Thursday, February 26, 2009

Affiliates: LGBT Fic Fest

I have been asked by the incomparable Minisinoo to please share with you all a Fic Fest being hosted on LJ called LBGT:

LGBT Fest is a fest for fanfic that focuses on the experience of being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. This fest is multi-fandom and open to stories about any characters you want to write as LGBT, whether they're canonically LGBT or not.

Twilight is not heavy with Slash fic, but the genre is growing. Some of the biggest stories out right now fall under Slash. But it's not all about explicit sex. Many of these fics hosted by the LGBT Fest center around integral issues with the LGBT community and relationships.

This is an excellent opportunity for Twilight to go out and mingle with other fandoms-at-large and show that we have something to offer as well. Minisinoo wrote her fic, Beauty, Shining In Company With Celestial Forms, for the Fest last year and it was the ONLY Twilight submission. This year, her prompt is the ONLY Twilight submission so far. Our fandom is HUGE so the lack of representation kind of astounds me.

So in addition to the Twilight Gift Exchange on LJ (that I mentioned in a previous post), please take a moment to check out the LGBT Fest and if you think you've got an interesting story cooking in your mind that would fit the premise, SIGN UP HERE! To read more about the LGBT Fest itself, please visit their SITE.

**A Special Thanks to Minisinoo for bringing this to TLYDF's attention**


  1. Thanks, Smellyia.

    Let me add that right now, the only vampire representation there is Buffy and Angel.

    Come on, my fellow fans. They need some SPARKLE-DAZZLE, doncha think? :-D

    I put up one prompt with Eddie-baby, and one with Leah, but it strikes me that Twilight is a fandom with a lot of potential for femslash, which is usually under-represented.

  2. Slash isn't just explicit sex, it is any romance between two characters of the same sex (but it's almost always males). It usually does involve some lemons, but it doesn't have to.

    And I'd love to find some more popular, well-written stories featuring slash with Twilight characters! Which "biggest stories" were you referencing??

  3. Oh my -- I see my mistake there and I'll edit -- THANK YOU. (I swear my affiliate posts need beta).

    All I Ever Knew by Manyafandom is one of the more notable fics as well as Skin Deep by Isabel0329.

    I personally haven't read either, but I understand both are good. The fic by Minisinoo I posted above is amazing.

  4. I went through the prompts last night, we need some twilight represented. It is indeed very slim pickings for a fandom of this size. I am tweaking my ideas today, there are so many great ideas for thoughtful and intriguing stories in this genre. I was lost in the ideas that were being generated.

  5. I am going through my prompts for Twilight (as wells as a couple other fandoms) today as well and I think this is a GREAT way to expand the fandom and to show off some Twilight chops ;).

    I really can't wait to read these!

  6. Thank you for the heads up.

    There are not that many "Twilight" prompts. But I did find several in the "any fandom, any character" prompts that are extremely interesting. Hopefully there will be a good number of Twilight stories submitted.

    And thanks for mentioning my story!

  7. Many -- I think your fic, The Arrangement, gets mentioned again on Monday for a Reader's Series Blurb.

    I noticed the ANY FANDOM postings, but I fear that if NO TWILIGHT AUTHORS PLAY -- then no one will write Twilight =( -- BOOOOOO. SO PLAY LADIES, PLAY!

  8. I wrote my prompts and am posting them here in the hopes they may entice =)

    Twilight, Edward/Carlisle, Carlisle agrees to a dying mothers wish to have her son stay with him. He is immediately attracted to Edward and fights with his feelings out of fear of Edward accepting that since he is a guardian and (unbeknown to Edward) a vampire, but could Edward feel the same? Can be set in any time period.

    Twilight, Alice/Jessica, Alice sees a premonition that Jessica is in some sort of danger and begins to watch her more closely. The more she digs the more she finds out about an intimate connection between the two of them.

    Twilight, Alice/Bella, while in a holding cell in Italy, Alice confesses to Bella that she had always loved her. The girls discover that their strength together as friends has always been fueled by more.

  9. Thanks for the Skin Deep pimp. Much appreciated. The epilogue should be coming shortly, so look out for that soon, everybody.


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