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Guest FicRec: Double Doozy!

Alright people, this is a day of days! We have not one, but TWO wonderful Canon recs to wet those voracious appetites of yours. In keeping with our theme of the difficulties in Canon discussed earlier this week, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you two amazing stories that are both unique, yet blend seemlessly into SM's world. Happy Reading!

Author: siDEADde
Story: Luniere
Status: WIP
Rating: Teen
Chapters: 18, 54,160 words
Published/Updated: 04/08/08, 12/28/08
Genre/Sub-Genre: AU Canon
Summary: TW/MS Alice's POV. "Where Jasper and I were halves of the same whole, Edward and I were the same half. We understood each other more than the family understood us." TITLE CHANGED FROM: Alice.

Luniere on FF
Luniere on Ramblings & Thoughts
Luniere on Twilighted

Tnuccio's Recommendation:

There are many fics in the Twilight fandom that are worthy. Many genre's available to spark one's interest. The characters we've come to love, hate, swoon for and cry with have left a permanent mark on our beings. We've taken the core element of a story that's touched us all and eliminated boundaries, created new dilemma's, higher peaks and lower crevices for them to conquer. We've taken them out of their elements and brought them into our own realities as we've watched them soar and fall, triumph and fail, we've see them human and out of character, we've see them canon and absolutely crazy! We've opened our minds to the mystical events that can only be achieved in fiction.

Each genre has a fandom that can almost been seen as absolute. Some who will read only canon, or only human, each is just as passionate about the way in which we see our favorite characters. Each creation, regardless of which genre you choose, has limits and rules, quirks and idiosyncrasies. Our beloved's can be rich or poor, famous or not, teenagers or adults, alive or dead. Each writer has obstacles to overcome to their preferred genre, ideas that are too extreme or simply not enough. Each has critics and fans, but none more than the canon fic author.

In the last year plus I have had the privilege of meeting many an author and even more fans than I thought I could wrap my head around. I've read more stories that I ever thought I could, I've been involved in awards sites and I've participated in many communities. I've read people complaints and absolute declarations of love and adoration for authors and stories that have kept us awake at night and hitting the refresh button more times than we thought our keyboard could handle. I've read criticism, complaints and compliments all equally as passionate as the readers who write them. What has never ceased to amaze me is the scrutiny that we all tend to place on the canon author.

A canon author is challenged to take the already established characters and stay true to every aspect. They do not color outside the lines or try to step outside the box. They are taking a piece of work and elaborating, giving more details, more color and depth, the true shades of gray. They are telling us a back-story that we may have craved and desired or taking an already loved character and developing their history or future beyond the confines of the novel. Their confines are rigid and the readers are even more so. Your creativity is limited to what is acceptable in the established basis of the story.

It takes an extraordinarily talented person to make us forget that it's not an original author that is writing and giving us the back-stories we all craved so delectably. I don't know about you but, I truly believed Twilight was a series where Stephenie Meyer could take the same story and write it from several points of view and each book would be just as big if not bigger than the prior.

Why? Because we all wanted to know what was going on in Edward's head when he first saw Bella in that cafeteria. Or what he was thinking as she embraced Jacob and kissed him outside the tent. We wanted to know what he was thinking as he watched the love of his existence die, shamelessly for the one thing she knew would complete him more so than her.

We as people want to see all sides of the truth, we know it's not flat and one dimensional, we crave the entire story.

For the truly talented canon author to bring us the satisfaction we as fans insist upon they must stick to the established elements of the story. They must be sure to elaborate on the events we all saw as important. They absolutely must keep the people we've come to love in character; they cannot stray from the public's perception of who these characters are. If they do, they are chastised and told of their error as if we were the chief and editor of all fandom!

How does one do this effectively and yet still be creative? I, unfortunately, am not that talented and would not dare to assume I know how they do it. But when they do, it's ever so beautiful and makes you wonder why they aren't doing this professionally. They give us the escape back into our dream world where Romeo and Juliet get to live happily ever after and mystical creatures exist, where true love does conquer all.

It is the truly talented writer who can give us our beloved from a different point of view and bring us through an established story from another angle. We can read entire series from Edward's point of view, how he felt as he attempted to take his life. We see the love for his daughter and wife. We see him struggle with the creature he has become and the humanity he clings to with both hands. We hear how Jacob feels as he watches what he believes is the love of his life make what he sees as the biggest mistake of her life. We see characters that didn't have the face time we all wish they did in the book break out and tell us what they are witnessing.

There are many fics that help us sate our craving for more Twilight. Many which deserve recognition and more than I could possibly ever bring your awareness to! My fic recommendation for Canon is Lunière by siDEADde (and for those of you who don't know what that means…it's dead inside, how very clever, wouldn't you agree?)

