Wednesday, June 24, 2009

BlogNews: TLYDF Ficery Shirts

All of us here at The Lazy Ficster are very excited to introduce Ficster tees!

With all of the upcoming conventions over the summer, we thought... "Wouldn't it be cool to have something to wear in support of our beloved ficdom?" Well, the obvious answer to that was, "Hales yes, it would." We wanted to get witty, a little frisky, a little vulgar, and a whole shitload fic-obsessed. But the overall point is to propel fandom, show our ficster pride, look a little geeky, and laugh when people ask us, "What does S.P.B. mean?" (<--- I'll be doing this with comical frequency.) These shirts all have fandom-common lingo and sayings, designed specifically for the ficsterians in all of us. Authors, readers, betas... there's a shirt for all! But... umm... AG sucks at wit these days and is TIRED. So if you have anything catchy, pray tell, huh? .

See our customizable affiliate tee!

On the front, add your own text, penname, quote, or... idfk - whatever (Though, I'd strongly suggest that everyone keeps copyright laws in mind), while sporting the logos of the following on the back:

  • The Lazy, Yet Discerning Ficster
  • Perv Pack's Smut Shack
  • The Eddie and the Bellie Awards
  • Project Team Beta
  • Temptation Twilight Podcast
  • The TwiFic Indie Awards

We loves them.

All proceeds go to blog expenses (Domain, hosting, convention fees, equipment, programs, etc.) and The Lazy, Yet Discerning Ficster is grateful for the support and promotion, as always!

Shipping is free until the end of the month, and all orders are going through

Link directly to store by going to Or just use that nifty flash panel thingy down there.

Keep on ficcin,
<3 Smellyia, Emibella, and AngstGoddess003


  1. Holy frick! I would love a PTB shirt... how do you order a customizable affiliate tee?

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  4. This shirt is love. Me wants.

    Can the front say: "_______ward"?

    So I'mma 'posed to put my own front on it then? But what if I am not as much capable with the fanciful graphicness?



  5. okay so im gonna be the asshole and ask what SPB means. does it have to do with sparkly peen? bahahah

  6. I made one that said 'Dirty Uncle WTVOC Knows Best'. I'm gonna wear it everywhere once it arrives. :)

  7. Free shipping *worldwide*. Made my life.

  8. I'm with you Rio. I still consider myself somewhat of a n00b in this (or any) fandom so I don't know either. :-)

    These are superfantastico so I will have to get me one (or 2).

  9. I need all of them! Argh! But my birthday's not for six months and I have no money. I think I might need to get a job just so I can buy these shirts. Although I think I might appeal to my mum saying, "Look, isn't that just me?" (the one about 'just one more chapter, just one more chapter')

  10. I got three! I'm so excited! I'm a bit scared that they won't fit, though. I got them extremely big, so I hope it'll be okay. *crosses fingers*


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