Tuesday, August 4, 2009

AdminRec: Emibella

Ghosts were not real.

I was dreaming, I had to be.

Because the alternative was completely and utterly inconceivable.

I would be sent back to the psychiatric hospital immediately.

But when I pinched myself, I didn’t wake up.

And so that left me with only one explanation.

Edward Anthony Mason had not died five years ago.

Blood was in my eyes, a body lay nearby. But I did not notice.

Edward was alive.


Every once in a while, a story comes along that makes you think it could be one of "those". The one that can be good enough to stand on it's own. The one you would pick up in a bookstore and be completely enthralled with it's plot on page one. The one that would make a great movie.

I have been reading a lot of fic lately. Summer vacation for me lends itself well to sitting outside with my ipod and reading. But, in general, trends have taken shape. Certain fics have taken off to getting massive amounts of reviews so other fics following the same formulas have followed. What which was once unique has turned into the norm and what was once the norm is now considered vanilla. Trends in fic are like trends anywhere else.

It is refreshing to read new things in fanfiction. Often times we are so used to the crowd-pleasers that little genres that we enjoy outside of the fandom become lost in the shuffle to the big girls. When we here at tlydf started this blog, it was our goal to find these gems and hopefully get other writers interested in the genre as well.

On a typical Wednesday, Gondolier or I would write about style. But I think that this recommendation fits as well into that subject as me rambling about the nature of genre itself. It wasn't too long ago that I recommended Hydraulic Level 5 for much the same reason. For it's uniqueness and it's sharp character portrayals. For it's layers.

By the middle of summer, I had discovered a very talented crop of new writing coming up through the grapevine. Stories that showcased some very new and different themes that made me love reading fanfiction again.

When I saw a tweet by Michellephants that said she was reading and that Détruit it was very different, I couldn't imagine how different she actually meant.

This Edward and Bella were high school sweethearts, but after a terrible accident claimed Edward's life after they had only been dating a short while, things for Bella were never the same. To her, it was so much more than not being able to get over her boyfriend, it was this feeling that nothing that happened between the two of them made any sense. It was as though he was a mystery that she never had the chance to unlock.

This mystery unfolds like a beautiful puzzle. You get a glimpse of the truth in the beginning and yet nothing makes any sense. You feel for Bella and, as Edward's story unfolds, you feel for him as well.

But what makes this story even more unique is not just the mystery itself, but the amount of action it takes on.

Action is not easy to write. Like writing sex, it is often times hard to keep track of where a persons body parts are and how much damage they have suffered. Détruit pulls this off with precision. The inner turmoil of it's characters playing off of the violence in a way that is almost claustrophobic.

The writing is tight, the characters are interesting and multi-dimensional and you are truly left guessing exactly what is going on throughout. It is as if when one door is opened, a whole new group of questions is unlocked for you to try to figure out.

With ten chapters in and a mind bending prologue, Détruit is fast paced and glues you to your laptop. Out of all of the new fics that I have been reading lately, this truly is one of my favorites.


  1. I found this story awhile ago because of Somah other fic that I liked. I have recc'd this at the Enablers and the Lion & Lamb LJ communitites and I am very happy that TLYDF has given it notice because this story deserves to be noticed for its originality.

    I was huge Alias fan and this fic brings me back to the world of Sydney Bristow and Agent Vaughn in a way.

  2. Running to read it. The recommended stories in this blog are like rule to me now. :P

  3. I am reading this now and it is fantastic.

  4. Ahh I love this story.

    Awesome rec, hon.. :) *grin*

  5. This is an incredible story. I checked it out after reading this rec and was VERY happy I did.

    Bravo to the author and thank you for the rec.


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