Wednesday, December 9, 2009

TLYDF Announcement: We Welcome Two New Admins!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...


So, put your hands together, stomp yer feet, and give a hoot-and-halley to the fine penned, definitively discerning, and not-all-that lazy—ELLECC and HMonster4!!!!


A great deal has happened at this blog over the past year. Almost a year ago (short seven days), this blog had its very first post. Spearheaded by the beloved Smellyia and championed by Angstgoddess003, Angel, and Emibella, The Lazy Yet Discerning Ficster began its almost-daily dalliances with the lovely world knows as Twilight fan fiction. We've done recs, articles of writing, interviews, random crap, and much, much more, and we wanted to stop, take account, and thank our readers for staying with us each step along the way, so MWAH! And on to the introductions...


HMonster4 is first off, a funny and wonderful lady. On her own, she is the madly genius pen behind Deconstructing Dracula, and in conjunction with ProfMom72, she has penned Breakfast at Tiffany's and The Fates. She's a VIP author over on A Different Forest. She has also written several articles for this blog, as a columnist for the collab series and for several of the explorations. She is also one of the two sweet ladies behind the Indie TwiFic Awards, the contest completely devoted to promoting under-appreciated fan fiction—so, yes, etc. etc.—if you don't know how wonderful she is for this fandom, you must have been living under a (black) hole. Our favorite monster also has a deep love for Emmett and like him, a way of honestly and sweetly speaking her mind. She chose to be the planet Mars.


Besides being a Comma fundamentalist and an unabashed Jasper/Peter shipper (*P makes a happy "coo" sound*), ElleCC earns her rap as one of the nicest and generous hearts in the fandom. She regularly rolls with the other Pastiche on all things Jasper. She is the brilliant mind behind A Murmur of Fire in the Vein, on of the epic Jasper fics in the fandom. She is either a crazy green star (think really hot blue star with a metallic twist) or Jupiter (with a BIG RED HEART!).

Okay, and now because I gave them an open-ended request, instead of sending me blurbs—they sent me their chat (*snort*), so we're going chat style with the whole new admins introduce themselves to the blog:

H: So what the heck are we going to say? I'm not that interesting
Elle: I have no idea. And you're roughly 81 times more interesting than I am. 82, even.
H: Fibber, you have the whole Panera much of the fandom discovered writing at Panera thanks to you?
Elle: Oooh, that's a good question. Free wifi, endless coffee - two important writer's tools. We could probably fill a Panera with all of us. I hope the others have all discovered that if you go there enough, they give you free food!
H: And there are a lot of real life Jaspers...
Elle: So many RLJs. And RLEms, too! It's like they flock to Panera...
H: Sigh... did you out to Pastiche, AG and MW that we are shameless in our love of Jasper and Em... well, and Garrett and Peter too? They might boot us....
Elle: Um, no. It's probably best if they just discover it it later on their own...
H: Okay, so this doesn't help us with being interesting....what have you done? you write, you did a contest...
Elle: I talk about Jasper a lot. I write about Jasper a lot. I read about Jasper a lot. That's pretty much all I do. I have that collab with LVP coming up soon, and it's about Jasper, of course.... I'm not sure any of this makes me interesting.
Oh! And I like to make OTHER people write about Jasper (sans Alice), too. That's my new thing., ThisColony, InstantKarmaGirl, YOU, among others. Is it fun? :)
H: All I can say, be careful what you wish for, you might get it back in spades my friend.
Elle: But you, you actually do interesting things! You've written AH and AU and Canon and collabs and solo stuff, and what about that ADF thing?
H: I've done AH, both on my own and with ProfMom, but I am all about the vamp these days - both AU and Canon. And I kind of having a thing for writing Emmetts...I just was invited to join ADF as a VIP author, which I was giddy about...And my baby (with my pal Gustariana) is the Indies
damn - I sound like an overachiever
Elle: You are! :)
H: I'm organized... I like my spreadsheets
Elle: Mmm spreadsheets. Who doesn't?
H: Hehe - this is making us geeky, not interesting
Elle: All of For the Love of Jasper was run with spreadsheets.
H: Case in point. Good lord, do they know what they've gotten into? We might send them crying...
Elle: But it'll be that good, cleansing sort of crying. Everyone needs that sometimes.
H: LMAO. This fandom will never be the same

