Saturday, June 13, 2009

Affiliates: Eddie/Bellie Voting Timez

Vote for the Eddies and Bellies!

You can Vote here.

The 2010 Eddie Award Nominees

Short FictionMid-Length FictionNovel, Canon or Alternate UniverseNovel, All Human

The 2010 Winter Bellie Award Nominees

Emmett You Want as Your BrotherWolfpack AwardBest FansiteMost Consistently UpdatedAU Fic You'd Write a Fic forBest "Edward Who?" FicFic You'd Click on for the Title AloneBest Trendsetting FicBest Missing Moment (Canon Award)Story That Makes You Wanna Throw Your MonitorFic That Keeps You Up 'Til 3 A.M. Reading

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  1. I'm new to the fanfic phenomenon, both in reading and writing it. I will definitely come back with some noms as soon as I can. Great website, by the way! I love the design. :D


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