In Lunière, we see Twilight from the perspective of Alice. We all wondered what the Cullen's were like in the privacy of their home outside the prying eyes of the world. Alice brings us Twilight from behind the veils that shielded the world from the mystical. We see how much she loves her brother, her husband and her family. We see her struggle with loyalty to those she loves and loyalty to a girl she's never even met. We see her fight the urge to grab onto Bella with both hands and the pressure to push her away for their safety. She sees the possibility of ending the misery in which her beloved brother lives in, but such joys do not come without risk and turmoil.

We see the Cullen clan divided between their versions of right and wrong. We see the twisting of fate as Bella enters their world and the beauty of seeing true love from the outside looking in. siDEADde takes us to heights we only dreamed of having as we watch the intimacy between husband and wife and the equally beautiful longing to see your best friend, your brother, achieve such happiness, quite possibly, at the risk of your entire family.

When done correctly, the canon author takes you back into the world we all fell in love with and gives you a fresh new set of eyes to look through. They are critiqued and criticized if something is not perfectly in line with what we expect and they are praised when we feel that same excitement and energy we had when we first read the novel that changed it all for us. We beg for their next chapters and we swoon when we get them. They truly deserve recognition for accomplishing that which not all of us can do, the ultimate escapism back to the world where vampires and werewolves exist and a family of beautiful creatures find their true humanity in a seventeen-year-old girl.

Tnuccio is a long-time loyal reader and friend to many in this fandom. She has recently taken up the title of author and her story, "A Person of Worth," is made up of all kinds of angsty goodness. You can find her sitting next to smellyia drinking a cup of the finest African Rooibos. You can read her work at FF or Twilighted.

Author: Minisinoo
Story: Cowboys & Indians
Status: Completed
Rating: Teen on FF
Chapters: 11, 19,897 words
Published/Completed: (on FF) 7/28/08, 08/01/08
Genre/Sub-Genre: AU Canon
Summary: Lessons on the road in a journey through time. Existentialism, a Texas pow-wow, a '67 Mustang, a bar brawl, Pocahontas, and Jack Kerouac. Sometimes, family is chosen, even if they're not who we expect. Jasper, Leah & Seth, Edward.

The Medicine Wheel
**While Minisinoo is featured on multiple sites, all of her work and LJ postings are available on the above mentioned website.
Minisinoo on FF
Minisinoo on Twilighted

siDEADde's Recommendation:

Canon. How I adore thee. The strict rules and parameters, the research needed to align details and occurrences…perfect for my obsessive-compulsive, controlling mind. Not only do I prefer the wonderfully ordered world of writing canon, I also prefer reading it. I love to see others fill the empty spaces of time with amazing ideas and theories. Some stories are so well written and convincing that I occasionally have a hard time remembering which details are FF and which actually happened in the saga. I have been given quite an honor, writing a rec for master-of-the-craft Minisinoo. I hope I can do her justice.

In my quest for canon gloriousness I stumbled across her story at Ramblings and Thoughts, a fanfic site dedicated to canon writers. Her name was vaguely familiar(I discovered after reading C&I, that I had read a one-shot of hers ages before and had been impressed with its depth and cynical tone) and the summary piqued my interest: Lessons on the road in a journey through time. Existentialism, a Texas pow-wow, a '67 Mustang, a bar brawl, Pocahontas, and Jack Kerouac. Sometimes, family is chosen, even if they're not who we expect. I hadn’t wanted to start reading a new fic, especially since she had only just started posting, and it wasn’t a one-shot. In the end, the lure of Existentialism was too much to resist, and I clicked. I have never been so enthralled with a fanfic nor so rewarded for my curiosity since I‘d started reading in the fandom.

Cowboys & Indians is a fanfiction masterpiece and I speak not in hyperbole. Set after Eclipse, and written before the release of Breaking Dawn, there are slight deviations from BD-established canon. However, a canon reader who wasn’t happy with BD will undoubtedly find this parallel universe far more acceptable. Minisinoo has taken two of Meyer’s most mysterious yet intriguing characters (Alice is screaming at me in my head right now) and has pulled them from their plot-device existence and made them real. Jasper and Leah are an unlikely pair, and their non-romantic relationship emerges from a quest for mutual respect and personal enlightenment. The reader is pulled into their soul-search, and will hopefully find something to reflect on as well.

There is so much beauty and intellectualism in this anecdote. The storytelling is flawless and joyously non-linear which, according to Minisinoo, is common practice in Native American stories. Fans of the films Momento and Pulp Fiction will enjoy the non-sequential chapters. Although, out of what one might call “traditional” order, the chapters flow smoothly into one another so that the abrupt changes feel natural. Chapter titles are thought provoking, and the references to mythology, pop culture, and native culture blend into something that is belittled by the descriptor “fanfic.”

