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The Discerning and Rob-Assessed News Update

The Discerning and Rob-Assessed News Update

Movie to Fic Review: Little (sl)Ashes

Here’s the thing. I’m not huge into slash…AngstGoddess? Totally. Me? Here and there but not so much. I have my reasons but this is neither the time or place. What I want to talk about is Little Ashes. Yep. I finally saw this movie. I know I’m a month late and that it was released in May but apparently my major metropolitan theaters didn’t think anyone would want to see it. Apparently, they didn’t understand what we here in the fandom call “The RobEffect” as in, we will watch pretty much anything with this gorgeous man in it, and frankly we actually prefer Kstew NOT to be in it at all.

I’m not going to go into how excited I was to see this movie. Most of you don’t know that in RL I am an artist by profession and the idea seeing Salvador Dali brought to life, by Rob of all people, was definitely enticing. So I eagerly purchased my ticket, with four friends (and two tag-alongs: FanFic’s Starshinedown and Pogurl who met us at the theater), dodged two drunk fan girls in the bathroom and settled in my art house theater seat to bask in the glow of Robert Pattinson as the homoerotic, very in the closet, Dali.

Most of you know the premise of Little Ashes. Rob plays Salvador Dali, the equally fabulous Javier Beltran plays Frederico Garcia Lorca. It begins with their meeting in Spain where they meet at University. Salvador is an eccentric from the start, artsy and odd, looking to make his ’mark’ in the art world. He is convinced he is a genius, (which obviously he is) and he finds himself thrown in with Frederico, a somewhat well known poet and future political activist.

These two become tight, basing their relationship on mutual respect and adoration, and the desire to change the world with their passions. This seeps into their relationship and they quickly find themselves attracted to one another in a way that they are not completely prepared to act upon.

Let me stop here and express that I am aware that parts of this film are criticized as not being factually based and are actually considered far from realistic at all. Frankly, all that slipped away as I sunk into this beautiful film. I’m not gonna lie. I was worried. I saw Twilight. 9796785886 times in fact. I saw How to Be (as I reported last time). I wasn’t completely convinced of Rob’s acting abilities going into this movie, and was prepared to sit back and watch Robward looking all hot and luscious and weird as had been shown in all the YouTube leaks we had ogled over the last several months.

But, the thing is…Rob really can act. Like really really. At first I watched him with his moppy odd hair, reveling in his angular jaw and perfectly formed lips, but then I found myself entranced by this wonderful, romantic, heartbreaking movie about two people in love at the wrong place during the wrong time. The acting, the cinematography, costumes, and writing were all excellent. In the short clips we had seen before I was worried Rob’s portrayal of Dali would be odd and distracting. Instead it was fluid and evolved, you could completely feel his transformation from young aspiring artist to reknown money-making, name-dropping, fame seeker Salvador Dali. And Frederico. Sigh. Poor spirited, Frederico experiences the majority of the heart fail in this movie, his love for Salvador completely, frustratingly unrequited, and as he threw himself into the political revolution of the time period, he and Salvador grew apart, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

You know we like to tie it all back to the fic here on the blog and I promise I am…the love scenes were angst and harsh and desperate and eager, and devastating. Each one left me holding my breath, waiting for one of the two to break, to crack under the pressure of their intense connection. Honestly, if I could find a slash fic with that level of intensity and emotion I would be hooked fast. They were raw and conflicted. They both wanted different things. Dali was afraid, not in love with men but in love with a man. Fredrico was smitten, utterly, sinfully, smitten.

I decided instead of reccing particular fics involving slash I would direct all eager and needing to know readers to other interwebbish areas they can delve into.

Twilight Slash: Twi slash fics and recs mostly.
Jaspard: Jasper/Edward, has fics, fanmixes and discussion.
Twilight Awry: For non-canon fics and discussions, kinda anything goes.
Jakeward: Jacob/Edward(eww) mostly fics.

The Indie TwiFic Awards

From what I understand, HMonster4 and Gustariana were chatting along one fine day and starting ranting about this and that. And as all rants do, they tend to form into over night revolutions of sorts or at least incredibly awesome ideas. On this day the Indie Twific Awards were born. (actually, they sent me the chat history but I was informed that if I revealed any of the top secret brain storming information they would ban me for life from ever winning an award myself.)

I sent these ladies a message and said,

AG made their website all purdyful.
“Hey, gimmie some info on your awards…I want to include them in my column…”

This is what they sent me:

So the indies was one of the 'better lucky than good' type of ideas. A round of awards had come out, and it felt like the same handful of stories were sweeping the awards. While they are all wonderful, it was such a small sampling of fan fic, that it got us to talking about how new writers crack in and make it big. If you don't have a base established, or someone to take up your cause, it can be a pretty daunting task.

Then the conversation took a strange turn, we started talking about The Lost Boys, which is one of our fave fics. At the time it had maybe 8 chapters on 300 reviews, which made no sense. How could such a fabulous story not have more momentum. Hmonster4, in a glib moment said 'maybe we should do a fanfic version of Sundance - no big visibility stories allowed.' Gustariana laughed, but being the OCD freak that she is immediately started making lists of what it would take. It took a few days because neither one of us was ready to accept the fact that we were going to take this on. We both kept thinking about it, and prepping until we felt we could not let it go and decided to go for it.

