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CharacterExploration: Rosalie - She makes walking look like modeling.

Rosalie Hale

Vampire Domination

“She makes walking look like modeling.”

Every girl, from what I’ve personally observed (this does not necessarily apply to you), wants to be beautiful. They want people to envy them and have lots of boys stalk them, (okay – maybe not STALK necessarily), have pretty hair and stunning bodies. My dears, this is the definition of Rosalie Hale. Ah, Rosalie, how we all love to hate/envy you.

But why does everyone hate on Rosalie? Is it because she seems to have an unattractive disposition? Or maybe because she has Emmett (coughILOVEYOUKELLANLUTZcough)? –shrugs-

HOWEVER, I don’t think anyone (except maybe a select few) has really taken the time in the fandom to look behind that beautiful face, and see what’s underneath. Rose is one of the seriously underappreciated characters in the fandom, always written off as ‘the pretty girl with the gorgeous body.’

My lovelies, this is where I come in. I’m a huge fan of Team Rosalie and a big sympathizer, and I am going to take you on a (probably biased) tour into Rosalie’s head, and maybe you can better understand why she acts the way she does… and maybe even inspire you to write more Rosalie fanfics. (:


We see Rosalie in the books as, well, to be honest, a… bad word. She seemingly hates Bella, hates what Bella’s doing, hates Bella, and is still stunning all the while, which makes it all the worse. In Midnight Sun, we also see that Rosalie wants to kill Bella after the Car Incident, which, of course, makes Edward deliciously angry and protective…Ahem.

At first, this made me angry. How dare Rosalie even attempt to even think about killing Bella? I was totally with Edward on this one. –bumps fists with Edward -

But then I thought about it. (Sorry Edward. Ti amo.)

Rosalie’s fiercely protective of her family – not unlike Esme in this way. She’ll do things her way, and if she thinks its best, she’ll stick to her decision, and not change her mind for anything. (Sound familiar to anyone?)

In Twilight, Rosalie is incredibly standoffish towards Bella, which makes our impression of Rose a snob.
(Also, I think we all know pretty well that Bella does not have the best self-esteem in the entire world, and Rosalie’s extreme beauty also intimidates Bella, who believes that she’s just…average.
So, I think that this also contributes to our definition of a ‘mean Rosalie’.) We learn that Rosalie is also jealous of Bella in Twilight (and in Midnight Sun) from Edward and in Eclipse, from Rosalie herself.

Why, may you ask?

One – Edward liked Bella instead of her. Rosalie is perplexed by this, because Bella’s just this average little human, and hello, she was right there! Why didn’t he pay any attention to her, at the beginning? She’s so used to people admiring her and flattering her, that when people don’t… it’s kind of… weird.

Two – Bella’s giving everything up. She has a chance to stay human, have lots of babies (Rosalie obviously hadn’t read Breaking Dawn yet.) and grow old and die and be happy. At least, in her eyes:

“Don’t you see Bella? You already have everything! You have a whole life ahead of you – everything I want. And you’re going to just throw it away. Can’t you see that I’d trade everything I have just to be you? You have the choice that I didn’t have, and you’re choosing wrong.” -- Eclipse, page 166.

I would now like to draw attention to Rosalie in Eclipse, and what we learn from her there:
Rosalie’s parents exploit her beauty
It all starts at home, doesn’t it? Parents are supposed to be our rock in life. They give us support, and, most importantly, love. Rosalie didn’t really get that in the first eighteen years of her life. What she got was attention and adoration. In my humble opinion, that’s not the same thing as love. Rosalie is showered with attention because of her beauty. We don’t really see it all that much in the Saga, but Rosalie learns that she can get things her away, if she acts “beautiful” enough.
She was “raped”’ by Royce King & Co.
Although it never really says it in Eclipse, Rosalie was “raped” by Royce King (and his “friends”), the man she was supposed to marry. I think she didn’t really want to, because of what she said on page 158 of Eclipse:

“When Royce kissed me, it wasn’t quite the same – not so soft somehow…I shoved that thought aside…”

