Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mischief Making Kittens Like Pearl Necklaces... and Jasper

Investigator at Large: kittenmischief: aka fiberkitty and mischief-maker1

Diver Alias: Naughty kitten twins

Mission: To find a Jasper story with some depth to his character
Parameter: Characters: Jasper/Maria Rating: All

The Pearl: A Second Chance at Living by Sango luvz Miroku

Summary: Was this to be my life? An eternity at her side? As her child, her lover, her companion, her minion? No.. There has to be a better way to spend an endless life. I have to be able to offer something good to the world. Jasper/Maria eventually Jasper/Alice.
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Horror/Angst - Chapters: 11 - Words: 18,600 - Reviews: 30 - Updated: 5-29-09 - Published: 3-19-09 - Jasper & Maria

Why I read this:
mm1: My first thought about this fic was excitement. I've not read a Jasper/Maria story and was quite intrigued by the concept. I had thought it would be gritty, dirty, full of sex and hate and violence...and, it isn't. Not that it isn't worth the time, the story is quite good. You can feel the desperation of Jasper growing with each chapter. It WAS full of excitement, and I was quite eager to go on to the next chapter to see what happened next. I think that the writer would benefit from a beta, being that there were some serious grammatical and punctuation issues, but overall, I would recommend this fic. I DO wish, that, given this is an "M" rated fic, the writer wouldn't fade to black so much. As I said, I would love to see dirty, nasty, hate-filled sex with the whole dynamic that is Maria/Jasper, but alas...

fk: Unlike my mischievous partner in crime, I really enjoyed this story without the smut. There aren't a lot of non-flashback oriented details on Jasper's pre-Alice existence and as a Jasper-lover, this story really delivered. Yes, there are a few wrong word choices here and there- shutter vs shudder, taunt vs taut, but overall it was a great easy to read story with considerable depth. You can feel Jasper falling under Maria's spell. From his first massacre to the soul-wrenching revelation of the last chapter, the author's portrayal of Jasper's growing empathic powers will tug at your heart. The characters are well-rounded and if you didn't already hate Maria from the canon books - you will now.

Mission: Find the promise of smut to clear our minds of the bloodshed in our prior dive.
Parameter: Characters: Jasper/Bella Rating: M

The Pearl: Trouble in Paradise by wickedwriterchick

Summary: Bella Swan is tired of being hurt by men. Ready for a change, moves to the tiny town of Paradise Texas where she meets bad boy, Jasper Whitlock. Is there more to Jasper than meets the eye or is she in for Trouble in Paradise? Lemons AH/AU/OOC
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 9,653 - Reviews: 36 - Updated: 8-11-09 - Published: 8-5-09 - Bella & Jasper

Why I read this:
mm1: This one is terrific! I'm very excited to see this continue. I love the concept of Jasper being the prodigal son coming back and ending up as Bella Swan's handyman extraordinaire. I think this will be a rootin' tootin' fun-filled good time. This one is for the TRUE Bella/Jasper shippers and I think this diamond in the rough should be polished and shown for all the world to see!

fk: Wow, fiberkitty picked J/B as her criteria. Are you all shocked?
First things first- a city named Paradise, would certainly have Jasper in it. The story comes across very conversational. It is not the traditional Bella story narrative- but her tone seems much more natural. One line sums up why you should read this: “Cat got your tongue, sugar plum? I said it looks like you could use some help over there.” Jasper saying "sugar plum" makes me shiver- in a good way. I can't wait to see this story get the love it deserves.

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  1. For some reason I'm on a Jasper fic phase. I'm definitely ganna look into these pearls. Want more? Check out l'heure blue's When She Smiles it's sweet and haunting and filled with heart-wrenching moments. =D


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