Sunday, June 14, 2009

GuestFicRec: MsKathy Will See You The Same Time Some Other Time


I've never seen this premise in a fic before, and when I was given the description by a friend, I was skeptical. What? Same time every year? What about all the in-between times?! Surely I'd miss those. Did this mean there was plenty of scandal and guilt in the story (not something I generally like)?

I'll be upfront and honest; I decided to give this story a chance for one chapter.

The first chapter begins in the year 2019, and ends on a cliffhanger. There's a call at the reception desk for Bella – from her husband. It drove me completely mad. I had to know.. WHO was her husband!?

Each chapter contains the kind of writing I would love to lose myself in on a daily basis. All of the original six characters are here, and I'm not going to spoil the entire story by telling you if the pairings are canon or not. The author lays the groundwork and foundation nicely with seven full chapters of their first weekend. You learn who these characters are and really see them clearly. From there, she typically covers the following year in a single chapter, but sometimes they are spread across two.

Over the years, we grow to know and love Edward and Bella. We hear about their ups and downs, but here is some internal monolog from Bella, more clearly explaining the situation:

“I had encountered my own difficulties over the years, but somehow I managed to return here, year after year. I wondered about him in the months between our days here, but it was against the rules for us to talk about that; our outside lives had no place in this private corner of our existences. Those were the only rules, really. But they were enough.”

To say that I devoured this story is a vast understatement. I sat at my desk, glued to the computer, clicking chapter after chapter. In fact, I went through and was so wrapped up in reading, I didn't even review – an extreme rarity for me! I plan to rectify that immediately, by the way, and so should you. At twenty-one chapters (granted, a few are A/Ns), this story has only 185 reviews!

I don't want to spoil the plot and tell you exactly what's going on, but I will say that this story made me completely snot-faced sobbing for the last few chapters. The anxiety of the questions was built perfectly, and thank goodness this is completed. There is no waiting to solve the mystery!
MsKathy spends her time playing on the AU-H forums at Twilighted Forums(), writing one of her four in-progress stories (The Trip Home, Discovery of Bella Swan, Paper Moon and Yes, Mistress), and playing House Bitch for her husband and seven-year-old daughter.

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  1. Excellent review Kathy! I absolutely adored this story. So amazing!


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