Bottom line is, Rosalie was raped and changed into a vampire against her will. Being raped and hit and abused was bad enough, but having to live with that for the rest of eternity, and have the memories of it play over in your mind? That’s got to suck.
She has an “almost has a cleaner record then Carlisle” and has “never tasted human blood.”
I don’t know about you, but I’m impressed by that. Even Alice has tasted human blood – we can –sniff, sniff- forget about Edward…and Esme. Yes, she murdered her attackers, and innocent guards, but let’s not forget that awful night of hers, that changed her life – literally – forever. She wanted vengeance, and vengeance she did do.
She wants children. Very, very badly.
All Rose wants to be is loved, and I believe she thinks that the best way to get that love is through a child. A child is innocent, and can love you easily and wholly with all their soul. She wants to love someone like and someone to love her back too. We’ll see how this is portrayed in the fandom later.

author of
The Trick is To Keep Breathing
says this about Rosalie:

“I believe Rosalie is fixed on children for the reasons she gave in the
third book. It's something she wanted and she never really got over not having them. It's part of her personality, she is obsessive, she knows what she wants and she goes after it. She wanted Emmett and she got it. She wanted children, and she didn't get that - she can't get over it.”
Beauty: It’s a love/hate relationship.
Rosalie knows she’s beautiful. In fact, SMeyer says it’s her defining trait as a vampire. But Rosalie also knows that her beauty is also something that’s a problem. She acknowledges it in Eclipse:

“Despite the eyes, I was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It took time before I began to blame the beauty for what happened to me – for me to see the curse of it...” --- Eclipse page 162

But it’s something she depends on. All her life, she’s known that’s she gorgeous. She likes it, breathes it in “like air.” We would all like it, I think, to know that we’re attractive and everyone admires us.

Let me give you a picture in your mind: You’re one of the most gorgeous supermodels on the planet. Everyone wants to be you, wants your body, and thinks you’re God’s gift to Earth. You’ve got boys flocking to you like honey to flies. You don’t think end up a little bit conceited, just the tiniest bit?

And nobody looks behind your voluptuous body and your striking face. That’s all they see, all anybody wants to use for their own purposes. But you still want somebody to love you for you… but again nobody can look past your face. That darn face; it causes all your wins and losses. You hate it – or at least want yourself to be normal-looking –
so somebody can see how you are on the inside.
Breaking Dawn
I would now like to address something that has been on my mind for quite sometime. It was on my mind before I even began this explanation, when I first read the controversial book Breaking Dawn.

Rosalie in Breaking Dawn is extremely annoying. She’s letting Bella die! She’s making Edward burn in agony. And for Jacob fans, she’s annoying the fire and brimstone out of him! She’s not giving up! My god, can’t she see what’s she’s doing to EVERYBODY WHO READS THIS?????

However, I would like to make a huge point:

Jacob and Edward are not the most reliable narrators at the time to really get Rosalie. She’s just interfering with a (admittedly) dangerous situation. They say she doesn’t care if Bella dies. She just has her eyes on the prize – the baby that she never had.

Edward and Rosalie also don’t get along well normally, so there’s just even more added tension and Jake and Rose are natural enemies – of course they aren’t going to get along!

Rosalie’s just doing what she thinks is right for Bella, and yes, for herself. We’re all selfish sometimes – Bella, Edward, Jacob …they’re all selfish (please don’t kill me). Remember what I said before? Rosalie really, really wants a child, and in a way, she’s living vivaciously through Bella. It’s her last chance.

Plus, I think she knows that Bella would do the same thing for her.
Rosalie and Emmett
Saving the best for last, I now present to you one of the most important parts to Rosalie:


*everyone sighs dreamily*

My good friend on fanfiction,
, put their relationship like this:

“For them, actions speak louder then words.”

also had this to say about Rosalie and Emmett:

“Rosalie needs Emmett to give her a taste of reality. She is always so self-involved that he needs to remind her that he is there and she has a family who loves her, just as much as she loves her self. And also, as much as Emmett loves her, he can tell her when she's being a bit impulsive or rude or mean, she needs someone there to remind her that she's not the only one in the world[e], despite her being the center of his.”

I think
put it the best way possible: they need each other to keep the other in line. Rose needs Emmett to keep her in check and to bring out her brighter side, the one we hardly ever see.

