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Guest FicRec: Will The Real Fourth Novel Please Stand Up? by Capricorn 75

Author: Consultant By Day
Story: Morning Star
Rating: M
Genre/Subgenre: Angst/Romance
Chapters: 18, 95,257 words
Published/Updated: 9-9-07/11-18-07
Summary: Spoilers. Post Eclipse. Bella's wish to fully experience her humanity before changing has unexpected consequences for the entire family when she provokes the wrath of the Volturi. Please R&R. All characters, etc. Stephenie Meyer's. NOW COMPLETE!
Story link: At
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Like all good ‘Twilight’ fans, I have read the first three books enough to have to replace a couple of them that have become too dog-eared to stand on their own anymore. I have an almost sick obsession with being able to play six degrees of separation and relate anything I see/hear/do in real life to something in the Twilight universe. And like most fans, I was extremely disappointed in ‘Breaking Dawn’. The fourth book has only gotten one read-through from me, and I have no plans for any more. It’s packed away in storage now. The heartfail I suffered at the hands BD is still fresh in my mind.

Fortunately, I have a story that helped tremendously to heal the pain Stephenie Meyer inflicted. It’s what I like to call ‘The Real Fourth Book’. I am referring to the wonderful ‘Morning Star’ by the incredibly talented Consultant by Day. It’s no joke that I have a copy of this story printed out and placed in a three ring binder at home. I have read it as many times as I have read ‘Twilight’ and it holds a special place in my heart, just like the first three novels. It is my all time favorite fanfiction.

The story starts off, just as the novels do, with a preface that alludes to a later scene.

Excerpt: It had come to this. All our careful plans, scattered like so many leaves on the wind. They were coming for us, and there was nothing we could do.

A fresh wave of pain gripped me, and I felt Edward’s cold arms clutch me tighter.

“Breathe, Bella, love. Breathe.”

Hysteria gripped me – when would it ever stop? My breathing became shallower and, against my will, a moan of pain escaped my lips.

I saw him shoot a worried glance across my body, toward a figure I could no longer see.

“Carlisle, we’ve got to get her out of here before they find us.”

“It’s too late, Edward. We can’t move her now. Once it starts, there’s no stopping it. It would just endanger her if we tried to run.”

“But surely there is time? I can carry her, you know I can!”

“Alice says they are almost here. They outnumber us; we could never outrun them. It’s too dangerous. We’ll have to try to talk our way out of it.”

The searing pain seemed to fade – or was that my consciousness? I was really losing my grip. I clung to Edward’s hand and willed him to look me in the eye.

“You didn’t tell me it would be like this…” I gasped, trying to catch my breath.

“Poor Bella,” he sighed. “I am so sorry I did this to you.” He bent to wipe my brow, adding a kiss for good measure.

“Carlisle?” I squinted at the blurry figure, just outside the range of my vision.

“Yes, Bella?”

“I want you to leave.” I panted. “Now, before the Volturi get here.”

“There is no question of that, Bella. I am here for the duration.” The blur moved, as if to look over his shoulder. “They are almost here.”

“Edward?” The panic in my voice was unmistakable.

“Right here, love.”

“Don’t leave me,” I managed to choke out as another wave of pain rose and spread through my body.

“Not ever,” he promised, holding on tight as I squeezed his stony hand ever tighter.

And then, blissfully, it all faded to black.

All the major plot points are addressed in this story, save one. However, the author told me she is planning a sequel to ‘Morning Star’ (which I will automatically refer to as the fifth book) and I’m sure that element will take place in the sequel. In ‘Morning Star’ we get a Jake resolution that does not involve the wolf imprinting on Bella’s ovaries; a Volturi resolution in which the evil vampire lords do not simply give mean looks and then walk away without a fight; and Alice does not disappear for most of the story. In the most heart-breaking scene of the story, Bella must say goodbye- for good- to her parents.

I started shaking as I watched Charlie leave, willing him to look back one last time. But he simply walked through the doorway and out of my life. Before I even heard the cruiser roar to live, Alice was there with me, holding me against her cold, hard body as I howled into a pillow, clutching at the hollowness that had already begun to grow inside me. At some point Edward took me from her and carried me upstairs to our room. He held me in his arms until my sobbing subsided. Even then I felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach.

(You absolutely must check the author’s profile and read the one-shot offshoot of Ch. 12 of MS, in which the Cullens fake Bella’s death. It is not to be taken lightly.)

Because the author’s writing style is so similar to Stephenie Meyer’s, it’s been very easy for me to accept this as a continuation of the series, and not view it as just another fanfic. And Consultant by Day is not just a one-hit wonder- her other stories are just as well-written and suck-you-in good. Right now she is just on but I have extended an invitation for her to post her stories on Twilighted and join us in the forums. If you are one of the many who suffered heartfail due to the travesty of ‘Breaking Dawn’, go now- run, don’t walk- read ‘Morning Star’, and let the healing process begin.


  1. Thank you sooooo much for a complete story rec!!!!

  2. I don't get it I really don't.Maybe its because I'm such a big fluff fan but WHY are people always complaining that more people didn't die in breaking dawn????????????I get that a big fight would have been cool,but then like half the characters would've died.Whats the fun in that???????I spent a quarter of the book comatose in fear that they all were going to die,so I was jumping for joy when no one died in the end.So I loved the ending,sorry i ranted a little there.

  3. Thanks for this rec. I loved so many things about it. But here is two...1. It was complete ....and 2. It was extremely good. I liked Breaking Dawn (not as much as the other books) but this story would have totally worked as an alternative for me too. I will be rereading it.


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