Thursday, February 5, 2009

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Oh Sweet Jehosephat!

My tea-lovin' homeslice has set forth just the thing for a ficster's inner musician for this Valentine's day.......

Emibella...The goddess of my musical soul and our benevolent provider of Music Sundays is hosting an EPIC Valentine's and needs your help. The deets are below and please, pop on over to Music Sundays to share the love...because this chick, is my love.

Music Sundays is planning a special event for Valentine's day and needs YOUR help. As lover's of the romantic and of writing and hopefully of music, I am asking you ALL for your favorite romantic song. It could be something that has touched you personally, something that reminds you of your favorite fictional couple or just a song that touches your heart.

Next friday, February 13, I will post the compiled list as

"The Great Valentine's Day Mixtape"

An epic post of the most romantic songs as chosen by the ficster community. So many of you write such beautiful things, I know that you are up for this challenge!

Please reply via the email provided on emibella's profile by next Wednesday (2/11/09)with the following:

~The name of the song and the artist.
~A short statement on WHY this is THE MOST ROMANTIC SONG EVER. A good length to use as a guide is this Celebrity Playlist.
~How you would like it signed (penname or real name or the like)

**you can read the whole announcement on Music Sundays.

I'm frantically stock piling songs to search in my bout you?

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