Then they learn to love each other and provide the other with what they were missing with e/a. I just think it makes sense. 'Cause i for one couldn't live with a person who was so controling or someone who constantly checked up on me, but thats just me. lol oh and BTW is anyone else annoyed by the way they made Jackson's hair look as jasper....come on jackson is walking sex, they didnt need to mess with the hair seriously!

  26. As a massive Jasper fan, I really appreciated this, I agreed with so many points that were made and it was great to see all the different sides to our favourite Empath in one place!!

    Is it so wrong to actually been in love a fictional character!?

    “Stop yer butcherin’ of my twang-a-lang, miss darlin’ cupcake marmalade sugar britches." -- Hilarious! I completely agree!! /u/1966994/Clurrabella

  27. Great article. Although I avoid non-canon coupling in fics b/c they make my insides churn like buttah in a bad way, I must admit while reading the original Twilight series I was more intrigued by Alice and Jasper than I was by Bella and Edward (to be honest, Bella & Edward annoyed the hell out of me in the saga). I turned to fanfic hoping for more Alice & Jasper since SM let me down, but at the time there really wasn't much out there, and what was out there wasn't the greatest. Oddly enough, fanfic made me fall in love with Bella & Edward in a way that the original series did not (however, I was always Team Edward b/c I don't like kisses through force and suicidal manipulation ... lookin' at you, Team Jacob). Thanks for the story recs now that there appears to be a lot more decent stories available that are J/A centric.


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