Monday, December 7, 2009

Author Interview: AG Talks with ItzMegan

AngstyG Interviews ItzMegan!

1. In canon, if Bella didn't exist, who would be most suited for Edward?

2. Your favorite FF variation of Edward?
Edward in Tara sue me's The Submissive

3. Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what are/were your top 3 tunes for The Tutor, A Rough Start, and The Cannabean Betrothal?
I can't listen to music and write at the same time. But if I did, it's Breakin' Me- Jonny Lang for the Tutor, The Power of Two - Indigo Girls & Hotel California - The Eagles, for A Rough Start and Adia - Sarah McLachlan, Landslide - the Dixie Chicks, for The Cannabean Betrothal. Sorry. That's more than 3!

4. I can't listen to music either. The best review you ever got?
It wasn't really a review. It was this awesome graphic design artist that sent me the absolute most mute-rendering banner for The Tutor. Like, "she" got the story and it showed in that banner. It was beyond perfection. You might know her...

5. ~Blush~ Do you have any authors, fanfic or otherwise, whose talent you aspire to?
I wouldn't say that I aspire for their talent, I just love to adore them from afar: EZRocksAngel - Creature of Habit; adorablecullens - The Mirrors; Starrynytex - Boy in the Red Sweater; ScarlettLetters - Wild Swan; AngstGoddess003 - Wide Awake; SleepyValentina - Art After 5; I could go on and on and on...

6. Which of your stories are you most proud of. Least proud of?
Most proud of, probably The Cannabean Betrothal. It's a very different story and I held onto it a long time. I'm proud that I got up the guts to post it. The least proud of....there might have been some New Kids on the Block fan fiction back in the day...

7. What abused FF character do you dream of writing for the sole purpose of vindicating them?
Bella - haha

8. Which of your stories has given/gave you the most difficulty and why?
The Cannabean Betrothal. Simply because it's different and some people try to make it into something it's not. It's just a story, not a political statement.

8. If you could take back one scene and rewrite it differently out of all your stories, which would it be?
I haven't posted it yet, but the decision's been made to deal with the fixing of Bella's truck in A Rough Start only from EPOV. I'm wondering if I'll regret that

9. Okay. Serious question now.Koala, panda, or baby lynx?

I'm gonna have to go with the baby lynx.

10. Excellent choice. Spend more time reading or writing?
Definitely writing. I hardly read anything

11. Three characters walk into a bar... Which three Twilight characters would you most like to see in a threesome?
Jane, Alec and Caius

12. Niiiice! Is there any story that makes you shake with rage because it doesn't get the attention it deserves?
Times New Roman by kathy-rindhoops

13. Which TV show or movie do you secretly wish had a Twilight FF crossover fic and why?

My So Called Life...someone once mentioned it when they were reviewing The Tutor. It's been on my mind ever since.

14. Jared Leto is so yummy... Which event in all of your stories do you have actual RL experience in. I.E. Maybe you've been a tutor...
I work in a school (i.e. Bella in A Rough Start)

15. Kill, fuck, or marry: Tutorward, Daddyward, Betrothalward?
You seriously can't expect me to kill any of them! But I'd fuck Daddyward and marry Betrothalward...

16. Do you plan to stick around for more stories after your two WIPs are completed? What would make you leave FF?
Yes, there are two more in the works after these are finished. I'd leave FF if Rob Pattinson made me choose between it and him.


  1. LOVED the interview!! ItzMegan is one of my favorite authors and I LOVE all three of the stories listed. "The Cannabean Betrothal" is absolutely fantastic!!!

  2. Haha - I LOVE Kill/Fuck/Marry! What a great application of it! So cruel...

    Jane-Caius-Alec... priceless.

  3. I'm so pleased to see an interview with this talented author. Her stories are super and I anticipate each chapter. I'm also happy to hear she has more in the works.
    I'd love to learn more about this talented and faithful author.
    thanks for the interview AG and yeah, a great banner for Le tutor!

  4. made me blush. well not right now but mostly because AG told me already you said me and i got all fangirly and we then had to discuss ARS and The Tutor for like an hour.

    She also just made fun of me when i said Landslide by Dixie Chicks is one of my faves (but also smashing pumpkins)

    i'll stop now as you know i tend to get...rambly in yer presence.

    thanks for sharing your great stories!



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