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GuestFicRec: In Time, She Won Over Jmeyer


I shouldn’t like this story.

After I read Breaking Dawn, I became disillusioned with the whole saga. I couldn’t believe that the story I had come to love could conclude in that way. Where was the sacrifice? Where was Alice? Who exactly was that character masquerading as Edward? And Renesemee? Seriously??

So believe me when I say, I shouldn’t like this story.

But I do.

A Matter of Time is a tale that, at the core, showcases the developing relationship between Renesemee and Jacob. Renesmee is your typical teenage girl, if you can ignore the fact that she is half vampire/half human. She knows that Jacob has imprinted on her, but she does not know the full extent of what imprinting entails. I never thought I would say this, not in a million years, but I can absolutely relate to the Renesmee that Duskwatcher has so thoughtfully created. The chapters written from Renesmee’s point of view immediately brought me back to my days as an awkward teenage girl. That intense and new feeling of liking a boy, but being unsure of how he feels, therefore you don’t want your feelings to be too obvious. That could pretty much sum up my entire thirteenth year of life.

“It made me feel good to hear him laugh. It felt good to be the one to make him laugh. Suddenly, I was aware that Jacob’s hand held mine. His large, warm hand surrounded mine easily. With his head thrown back like that, the line down his neck to his chest was beautiful and intriguing. His wide shoulders strained at the dark tee shirt he was wearing and its short sleeves cut across his very impressive arms. He wore his jeans slung loose and low on his hips. His skin was the color of Esme’s dining room table, a rich burnished brown. On this slope, our heads were even and his white teeth flashed against his dark skin. He wore his shoulder length, straight, black hair in a loose pony tail and a few strands had escaped from it, giving him a casual, masculine look. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but he just looked somehow different to me.” - Excerpt from A Matter of Time chapter 4

Duskwatcher writes a Jacob that has matured and has developed the ability to co-exist with the Cullens, to be friendly with them even. He is even on good terms with Rosalie. I don’t think there is any greater sign of his maturity than that.

While Renesmee deals with her burgeoning feelings for Jacob, Leah is off fighting her own battle. Leah has left the reservation due to the Sam and Emily situation, as well as her anger over the fact that her mother choose to move in with Charlie Swan. She moves to San Francisco and soon is recruited by Halcyon, a corporation that works hand in hand with the federal government assisting them in domestic anti-terrorist activities. The terrorists that Halcyon is now targeting are vampires. Leah, and a new pack of Quileute characters, are sent around the world to eradicate covens of vampires.

While Leah and her pack of rogue werewolves work to eradicate all vampires, the vampire ruling coven is in complete disarray. Caius, feeling unsatisfied in the current order, decides to lead a revolt against the Volturi. He has help from several familiar members of the Volturi guard, like Jane and Alec, as well as some new vampires, like the intriguing Mei-An. The revolt has left the Volturi desecrated and are quickly embarking upon their new plans, plans to eliminate all vampires who live an opposing lifestyle. The Cullens are on the top of their list.

If it isn’t clear by now, this story is so much more than just the development of a relationship between Jacob and Renesmee. It is about Leah struggling with right and wrong. It is about Jane seeking unrepentant vengeance on any vampire who dares live a different lifestyle. It is about Bella and Edward struggling to be parents to their rapidly growing daughter. It is about the Cullens trying to adapt to the new challenges that life throws at them.

Duskwatcher is a talented writer who updates frequently and leaves you wanting more with each chapter that she posts. She understands her characters and thinks about their motivations and actions. Her story is not just an entertaining read, it sucks you into this world she has created, continuing on from what Stephenie Meyer did in Breaking Dawn. I might not have any clue as to what Duskwatcher will do next with this story, but I do know that she has woven together an incredibly story that is unlike anything I have read in the Twilight fandom.

*Note: Stats given reflect Twilighted posting
Jmeyer is in addition to be the writer of, Eight Years Later, the brain behingd the child of Project Team Beta. Her dedication to not only bringing together authors and editors, but to also improve the quality of fic and the ficster's life is something to be admired.


  1. Woah, this sounds awesome. I'm excited to check it out, because I love fics that are a great mix of originality and reality, and this sounds like both. Thanks for the rec!

  2. I am a booger! I ACCIDENTALLY hit reject when moderating comments on this one by tiger-milk:

    Have just read what Duskwatcher has published so far on FFN, I'm hooked! possibly in a bad way a la W/A, G/G and If Love Could Light a Candle...
    When i stated reading she only had 22 reviews! a big wtf came out my mouth when i saw that she had 15 chapters to boot!
    (needless to say, i reviewed like a mad woman at the end of each chapter, considering i was hooked, it took a lot of patience to do this and not just keep reading :P)
    Thanks for the rec!

    SORRY Tiger-Milk!

  3. Hooray for Duskwatcher! this is an incredible story. It is so rewaarding to be able to follow her thorugh the writing process. I knew the story would catch on at some point. I, like almost everyone else, have a hard time reading post-BD fics as well. I decided to give this one a try, to support a fellow PTB member, and have fell in love right away! I actually feel like I'm reading the next edition to the Twilight Saga with this one.

    Go and see for yourself...hurry!


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