Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Affiliates: Voting Open for Slash/Backslash Contest

Hosted by: Pastiche Pen and AngstGoddess003

Voting is now open for the Slash/Backslash contest. There are sixty-eight entries for you to goggle over... covering such wonderfulness as priests and dirty Carlisles and corvettes and uncomfortable stares and MPREG and coffee shops and chocolate and really soft scarves and thirsty vampires and boys and boys and more, MORE boys! So, yeah... You get to vote on your top seven! To do this, vote in the poll on the contest profile page. Round I of the contest ends Sunday night at Midnight EST, so

I said Round I because we're having two rounds. The final round will consist of thirteen entries (AG swears 13 is her lucky number.), of which will be the top seven from the first round, and the final six will be judges picks. We've decided this will be a great way to promote some of the lesser known writers out there while also giving you the best of the pot.

Go Vote!


  1. By clicking on The Contest Title you should be able to go to the profile and then click on the "poll" at the top? It worked when I tested it?


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