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Bell! Bell! Ding! Ding! Eddy-Eddy-ooooo! (Affiliates Post)

The Winter 2010 Eddies & Bellies

...and theeeeeey arrrre baaccck! (With lots of vowels, apparently. Heh.)

The Eddies and Bellies are a Twilight awards competition brought to you by Limona, withthevampsofcourse, and a host of other wonderful authors. The awards have three categories: The Eddies, The Bellies, and the Hall of the Fame. The Eddies are awards designed to draw attention to excellence in Twilight fan fiction. Each category is open to all genres and all ratings. The Bellies are a light-hearted companion competition to the Eddies that run twice yearly, in Winter and in Summer. There is no judging component to the Bellies. All nominee slots will be filled by the stories that receive the most nominations.


  1. For the Bellies, any Twilight fan fiction, complete or incomplete, published at any time, with any rating, is eligible. The only exceptions are as follows:

  2. Limona and Withthevampsofcourse are ineligible to receive Bellie awards.

  3. No one author may be be up for more than two Bellie Awards in one session. In the event that an author qualifies in more than two categories, she will be entered in the two categories in which she received the most nominations.

  4. No one story may win more than two Bellie Awards per session. (Note: This is a change from before--no former fics are disqualified as with the previous session, e.g. IVO, WA, TO--they can win again!)

  5. There are only three categories:

Short Fiction
Mid-length fiction

For the Eddies... what makes the Eddies different is that every nomination will be considered. The stories with the most nominations will go directly to the ballot. The other stories nominated will be considered by a panel of peer judges for the ballot. Judges (who are not eligible for Eddies--but definitely for Bellies!) include:

The Eddies Winter 2010 Categories

Short Fiction
: Defined for the purpose of this competition as completed stories shorter than 10,000 words.

Mid-length fiction
: Defined for the purpose of this competition as completed stories longer than 10,000 words, but shorter than 50,000.

Novel (AU/Canon)
: Defined for the purpose of this competition as completed Alternate Universe or Canon stories longer than 50,000 words, but shorter than 180,000.

Novel (AH)
: Defined for the purpose of this competition as completed All Human stories (no vampires) longer than 50,000 words, but shorter than 180,000.

The Bellies Winter 2010 Categories

Emmett You Want as Your Brother
: This describes a fic with the best characterization of Emmett; an irritable grizzly so great that you’d want him to be the brother you call to beat up a boy who’s just broken your heart, or to play some old school Nintendo with when you’re sick, or to surprise you by having driven all the way from another state to get you drunk on your 21st birthday. Or something. Just an Emmett who’d make a good brother, okay?

Wolfpack Award
: This describes any fic whose main story is about one of the members of the Quileute tribe.

Story That Haunts Your Dreams
: This describes a fic that has that certain something- whether it be so good you can’t stop thinking about it, even in your sleep- or it just has… something… and you overanalyze it, over think it, and possibly consider PM’ing the author to please, please update or write a sequel or just explain how they managed to write something so damned good. At any rate, this fic has something that you can’t stop thinking about.

Best Fansite
: This is an award for the best Twilight-related, non-Eddies/Bellies website out there on the interwebs. Can be a blog, an independent website, or even a section of a larger website. Please provide a direct copy of the url (that’s the part).


Most Consistently Updated
: This describes a story that you think “Really? Didn’t this just update? OMG WHO CARES BRB READING”.

AU Fic You'd Write a Fic for
: This describes an alternate universe fic that is so good, you’d consider writing a fanfiction of it. Like, whoa. Trippy. Canon is not included in this because that’s what fanfiction is, technically. AU can be either vamp or human.

Best "Edward Who?" Fic
: This describes a fic where the OTP (One True Pairing, for those of you who hate acronyms) is not Bella & Edward. The fic creates a couple so tasty that you completely forget about that ~dazzling, bronze-haired God. Let’s be clear, here- in this fic, Bella does not end up with Edward, but he can be present in the story.

Fic You'd Click on for the Title Alone
: This describes a fic with a really great title. Doesn’t even matter if you like the story- haven’t you ever clicked just because the title was that good? We have.

Best Trendsetting Fic
: This describes a fic that did it first- whatever “it” was. You know what we mean- the fic that everyone says “Well, that was a great story, but it basically rips off __________.” We want the ___________ story.

Best Missing Moment (Canon Award)
: This describes a fic that is CANON. Please- canon is a story that you could insert into the Twilight universe and everything that we know to be true from the books would remain unchanged. Best Missing Moment would be any fic that takes place either Pre-Twilight or during Twilight, New Moon (the books, please), Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn. Can be any point-of-view as long as it was never a scene written by the original author.

Story That Makes You Wanna Throw Your Monitor
: This describes a fic that you read and begin to rage. Doesn’t have to be in the bad way, either. Perhaps the characters continue to make decisions with their head up their butt; perhaps someone acts like such a jerk that you can’t stand it. Whatever the reason, after you read an update, you’re possessed with the urge to wake someone up (because you know it’s 3 a.m., admit it) just so you can have your anger validated, or you get on chat and start all-capsing your fic buddy with things like OMG DID YOU READ I’MMA KILL SOMEONE I CAN’T BELIEVE HE DID THAT. Et cetera, et cetera.

Fic That Keeps You Up 'Til 3 A.M. Reading
: We’ve all done it. The story was so good that you think to yourself “Hmm, it’s ten. I can get away with two more chapters and then I’ll finish tomorrow after work.” Suddenly, it’s twenty chapters later, it’s 2:30 a.m., and you think OMG THREE MORE CHAPTERS I CAN DO THIS WHO CARES I’M ALREADY SCREWED FOR PRODUCTIVITY TOMORROW and you do, indeed, finish the story. Basically, you sacrifice your personal health, your marriage, your schoolwork, and all other things that are important because you chose to finish the story instead of wondering what you missed by choosing sleep over the fic.

So, go nominate! Click on the nomination form to begin.


  1. Gah! I'm getting a little freaking confused. The last time I checked the rules, it said no more than two Bellies in one session. Has that changed again? Is it now no more than two Bellies, period.


  2. Oh, Limona clarified. That rule is changed--they updated the rules (and thus, I updated this post.)


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