The best way for them to express their love is through physically making it. They’re not the best with words (obviously) and so making love is the best way for them.


There are several various ways in which Rosalie is portrayed (I am guilty of some of the various clichés that happen in the Rosalie fandom) and in practically all of them, Rosalie is "beautiful." Please, someone, get a thesaurus or
something. There are so many times you can use "beautiful" without someone throwing up at the mere mention of it. But I digress. Here are some Rosalies in the fandom:
Sometime’s this Rosalie is really nice to Bella, while other times she’s the blunt side to their relationship. Often, Bella meets Rosalie and pixie-shopping obsessed Alice and they become best friends together, swapping secrets and making inside jokes. They’re the kind of clique you want to be apart of. Rosalie is usually Alice’s shopping partner in crime and often she’s just as obsessed as Alice.

This happens in the famous fanfic
Welcome to Drama Academy

Drama Academy entirely presents this Rosalie in a good light, and shows how Rose could be the friend you want. She’s loyal, and will do anything to protect you.

If Every Word I Said Could Make You Laugh
also shows the trio as the best of friends.

The City

This story follows Bella, Alice, and Rosalie lives while living in New York City. They are young, fashionable and very successful. Will they find love in the fashion capital of America? ALL HUMAN CHARACTERS
Rosalie and Emmett have a relationship described by SMeyer as mostly physical. However, some fanfiction authors have taken this to the extreme. They’re having sex every which way, all over the place, in public, in dorm rooms. They’re making out at restaurants in front of everybody. They don’t have anything in common, only the fact that they like sex and want to spend all their time doing it.

This Rosalie is also described as the school’s slut. She’s the cheerleader whore, the Queen Bee, and the like.

You Asked Me to Love You
Secret Hate of Indecision
is probably the epitome of the domineering, Queen Bee-obsessed part of Rosalie in the fandom. (Along with Emmett and Rosalie being all over each other.) This story is absolutely fantastic, and it comes highly recommended as a good fanfiction read.
Usually this is a plot device that precedes Bella and Edward getting together.

Rosalie, in this case, is a big bad beautiful bee-yotch who intimidates the fire and brimstones out of Bella. But eventually all is well after Rosalie finds Emmett by either a) someone setting Rose up with him or b) she finds him by herself.

But there are some fanfics that change things around a little bit. Edward and Rosalie are together.

Now, normally, I am an all-canon couples girl. But there this fic stands out to me:

Twice in a Lifetime
. This fic is beautifully put together. As of right now, it’s only six chapters with sixteen reviews, but it definitely deserves more attention for those who favor RxE. Even me, who extremely disapproves of non-canon, loves this fic.

Another one would be
(of whom I’m sure everyone has heard of). Edward and Rosalie are not technically exclusive, but they do “hang out” a lot,
if you catch my drift.
There are a lot of fics out there that have Rosalie as the big sister. Usually she’s Jasper’s beautiful twin sister, mostly because they are in the books. There are fanfictions that have Rose as the bigger sister of Renesmee (coughLIKEINMINEcough) or Bella.

In the popular fic
Bella Hale
(which I’m sure everyone here has already read…) this is a good example of that. In an ironic twist, Rosalie is the “mother” of a human Bella, and as Bella grows she slowly grows into that big protective older sister persona.

However, Rosalie is also a different big sister in different fics. She’s the beautiful older sister who doesn’t really care about her little sister, Bella. She’s indifferent, finds Bella annoying and gets her into trouble. She’s domineering and excessive about everything.

Your Guardian Angel
is a good example of this. Rosalie gets Bella into this ‘gang’ of kids of drink and smoke and generally do bad things. In this group, Bella becomes Mike’s girlfriend, who he abuses. Rosalie doesn’t seem to notice, as she’s always with Emmett.
This is what I refer to as the “dark” Rosalie. She’s been unwillingly used in a sexual manner. Her entire life is screwed up by this. She’s “brooding” and broken. Sometimes she hides it, and projects this demeanor of coldness to protect herself.

