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Reader's Series: Dazzledeyes22

I found Twilight fan fiction quite by accident. I heard a Harry Potter podcast that recommended the book, “Twilight.” After I completed reading the series, I searched the Internet for more ways to connect with others that loved the series. Around that time, the same podcast that introduced me to the series started a Twilight podcast and a website with a forum, which I joined. I credit that forum with introducing me to the fan fiction site and the world of fan fiction. A little later, I joined an online Twilight chat group that introduced me to…and so the addiction started.

What I like about fan fiction is that I don’t have to let go of the characters that I adore. I can read Vampire or Human stories that deal with the themes of drama, family, adventure, and romance featured in the books. I fell in love with “Twilight” because of Edward and Bella’s romance and how the Cullens were a coven of vampires bonded by love thanks to their non-human diet. I mostly read Edward and Bella romantic stories and do not like to see either of them paired with any of the other “Twilight” characters, especially not Cullen family members.

I am getting annoyed lately with Edward/Bella romantic stories that have one of them talk about how much they love the other for several chapters, but don’t believe they have the same feelings so they have sex with someone else. It devalues the romance in the story and ruins my rooting value for the lovers when they finally get together later in the story. I just wish that authors would classify those stories under one character’s name instead. It also annoys me when the author falls in love with the other pairing in the triangle and their romance takes over the story. This creates an imbalance that relegates the main couple’s reunion to the last few chapters and a quick epilogue.

What keeps me reading is the love of a great story. I applaud originality and creativity in the fandom, since most fan fiction stories use the same template. One of the most original stories that I have read lately is “The Vampire and the Basement” by michellephants. I have been hooked on this story from chapter one. Her pacing and character development makes it easy for me to absorb myself into the mystery and romance of this adventure. I eagerly wait to unravel the next piece of the puzzle surrounding Edward’s past. I also love stories that transcend a template, whether it is the one night stand story of “Coming to Terms” by GinnyW, the re-imagining of “Twilight” in angelicwish / Megsly’s “Through Your Eyes” or vampire Edward comes back years later as a human as featured in “Eight Years Later” by jmeyer. All of those authors took those basic formats and created very compelling lovely stories that I cherish among the first multi-chapter fan fictions that I read and plan to revisit in the future.

In the last seven months, I have read a lot of stories and understand the importance of feedback that writers need from readers. I usually try to review every chapter of a story. I really enjoy giving feedback to the writer about how I felt about the chapter, what really worked effectively and sometimes where the story has gone astray. It reminds me of the criticism papers that I wrote in college. I am always surprised when I get writer feedback. I don’t understand when writers freak out or delete negative reviews. It is one opinion. If you don’t like it, just ignore it. If there is any truth in the statement or you are getting a consensus of the same reviews, you decide whether or not it should impact your story, but please stop berating or putting up the negative review on a forum or in an authors’ note for your fans to tear apart. It is just wrong. Putting your story on a public website where you ask for reviews means that you might get positive as well as negative reviews.

Through regular reviewing and participating in forums, I have had the pleasure of conversing with writers from all over the world. I feel honored that they have shared their stories about life, love, and sometimes even their real life trauma with us all. As a reader, I make an effort everyday to respect their journey and thank them for their contribution to the fandom.

Author's Blurb by Kambria Rain

Before I posted my first story, I hardly ever reviewed. I honestly did not think it was a big deal. However, as soon as the first one came to my inbox, I saw the light. I was ridiculously happy because one person took the time to tell me they enjoyed my story. Of course, then I felt like a hypocrite for not doing the same for others.

Now, I appreciate every review, from the frustrated rants to the heart-felt and slightly creepy proposals. There are several readers that I could just kiss if I had the chance. Dazzled eyes22 is one of these lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it) readers. Even though Bella Swan: Kidnapper was more than halfway written, she took the time to review each chapter, explaining what she liked and why. We all know how difficult it can be to stop in the middle of a story and review, instead of clicking that little button to take us to the next chapter. Her reviews were always nice, focusing on the positive rather than the negative.

As cheesy as this may sound, she made me want to be a better reader. I still cringe when I think about a couple of negative reviews I’ve left in the past. Thanks to her, I’ve turned over a new leaf, I’ve learned to appreciate my fellow fanfiction writers and leave them the thanks that they deserve for providing me with all these crazy stories.

If I had a hat, I would tip it to you, dazzled eyes22. Thanks for reading my story.


  1. I am also one of the fortunate authors that has DazzledEyes22 following my story. I can't tell you how much I look forward to receiving one of her well thought out reviews. She offers positive criticism and is more than willing to chat it out with you. I appreciate that kind of dedication from a reader. I too have made mistakes in the past and left negative reviews. I will no longer do that but hope to word my reviews in the loving constructive way that DazzledEyes22 does!

    Thanks DazzledEyes for following my story "Two Stepping". You are just as important to me as my characters!! Love Ya!!

  2. Hi I was wondering if you know where else I can read "Eight Years Later"? It seems like a good story :) Because when I go to it says it has been validated????

  3. This is such a true sentiment. I NEVER reviewed stories prior to writing my own. I am fully ashamed of that fact because I now understand the thrill of hearing someone's thoughts on what I've created, really seeing how my story is affecting the audience I'm trying so desperately to reach. Ever since, I've reviewed almost every chapter I read, possibly to the point of annoying, but I enjoy letting the author know that I'm lovin' their fic nonetheless.

    Great article, thanks for writing it! (See!? I just can't stop.)

  4. Oh, thank you very much for reading and enjoying Eight Years Later. While I love all of the reviews I receive, there are certain reviews (and reviewers) who stand out. You are one of them.

    Your review for the epilogue of EYL brought a huge smile to my face and really encouraged me, as a writer, to want to continue telling stories. Thank you!

  5. Thanks everyone for your nice words. I am honored to have read your stories and glad that my reviews have impacted you in some small way. I look forward to reading your future stories.


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