Other random news... TLYDF is starting some new features:
  • Drabble scrambles - We're getting authors to anonymously write drabbles, and then you get to guess whose is whose...
  • A Regular One-Shot Feature
  • Best Review of the Month
  • Also, please note the debut of the wonderful Kassiah, who will be our regular Friday poster, bringing you the Fandom News
  • Finally, interviews, recs, exploration series, and essays will continue!

So, anyway, with final words I want to say that Moon.witche, Angstgoddess, and myself are thrilled to death to have our new admins - and we hope you are, too!

Thanks again to all our readers and commenters and columnists and the fandom at-large.

You make this blog possible. :-)

**And yes, Moon.witche is Uranus, and doing this space theme made P arbitrarily very happy.


  1. "ElleCC earns her rap as one of the nicest and generous hearts in the fandom."

    IDK IDK. I have some chats that might dispute that NICE thing.

    Congrats to both of you :) TLYDF couldn't have picked two more organized, spreadsheet loving chicks. I see big things in the future. Maybe even something involving MS Project and maybe even Visio!

  2. I'm so glad I already know you two very well, or I might be wondering how in the hell two spazzes like you got tapped for TLYDF. I kid. I am very excited about this development and think you will both be amazing. I'm also very excited about the new features coming to the blog. Exciting times!

    Instead of congratulating hmonster and Elle, I will congratulate AG, Pastiche and moon.witche for getting to work with two pretty amazing ladies. Yay!

  3. I am excited about the announcement of the new admins. You all have a great team!

    I love this blog and appreciate everything that TLYDF does for the fandom! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm so happy for Elle. She's going to make a fantastic addition and I can't wait to read future articles by her.

    And congrats to HMonster4, as well. I look forward to reading what you put out.

  5. woooo! congrats ladies. :)

    you might both be slightly geeky but i love you for it. <3

  6. I'm new to this blog and new to writing fanfic (yeah, I just posted my first one shot!). I do however love to write in general and just finished NanoWriMo. I look forward to your blog's inspiration as truly I love to write,

  7. Well this is quite exciting! Congrats to you both!


    I'm so excited. Like REALL REALLY! We gets some help and awesome new talented people, HOORAY! I'm too excited to speak intellectually.

    I love you both! So happy to have you here!

    And, yeah. P's whole planet thing still confuses me, too, but whatever tickles her fancy. That's how we roll around here!

  9. I am envisioning fic PEG spreadsheets now. Congrats to you both!

  10. I might be slightly emo over the fact that Elle didn't mention me in those who voraciously ship JxB, but I'll get over it.


    I look forward to your words on the blog ladies. Congrats. :D

  11. So excited by this news! Two fantastic ladies who's dedication to the fandom blows me away. <3's to you all!

  12. yay! two of my fav fan fic authors!! congrats ladies! :)

  13. @angstgodess.

    "P's whole planet thing still confuses me, too."

    It's brilliant. Shet ep.

    Also, I believe you were gone for all of the conversation except for the part where Caitlin and I bickered over whether or not she was Saturn...

    And welcome, welcome you'all!!!!

  14. So awesome! Congratulations, you two! I'm looking forward to the new features as well :)

  15. Congrats so much to both of you! <3

  16. Dear Shannon,

    I hate you.

    That is all.

    ~Caitlin (SATURN!!!)

  17. OH!

    And, welcome to the blog guys!

  18. Congrats, ladies! I'll be looking forward to reading your stuff

  19. So well-deserved--congratulations to you both!


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