Here are some suggested fanfics for “raped Rosalie:”


Rosalie’s Hatred
Quiet Milk

Loved and Adored

Royce King
Jeshickah Knight

Blueberries & Copper Wire

A/H OOC - Isabella Swan and Rosalie Hale are at the end of their freshman year in high school. Both awkward and shy, they harbor crushes on older, popular boys. What happens when free spirit Alice Brandon takes them under her wing?

The Art of Being a Wildflower
Vampire Domination

Rosalie Hale is a beautiful girl from the wrong side of the tracks, who can only trust in herself. Emmett McCarty seems like the perfect happy-go-lucky guy to break her shell. But sometimes, things aren't always what they seem. -R/Em challenge- Novella.

(Yes, I did that on purpose.)


A closer look at Rosalie's relationships, focusing mainly on Rosalie and Emmett and their story, but with a little Rosalie and Edward thrown in for good taste and sibling angst.

Still of the Night

Just when all seemed lost, he came, with a tempting offer: mortality. To walk amongst humans mortal, to not thirst for blood, to not have to hide who they truly are. Will she turn mortal and return to her true love?

Only Hope
Purple Hush

Rosalie gets back to Forks after three years with a big surprise. How would her family react?

Vampire Domination
is the author of several stories, including her own Rosalie and Emmett story
The Art of Being a Wildflower
. She tends to over-detail things about what she’s passionate about; just check out the chapters in her Bella/Edward story
The Matchmaker
(which is not exactly what it sounds like). And her motto is always to enjoy the brownies, because someone else might take them.

Vampire Domination
has many T rated fics, such as her multi-chaptered E/B stories,
Shadows in the Mist
Only Once
The Matchmaker
, and a Rosalie/Emmett fic,
The Art of Being a Wildflower
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  1. Oh man I love EmRo! Thanks for sharing the Rosalie love. :)

    My two fave Rose fics:
    "Inconcievable" by AccioBourbon. Witty, funny, and married to one of my favorite Emmetts ever.

    "State of Delusion" by Bririzzle...where Rose has to solve a murder at an insane assylum and all the twicast are inmates. Delicious.

  2. ITA on Inconceivable - Acky's story rocks.

    And to clarify - Rose isn't raped in Blueberries & Copper Wire - there is an inference of a guy stepping out of line, but no rape.

    Another fab Roseward is The Corner of My Heart by TheHeartofLifeisGood.

  3. I have no problem with Rose being a bit stuck up, I see it like you said - her beauty became a curse for her. I think in the books she's just very static, after the baby is born and Bella's ok - she just kind of drops of the face of the Earth. SM just had too many characters to play with and so someone had to get the short end of the stick.

    My favorite best friend Rosalie has to be "Sleepers, Awake" Rosie by Feistyyoungbeden. She's just snarky and smart and great really. Also one of my favorite Bella's.

  4. thank you so much! your exploration came just in time as i'm getting ready to write a one-shot for a contest and i decided to use rose and emm! great article with lots of needful information.

  5. I've been waiting for this exploration! I'm so glad you went through all of the canon reasons she is the way she is. Rose really isn't THAT bad. She's strong and (gag) beautiful (lol) and protective. I heart her.

    I completely agree with e. Sleepers' Rosalie is fantastic. She has all of canon Rose's characteristics minus the bitchiness. I love strong female characters, but when people make B strong, it doesn't really fly for me (depending on how it's done, blah, blah, blah). But Rosalie... it works perfectly.

    Can we all just take a moment to mourn the loss of "While We Drifted We Were One" by ooohlalaaa. Does anyone know what happened to it? Is it up for adoption?

    And thanks for the Twice in a Lifetime rec!

  6. Thank you for the two recs - "Your Guardian Angel" and "Green." This is a great idea, and far better than the 'Character bio' on the Twilight Lexicon.

    I can't wait to read some more! :D

  7. I always liked Rosalie, mostly because she reminded me of Cordelia from Buffy. Which actaully how I always saw Rosalie in head 'the blonde Cordelia'. You know, the bitch with a good heart.

  8. Agreed. Agreed. Agreed. And Agreed.
    Everything you said... it's all everything that I've ever thought of when it comes to Rosalie.

    She really is NOT that bad. I mean...I think it's just because of the fact that she's beautiful and blah blah blah that we find her such a blah blah blah.

    Anyway, thanks for the fic recommendations!


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