Thursday, February 5, 2009

Affiliates: The Twilight Gift Exchange

What? Two Announcements...and yes they both deserve their own posts.

It's days like these it's good to be Smellyia...why, might you ask? Because friends like GinnyW come into my box to tell me all about their Slytherin Stealth in their unveiling of....

dun dun dun


Wait, what?


Yeah, we heard you the first time. What the Hale is it?

This is a Gift Exchange of fanfic/fanart presented to us by GinnyW of the Twilight fic, Coming To Terms (as well as EXCELLENT Harry Potter fic -- seriously, her SS/HG ship To Beget An Heir is one of my favs) AND her ficster/beta padnah Shug of the HP fandom. The writing of these two is why I cheat on Twilight for Hermione and Severus...LAUGH NOT. YOU WILL BE TURNED TO THIS PAIRING. IT IS MY DESTINY TO LEAD YOU THERE WITH MY "DEALER" GINNYW.

Oh, and GinnyW also runs a great Twilight LJ Community for fanfic recs. She has some seriously great and addicting fic on there...The Twilight Enablers.

OK. Back on track.

For all you non-LiveJournal (LJ) users...let me enlighten. A gift exchange is simple. Well, I'm going to make it simple...because as all things, it has rules and deadlines, but I'm going to let you cruise over to the site to read about's beautifully organized -- it sends this little blogger into palpitations.

Wait, I was explaining the exchange...sorry tangent. Ok.

The deal is this: You write a prompt for a fanfic/fanart. This round is Bella/Edward naturally the prompt will need to be about them. **Details on how to write a good prompt will be available on the site**. Somebody gets assigned to your prompt and they do a piece of fanart/fanfic JUST FOR YOU. (The piece will be posted on this LJ Community)

On the recieve a prompt assigned by the mods, GinnyW and Shug. You write or do a piece of art for that prompt.

Tit fer tat and all that.

The whole deal is anonymous until the end of posting. There are rules and all that...but I'm a slacker and am just forwarding you to their LJ Community for the deets.

Now why would you want to play? Seriously. This question almost deserves no answer. It's plain as day....

1. YOU GET SOMETHING MADE JUST FOR YOU TAILORED TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS...well kinda. After all, we are tortured artistes and therefore our creativity knows no bounds.

2. COMPLETED FIC/ART BY THE BOATLOADS. Is a feast for the eyes and minds! It will all be posted and not till every last bit of dribble/drabble/drawings is posted will we see who the creators are!

So there...go play. Don't say we never gave you nuffin'

The Twilight Gift Exchange -- just in case you didn't get the first 2 links I put in this announcement.

Oh and Smellyia wishes you a lovely she hopes you'll spend checking in on TLYDF, Music Sundays and The Twilight Gift Exchange.

Yeah, I'm a shameless beggar. Blame my Brown Dad.


  1. LOL.

    Okay, so I am never going to be able to read your posts/fic/comments EVER AGAIN without imagining it in your accent.




    & you know how I was all: 'oh, it's okay that I'm going to be at 1.45am because I have a snow day tomorrow and can sleep in?'

    Well that was scuppered somewhat by my receiving a text at 8.30 IN THE FRIKKING MORNING.


  2. And your comment was SO British in my head just now. BWAHAHAHAHA. Skype is the best thing since whiskey.

    The very very sad thing is that I was just going to bed when you were waking up. Time zones are sick things.


    I hvae been living at the HG/SS Winter Exchange....tell me you're going to come play.


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