I can hear a little quiet, uneasy mumbling amongst you, faithful Ficsters. “Jasper and Leah?...she did say Jasper and Leah, right?” Yes, yes I did, and I think it’s one of the best unorthodox ships I’ve ever read. Leah is transformed from a bitter, one-dimensional bitch into a young woman who has reacted as best as she could to situations that have spiraled out of her control.

“Sometimes she thinks nineteen is too old to be so cynical, but life hasn't inclined her to believe in fairytales, even if -- technically -- she's a walking, breathing example. ”

Jasper is..well, Jasper. His voice is that of age and experience. He’s not the sullen and tormented emo-teen as he is so often portrayed in fanfic. In C&I he is everything that I had thought he would be: curious, wise, intuitive, a mentor.

<<"Stories bring it home better," Jasper explains. "They reach the gut, not just the head -- touch the capacity of the heart. They make it real because you feel it." This is something he understands all too well, the power of emotion. It's why he struggles for a stoical equilibrium. Ataraxia. "But the stories didn't always go in order. That took me a mite to get used to.">>

Min has done her research to ensure that the characters stay true to their shallow depiction in canon, and making their growth believable from a Twilight-Universe perspective. They are flawed, yet through these imperfections they acculturate and become less “monster” and more human.

It is the aforementioned beauty that makes me hold this story near to my heart. There are lines that steal your breath, make you laugh, and tingle your toes. I’ve read it over and over; I’ve used it as a reference point in my own story; I’m moved by it. I was looking for a quick read to avoid writing, and I found a deep read that left me thinking. I leave you now with the start of the story. I won’t attempt to summarize and take away the power that it holds.

This Story is not a Western

This story is not a Western. Even if it has cowboys and Indians. No, it's a road trip across the plains with a pretty Mustang and nobody wears a black hat -- or a white one. (Jasper's is brown.)

It begins, of course, with a quarrel. It ends at a graveside in Texas. But it's not in order, because that's not always the best way to tell a story. In between, we have existential philosophy, a stray tornado, Achilles and Pocahontas, a pow-wow, a few history lessons and a kidnapped, brooding groom. Oh, and a thrown punch that starts a bar brawl. (Because even if it's not a Western, every good story needs at least one bar brawl.)

That it involves two vampires and two werewolves is somewhat less important.

siDEADde is the author of the amazing Alice version of Twilight and Midnight Sun, Luniere. Her Canon skills are only slightly overshadowed by her scary beta skills. She is a boon to whomever she enters such a relationship with and before any of you start to PM her...know that Avalonia and Smellyia have first dibs on this hermit. They will pee on her for territorial purposes only if need be. You can find her work on FF, Twilighted and Ramblings & Thoughts.

Smellyia's Addendum: Okay, so siDEADde and I hashed out who was going to do this rec. We both have such great respect for this amazing award winning meta-fandom author that I had to concede, because I knew siDEADde would just do a better job. Her vernacular is better than mine.

That being said, I wanted to take a moment to highlight the expanse of Minisinoo's talent beyond the Twilight fandom. Her work in the Harry Potter and X-Men fandoms is beyond phenomenal. In particular, her Cedric focused stories Aorist Subjunctive and Finding Himself are personal all-time favorites of mine. (Everyone who knows me, knows I cheat on Twilight with HP these and I dare you to cast aspersions on me...I DARE YOU).

Her ability to weave tales that blend into original pieces is something I aspire to. She has an ability to create astounding pieces of work for our enjoyment that was built upon her personal heritage and years of experience. So while this is a Twilight focused fanfiction blog, I am claiming Founder's Prerogative and linking you to the two essential HP fics that have made me a believer.

Disclaimer: These are my personal favorites by Minisinoo. All of her work available on her site is of the utmost quality in my opinion...I'm just highlighting my favorites!

Finding Himself, a novel by Minisinoo
Summary: Summary: 'The boy who almost died' has to figure out what it means that he didn't. Harry's tumultuous fifth year at Hogwarts is Cedric's seventh and final. Bound together by a shared trauma survived, both boys fall under Ministry suspicion and fire, and both undergo a 'deconstruction' of sorts in the face of that crisis. Who is Cedric Diggory? He must find himself amid rumors of war, the awkwardness of falling in love, and a crippling personal tragedy. (parallel canon) COMPLETE.
This is a Hermione/Cedric Pairing
**The sequel, Dulce et Decorum est, is WIP.

Aorist Subjunctive, a novella by Minisinoo
Summary: Harry used a Time-turner to change his past. Cedric lived. Other key figures didn't. How can Harry and the Order fight Voldemort now?
This is a Harry/Cedric Slash Pairing.
**The followup to AS, Semper Fidelis, is expected late summer 2009.

In addition to these pieces, I would like to highlight these shorts as well worth any fan's time:
Yellow Plastic and I Hope You Dance from the Finding Himself Universe.
A Dance In December from the Harry/Cedric pairing.