And the rest, as they say, is history. After a month of behind the scenes planning, plotting, analyzing and structuring, the first Indie TwiFic Awards are ready to roll. Designed to highlight the lesser known stories, the Indies are hoping to shine the spotlight on the next generation of great fanfic writers.

At the end of the day the awards were born from our combined need to feel like we are doing a little to help spread the idea that there are amazing stories out there that are flying under the radar. In many instances the lack of reviews is not an indication of the quality of writing. In some instances it totally is. But once in a while a little gem of a fic is cruising along the fandom without anyone noticing.

The awards were a crazy idea that made so much sense that it was hard for us to let it go. But they are really not about awarding the prizes per category. We think that the real benefit is the awareness they create. Adds MORE New Features

Did anyone else notice the new,
totally awesome save feature on Because I didn’t, BUT one of my loyal and trusty friends pointed it out to me, and it is one of the better features added recently.

Up in the right hand corner, there is this little heart and a folder…yep, pink and everything. Click on that sucker and it will save your fic on the chapter you are currently on. Which is totally cool. This way you can leave your slash and smut on the fanfic page and not have to go hide it in all kinds of secret folders from your husbands, kids and dogs.

Sexpenders: Rob Intrigues Us.

Does this jacket belong to Rob? If so, where did he buy it? If not, to whom does it belong?

Please create the scene: How did Rob's suspenders end up where they are?

Rob, Rob, Rob….is this your jacket? I’m not sure, because although I’m obsessed with Rob, I don’t keep a full catalogue of all his outfits etc… (this is what OCD and Robyn are for)…I think this one does NOT fit his normal coat standards. First, this coat is not big enough for the three other coats he wears at the same time. OR, for 3 shirts, one mis-buttoned, and his blue Harry Potter sweater or black hoodie underneath. (or on top, who the hale knows)

Soooo, I’m going with borrowed.

Whom does it belong to?

Well, not TomStu or we would have seen him in it. I think he either:

  1. Found it in the bar he just left, and put it on because he was cold…because really, it’s looking a little small.
  2. Picked it up at some girls house, as a parting gift for his mad skilz.
  3. He picked it up at the last meeting of his local Aryan Nation meeting, (see below)

Now, the Suspenders. The Suspenders are what makes this picture a perfect example of the “RobEffect”. One thing I love about Rob is his desire to bring back the “skin head” or “Aryan Nation” look. Neither of which he accomplishes, ever, due to his giant mop of hair. He loves to sport, the work boots, Doc Martins of course, black or blue work pants, blue, button-up work shirt, wallet chain and of course the suspenders.

In my mind, from movies like American History X and such, Skin Heads are always angry. Probably from the lack of hair and the fact Rob stole all the good wool hats to COVER HIS FUR HEAD. They also always are very tidy? Shirts tucked, laces tied…suspenders firmly over the shoulder. DO YOU SEE THE SUSPENDERS IN THIS PICTURE? WHY ARE THEY OVER HIS ARMS, OVER HIS COAT? I think perhaps he is trying to let us all know, with this picture right here, that although he likes the look, he is trying to covey his own, rebellious attitude. Which of course, makes the “RobEffectness” of this photo.

Too small coat, rumpled shirt, weird threaded pants, confused suspenders…all making him look gloriously hot and vulnerable and ready to fit in my back pocket.


Let me just start off by saying….“Oh Rob, I love you and your beautiful face…...” *sigh*

Now that my love is made publicly known, I can answer these questions in the best possible way that my knowledge and fantasy filled mind will allow.

Does this jacket belong to Rob? If so, where did he buy it? If not, to whom does it belong?

Clearly the jacket is not one that he purchased. It was given to him. How do I know this? Because, I gave it to him. (see what I mean by fantasy filled mind? Bear with me here while I paint you the picture)

While out on the town one night I happened to have a run in with Mr.Pattinson and we immediately took a liking to one another. While chatting over the differences between a good pale lager and brown ale we decided to take the discussion back to my place.

Of course one thing led to another and he stayed a little longer than expected. If you look at his hair, you’ll notice the typical “wild, sexy, disheveled” hair is a little crazier on the right side than the left. This is because I prefer to sleep on the right side of the bed and this is the side I had best access too.

When he finally emerged from my bedroom a few hours (okay so many it was days, his eyes do look a little sleepy here) later, he didn’t want the papz realizing he was wearing the same outfit again, (because we all know he has problems with this and is called out on it regularly), so I supplied him with one.

And as Anna said *see option B above*, I was in fact 'said girl' that gave him the jacket as a parting gift for his 'mad skills.' Yes ladies, those long fingers are just as good as they look. I mean seriously, LOOK AT THEM BUTTONING THAT JACKET!

If you look closely you’ll also notice he’s not wearing a shirt underneath his little blue button down. That’s because well, he left it for me. He knows I like it.

Now, as for his suspenders… well that, my dear friends, is what makes Rob delicious. The fact that he can wear a pair of pants and use the buttons for actual suspenders is HOT. He wears what he wants, how he wants, and doesn’t seem to care. Just another reason to love him.

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