Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Affiliates: Temptation Podcast


Episode 7 is up and I got to listen in while they were recording. Skype has never heard so many giggles.

They also have a new graphic template for their blog provided by our very own AngstGoddess003...FANTASTICAL I TELL YOU.

Go listen...they deconstruct Cullens and Caitlin has a Music rec she pimps on emibella's Music Sundays...the Canadians come to play!

Go now. To both blogs por favor.

Temptation Podcast

Music Sundays

Also...emibella is still putting together her mixed tape for Valentine's Day...get your submission in while you can!!!!

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  1. Man, I love that you guys are always getting this fun new, amazing graphics. I wish one of the four of us was graphically inclined. ...I totally promised myself I would stop bugging for graphics. sigh...beautiful...


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