Sunday, December 20, 2009

Guest Fic Rec: Angel Is Afraid


Most of you know I read a lot of fanfiction. A LOT. Most I get from referral from some girls in the fandom that I trust. But sometimes I get desperate and I result to trolling favorite lists like everyone else. So the other day I’m searching and I find what I think is a strange situation. I’m on a list that has recognizable fics…the same ones that you see on every list but then there is this anomaly. It’s complete, has 93 reviews and is tucked away in between these other awesome, heavily reviewed stories.

My interest is piqued. Now, usually I don’t do fic recs on the blog. Usually because my discussions of stories are totally incoherent. Ask anyone who has received a review by me. It’s embarrassing. This is what it looks like when I find a story I like:

Angel: hey I found a good story
Angel: well its awesome Edward is hot. Bella is okay. I got past chapter 3 so things look promising.
AG: Wow, yeah, that is promising. You never read past chapter one… of course I just skip chapter one.
Angel: yeah I know…your whole ‘chapter one is pointless theory’ lets not start this again.
Angel: yeah okay, let me keep reading okay?
AG: okay but…I mean really, you know my theory is solid right…right?

Sigh, really I wish it was even that entertaining.

ANYWAY, fic rec right?

So I found this completed story called Girl Afraid by agoraphobiantic on…it has a bit larger following on Twilighted, which is awesome but I felt like it deserved a bit more praise. It’s All Human and definitely angsty but…also some great comedic moments. Edward has a sense of humor and Bella…she’s just tough.

This entire story is from EPOV, which I love… I kept waiting for the Bella switch over and was pleased it never appeared. It is a reversal story, where Edward is the new one in town, Bella is the local girl, possessed by some kind of inner demons and there is an immediate…hatred... between these two. And in some ways it is a little cliché, but as the story unfolds it feels different. There is something going on with Bella that we can’t quite put our finger on and Edward. Well, I really like Edward. He is nice without being weak, new without being green, and appealing with out being stereotypical Edward.

It covers time the way you would find in Twilight…just a little mangled. The relationship between Carlisle and Esme is a treat and Jasper…well, sometimes I wanted to kick Jasper’ ass which in and of its self was a bit refreshing. Sometimes in Fanfic we let Jasper get away with murder. Girl Afraid shows him in a different, interesting light. Jacob is I here and so is James and although sometimes it feels like Bella is tied up with more bad men than good in her life, I think this is pretty much the point of the story. Shaking the bad demons for the good ones.

This couple encounter some ups and downs as they try to manage a relationship under their particular circumstances. And there is a bit of a slow burn (which I love) but it has an underlying tone of mystery that just kept me interested. And I will admit, it was awesome that it was finished and it wasn’t too long, just 15 chapters which IMO is a great size for a fic these days.

If you are looking for a short something-angsty read, I suggest Girl Afraid. Give it a shot.
Angel is the Rob-sessed, Vampward writing, marathon-running author of Creature of Habit, and more recently Daedalus in Exile. She also makes nifty art stuff.

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