Saturday, July 4, 2009

Results of's "Fic's Best Kiss" Poll

Results of's "Fic's Best Kiss" Poll.

The votes were cast, the ballots are in, and they've been dutifully tallied by yours truly. We got a whopping 1,795 votes, which... pretty much stuns the ever-loving shit out of me, because I expected like 300 at most. Sooo... without further ado, because you don't really care about the numbers... here is our top 5!

First Place

The Office
by tby789

Second Place

The Submissive/The Dominant
by tarasueme

Third Place

Tropic of Virgo

Fourth Place

Coming To Terms
by GinnyW

Fifth Place

Behind Enemy Lines
by AdorableCullens

Thank so much to everyone who participated and contributed! Congratulations to everyone who wrote amazing kisses, slobbery plunges, feathery caresses, and erections pressing into stomachs and thighs.


  1. AngstyG is master banner maker and congrats to the lipsmacker winners!

  2. I agree. The banners are beautiful and I’ve already emblazoned my siggy with it. This smile will not leave my face all weekend. Huge thanks to everyone who voted and to Sam for putting it all together.

  3. Yeah loved the banners! Sam is really great with those... Christina Congrats! I need to read the other fics!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Congrats ladies...I love all of these stories!

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