Friday, December 4, 2009

FandomNews: Completed Fics, Contests, Awards, and Other Stuff

Start Submitting Your Entries to The Perv Pack's "An Officer and a Gentleman" Contest

Voting for the Inspiration is Key Contest Ends

Start Submitting Your Entries to the Anything Goes Under the Mistletoe Contest

Voting for the Write What You Know Contest Ends

Nominations for the Shimmer Awards Close

Voting for the Bridal Style Anonymous One-Shot Contest Begins

Voting for the Hateful Lemonade Contest! Ends

Voting for the SlashBackSlash Contest Begins

Voting for the Silent Tear Awards Ends

Nominations for the Eddies & Bellies Close

Deadline to Submit Your Entries for the Bella's Lullaby of Broadway O/S Contest

Voting for the Les Femmes Noires Contest Ends

Voting for That Thing Called Love Contest Opens

Open for Voting or Nominations:

Twilight25 O/S Challenge - 12/15, Voting for the Silent Tear Awards Ends - 12/17

Sign Up for the Twilight25 O/S Challenge: Round Two by January 1st

Exercise your writing muscles by joining Workshop Fictionista's WitFit Challenge!

Kassiah is a master blogger, posting not only every Friday on TLYDF but also on The Fictionators. She is also the author of Somewhere in Between and a collection of drabbles, Faith as Small as a Mustard Seed. Yay, and welcome to Kassiah!


  1. YAY! And Kassiah is our new columnists on the Ficster! And AG made the prettiest flipping graphics for this news reel! So, yay!

  2. Yay! So excited for this :) Go Kass and Sam!!!

  3. Everyone MUST, MUST read the Emmett Cullen story. It is ammmmmazing. And Emperors of Washington finished the day after this was posted--so everyone must read that one, too.

  4. wow, can we make this like a regular posting? fantastic to find out the fics that are complete! genius! kassiah, love your posts...keep 'em up!


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