Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fandom News - 12/18

Congratulations to the following authors for completing their stories last week!
Way to go, guys!

Kass would like to express her sincere thanks to Vickitori303 and Mrs.KatyCullen for their help searching down the news this week!

Voting for the The Friendship is Key Contest Begins

Voting for the That Thing Called Love Contest Ends

It's Mega Month at the Word Lottery!
Voting for the Out of this World Crossover Contest Begins
Deadline to Submit Your Entries for the Faithful Shipper Daughtry Song-fic Challenge
Winners for the The Beatles Contest Announced
Deadline to Submit Your Entries for the The Faithful Shipper RPF Contest
Voting for the Broken Fairytale Contest Ends

Nothing Going On Today, Check Out the Twi25 Entries

Winners for That Thing Called Love Contest Announced

Voting for the Quileute "La Push" Challenge Ends

Voting for the Final Round of theSlashBackslash Contest Ends

Deadline to Submit Your Entries for the The Last Minute Holiday Fun Times O/S Contest

Deadline to Submit Your Entries for the Who's Under Your Tree? Contest

Voting for the The Friendship is Key Contest Ends

Ongoing Contests, Open for Submission:

Mentalward Contest - 12/27, The Wrinkly Heart Contest - 12/27, To Go Amongst Mad People Contest - 12/31, The Most Shitteous Craptastic Cuddlecock Crack Contest - 12/31, Forks Hospital Contest - 1/1, Geekward Shuffle Challenge - 1/1, Twilight in the Roaring Twenties Contest - 1/1, Anything Goes Under the Mistletoe Contest - 1/2, A Rose by Any Other Name Challenge - 1/3, The Perv Pack's "An Officer and a Gentleman" Contest - 1/9, The "Anything but Twilight" Vamp Smut Contest - 1/13, Make It Work Contest - 1/14, Oops! Your Cliche Is Showing! Contest - 1/15, "Twi-High Anonymous Challenge" - 1/15, I Get Off in Volterra Contest - 1/21, The Cullens Incarcerated Contest - 1/21, Write for the Other Team Contest - 1/22, The Forgotten Femmes Anonymous Contest - 1/31, Write for the Other Team Contest - 1/22, Team SOB "Rain Scene" Challenge - 1/31, To Kill a Cullen Contest - 2/2, The With a Burning Heart Contest - 2/7, The Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Cullen Contest - 2/17

Sign Up for the Twilight25 O/S Challenge: Round Two by January 1st

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  1. Just have to say that I'm absolutely blown away by your ability to keep up with things, Kassiah. I love this feature of TLYDF!

  2. I love that you keep an update on finished fics! After one too many fics pulled/abandoned/what-have-you after months of promising chapters, it's sometimes nice to wait for fics to be finished before reading. The problem is that they often don't get rec'd as much after completion and then I can never find them.


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