  1. Aw, T.
    That was beautiful, I am honored by your wordcraft.
    Lunière is what it is because it has an amazing beta.

    Thank you so much!

  2. I dared to dream it and then it came true...I am SO happy to see the beauteous Luniere featured here. It is such a grand companion to Twilight and a grand, layered depiction of Alice.

    And to have Minisinoo featured as well...a fantastic tag team of fics that very much complement each other. Thanks siDEADde and Tnuccio for such great additions to anyone's reading list.

  3. WoOt! It was good to see Minisinoo's stuff recced here -- including the HP stuff, which is how I became a fan of hers in the first place.

  4. Yes, Minisinoo has been a real eye opener for me in the world of fanfiction. She has raised the bar for my personal tastes in the material I indulge in and really, she does not get the love she deserves. Every person I have recc'd minisinoo out to (and it's been many...I have rec email I send to whomever asks me that is based off of her work alone!) has come back with nothing but accolades for the woman. I'm just glad she has taken her time to provide us with such wonderful material to expand our minds.

  5. i must say, i was validating for the eddies awards, and it hurt. it hurt superbad that i couldn't pass minisinoo's "amputated at the neck" on through the short stories category (she published it in the spring of last year, too early for consideration).

    it wasn't very long, either. simple and amazing.

    i find it wonderful that such a short little "character study" (which i told her was how i categorized, no offense meant. she told me it was nicer than anything she would've called it... heh) could make me think long and hard about fic writing, and i actually sort of re-evaluated the crap i had been writing.

    minisinoo is amazing and yeah, i'll go ahead and say it- she is WAY too good for twilight fanfiction.

    i hope you all understand what i mean when i say that. i ain't dissin' twi fic a-tall. please understand that.

    just.... go read a"mputated at the neck". you can access it at her medicine wheel (link above). it's quite short, and is a great little intro into the world of minisinoo.

    and girl, if you're reading... yo. sorry i stalk you. i reconcile myself with the fact that i know i'm not the only one. i just hope i'm the only one who stalks you quietly while crunching mallomars.

  6. Holy shit, I just typed up a long response and wow, Blogger ATE it. I hate technology sometimes.

    Anyway, I got back from watching the Super Bowl at a friend's house, checked my site stats and found this. Very nice surprise! I knew it was coming in general, but y'all were very kind, both of you, especially to comment on the HP stories too. It was also lovely to get to share with siDEADde, not just be recced by her. :-) As a lover of Alice and Jasper, I've been reading Luniere a while and have mentioned it several times to folks interested in Alice or other views of the events in Twilight.

    On "Amputated at the Neck," that is true, I wouldn't call it a story but an extended internal monologue. Definitely wouldn't be bought by most magazines. Ha. "Where's the plot?" More seriously, it was kind to have it nominated at all; I think that's the first time in Twilight, but as it's far from what I'd call the best story I've done for the fandom, I'm not heartbroken it was disqualified. :-D

    Btw, what the hell IS a mallomar? *laughing*

    At present, I have RL edits eating all my time and I'm not even writing on the two monster HP novels I've got going, but if I ever do write for Twilight again, it would probably be a (semi-humorous) crossover ... unless I can lure some poor soul into writing it so I don't have to. But I'd LOVE to see Professor X (or Emma Frost) teach Edward Cullen telepathic manners. ;> (Either would give their own brand of amusement to the encounter. For those familiar with X-Men, can you imagine what the White Queen would do -- mentally -- with prudish Edward? Ha.)

  7. Awesome recs. I hold both fics in the highest regards and am so elated to finally see them getting some much deserved attention from the fandom. siDEADde and Luniere is by far the best Alice fic I have ever had the pleasure of reading. She is so spot on with her Alice and gives her such an awesome voice. Bravo!

    And Cowboys & Indians, well... shit. It made me cry. Okay, that's a lie. It made me sob. Fucking sob. It ruined my flow for days and I kept wandering back to the end scene, and the bittersweet... GAH! Minisinoo owns me.

    Anywhosies, great recs! And I enjoyed reading your views on them and the time you spent really conveying your appreciation for the fic showed. If I could rec a rec, this would be it. But that's a little redundant and insane, so... I will, but I'll feel a little crazy for it.

    Back to the hidey hole!

    Thanks guys!

  8. silly rabbit. mallomars are:

    graham cookie
    dollop of marshmallow
    covered in chocolate
    cookie goodness.

  9. I've been wanting to read 'Cowboys and Indians' for ages, but there's always been something pulling me back from clicking on the link. No more of that, I swear. I'm clicking this time.

    Smellyia, of course you pimped out the rest of Minisinoo's work.

    And OH MY GOD, Aorist Subjunctive! I love, LOVE that series. Harry and Cedric are canon for me because of it. (Ginny who?) As are Sirius and Remus. Canon, baby.


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