Sunday, May 10, 2009

GuestFicRec: The Gravity of the Situation


We have all read the typical AU New Moon storyline: Bella, heartbroken from Edward’s departure starts to rebuild her life with Jacob’s help and love. Edward and the Cullens come back after seven months! Bella forgives him and is best friends with Alice again! Jacob is sad. End of story.

Thankfully, Gravity is anything but the aforementioned storyline. It isn’t for the faint of heart as Nightshade takes you on a haunting emotional journey where Edward is plunged into the depths of despair when Bella won’t easily forgive him and his family for leaving. Edward is raw, completely exposed and you can almost feel his pain coming right off the page. Bella is a complex, smart character, (yes I was shocked too) jaded -- yet still innocent, guilt stricken, soft and gentle, while still hard as nails.

True love isn't pretty and it's not supposed to be easy. Nightshade understands this and creates an absolute knock-out portrayal of the complexities of true love, which I have rarely seen except for a few stories, such as Jandco’s AH Mutually Assured Destruction. Edward and Bella have an intense relationship, one that is supposed to transcend time, the elements and even life and death so while Gravity’s angst is almost too much to bear at times, I never felt it was over the top. Rather, it was a necessary journey as they try and find one another again through a whirlwind of emotions.

Something else that stood out for me was the vivid and creative descriptions of how vampires function. Nightshade does a great job of exploring and breaking down exactly what happens to Edward when he voluntarily stops hunting and consuming blood. As his body and immortal powers break down, Bella must decide if she can give him everything she has to give -- her pure life force, her blood -- and in turn, become his salvation. No, that doesn’t mean he turns her into a vampire. That would be too clichéd, and this story is anything but clichéd.

Nightshade took many flames from the light and fluffy B&E crowd for not making Edward and Bella’s reunion easy – criticism by which I was stunned and annoyed. She is a wonderful writer who has created a story with such depth that every chapter (12 so far) has left me with a lasting impression. So, grab your tissue box and plunge in -- you won’t be disappointed. An added bonus, she answers reviews and updates frequently -- what more can we ask for?

Wolvesnvamps is the Support Stacie heroine. We saw her scoop up on many a brilliant author all for a good cause. Her heart is in the right place and we should all try to be a little more like her.


  1. Gravity is an AWESOME fic! I'm so glad someone is finally reccing it out mainstream! Nightshade is a wonderfully talented writer.

  2. I LOVE THIS FIC! It's all kinds of glorious, glorious win. Nightshade is AMAZING! *runs to her fb wall to tell her*

  3. Yes, i started reading this recently and I'm loving it, it's much more realistic than Bella being a doormat and forgiving overnight. Excellent banner too!

  4. OOOHHHHH! Yes, how could I forget the BANNERS?!?! I know she has had a few and changes them sometimes, but all of them are awesome. I'm always so smitten to see good graphics posted on Twilighted. Kudos to her!

  5. I'm liking it so far. Thanks for another awesome rec.

  6. AG. ad you pointed out in your awesome piece on banners here on TLYDF, there's nothing like a good banner to attract readers. The banner was actually why I started reading it. I can photoshop the heck out of a portrait and do a pretty good job but ask me to creat something from scratch and manipulate images and I'm completely lost...any plans on posting some tuts on that? :)


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