Monday, December 21, 2009

QuickieFickies:Introductory Rec Post

Now Introducing Quickie Fickies!

This is a new feature here at that will serve to spotlight one-shots, every other week! Sometimes it's good to just sit down and know you can read something amazing, from beginning to end, in under one hour.

We'll be discerning some pretty awesome stuff, but we want to know what Quickie Fickies fandom loves, so
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This week, we're starting it off with Admin picks and hoping to fill our rec pool for next time. Give the following Quickie Fickies a shot!
| Angst / Hurt/Comfort | AU | Jasper | Rated: M/R | 3,154 words | Published: 12-10-09

Time has both brought them together and wrenched them apart, but time is not always the greatest obstacle to be overcome. O/S, M because I can't keep from swearing. Non-canon pairings.

I always appreciate circe290's treatment of Jasper, and it's no different for "Though Lovers be Lost." It is short -- not quite three thousand words -- but powerful. Circe smartly weaves past with far-past to share what Jasper has to say, and emotion and tension steadily build throughout the story. While some of you are going to glare at me and shake your fists angrily at the sky for rec'ing this, I think it's an appropriate story for this holiday time because it really helps remind us how we should appreciate what we have, while we have it.
| | AU | Bella / Edward | Rated: MA/NC17 | 12517 words | Written for: Les Femmes Noires | Published: 10-05-2009

First place Judges pick for "Les Femmes Noires" Challenge. Post-Breaking Dawn. EPOV. One-Shot. "We have tomorrow, and the next day, and the next..." The consequences of forever.
The premise of this fic is that eventually, all vampires go mad. Edward always knew that this would someday happen, but he always thought he would go mad first. Instead, Bella does. Or does she? Like many of FatApolloLove's stories, this one is dark and twisted. The prose is often so cutting, the plot events so horrifying, that you start to worry (along with the characters) that nothing will ever be resolved, but then the ending of this story is so satisfying, because the answer was always there, staring us all in the face. Just 'mazing.
| Romance / Humor | AH | Edward / Bella | Rated: MA/NC17 | 1,860 words | Written for: Happy Birthday Nina Story Collection | Published: 10-12-09

Ultimate techno-geek Edward is sullen and bitter, obsessed with his hatred of all things Microsoft. It takes administrative assistant Bella Swan to understand his hidden desires as she gives him what he needs. Part of Happy Birthday Nina Story Collection
I love me some Geekward, but I ESPECIALLY love me some Bill Gates hating Geekward! I love the way author conveys geekness with such authenticity in this story. Every IT person has had the issue before. You're working some place big, and they want to go mainstream technical, with their Dells and HPs and UGH. DNW! Poor Edward is stuck in this job that just annoys him.

He likes Bella, but has affectionately dubbed her "a Microsoft lover." Microsoft lovers are the conformists of the corporate world, and Edward has higher standards. It seems as though it cannot be. Or can it?
| Friendship / Hurt/Comfort | AU | Bella / Angela | Rated: K+/PG | 1,868 words | Published: 2-7-09

It's been 90 years since the Cullens called Forks their home. Now that enough time has passed for them to be forgotten, they decide to return. Bella discovers, however, that one of her old friends is still barely alive. This is her visit with that friend.
Alright, so all week I knew exactly what one shot I was going to do, I just had to find the time to do it. There is only one one shot that I have read more than once. But, of course, I get home to find that it doesn't meet the criteria. *grumble* So, then I had to find a new one. I checked some C2s some contests, couldn't find anything. I hope this is just because it was last minute and all I really wanted to write about was the one I couldn't write about.

Then hopefulwager rec'd this one to me. And it is so, wonderful.

Bella races to the hospital when she realizes that a friend from her past is dying. She sits beside the bed, and has one last normal, human conversation. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the ancient human talking about how things are so different as one ages, and the immortal vampire, ever young and beautiful. And yet, they still connect, they are still friends.
| General | Canon | Carlisle / Edward | Rated: K+/PG | 4,235 words | Published: 4-7-09

It's the Cullens' first Christmas in Forks, and Carlisle surprises his family with the gift of some unique jewelry. Later, he and Edward have a quiet conversation about what the future holds. One-shot, blended book/movie canon, Pre-Twilight. CPOV
A rare glimpse of the Cullens before Bella, The Family Cullen does a wonderful job of illustrating the familial bonds that have existed for years, and how the love, faith and support of family can prepare the biggest cynic for the promise of love.

I've been on an AU/Canon kick these days, and given the looming holiday, thought this would be an excellent rec to share. Set up as a crossover between the book and movie, Giselle_LX crafts a lovely tale about the different types of love that exist within the Cullen family, and how those very bonds prepare them for the changes that lie in their not too distant future.

Also important, I can give this Emmett two enthusiastic thumbs up!
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  1. Excellent! I haven't read any of these recommended fics, so I'm excited to all new reading material.

  2. Perfect timing, I've been looking for one shots. Thanks you!

  3. I suddenly had reviews hitting my in-box again and I knew something was up... but I never imagined that my stuff was here. HERE! This is where all the cool people hang out. Thanks so much for the rec Caitlin, I'm beyond flattered. I feel like high-school, and one of the popular girls just told me they like my shoes. I'm going to wear these shoes every day from now on. Even though I'm eight months pregnant and my feet are really swollen. Sometimes awesome hurts.


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