Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Comic-Con Fan Fiction Panel

The Comic Con fanfiction panel
that featured our fantastic
Co-Administrator Angstgoddess003
as well as tlydf contributors Angel,
Bethaboo, Manyafandom, Psymom,
Ninapolitan and Americnxidiot,
took place yesterday in San Diego.
You can read about their journey
to get there here.
Cullenboysanon put the video up
on youtube so we are able to share
with you the panel in it's entirety.
Great job ladies!


  1. Emibella, I could kiss you!!! Thank you so much for posting these clips. You rock - what a great panel - so glad I get to "take part" at least in the virtual audience!

  2. What a great panel, indeed. I loved it all!
    Good job, ladies!!

  3. Thanks so much for posting this and to everybody that participated in it! I really liked being able to listen to everybody's responses. It was interesting to hear their points of view on things.

  4. This is so awesome. We get to meet the writers. YEEEY!!! I'm clapping like a happy seal right now!

  5. thanks for these videos. i was looking forward to this panel more than the new moon panel. so glad there was video- i squeed and squeed.

  6. You ladies truly rock. I appreciate the talent and passion you put into your choosen art form. Thank you for sharing with us.

  7. It looks like the room was pretty full. Maybe next year, bigger room? More on the panel?

  8. Thanks to Cullenboysanon for the video! It was wonderful to be able to see/hear the panel. The writers did an awesome job and it was interesting to hear all of the great questions asked and the responses. Great job ladies!

  9. wow, what fun to watch and see! I loved it! Thanks for posting it for us less fortunate who wouldn't go to comic-con!

  10. I hadn't given ComicCon a second thought until I read about this panel. I tried to make it happen for me, but there was just no way. So THANK YOU So much for posting these videos!
    It was great to put faces to the stories that I read. And to participate in some fashion by watching them all.

    I also want to note that the person who commented on assault being okay since it was rob, was NOT a panelist. It was someone in the audience. Don't you just love how the press hears such a tiny tidbit and generalizes it to the entire fandom?

    Anyway, thanks to all the authors participating for sharing so much of themselves, and their writing with us all!

  11. Hello,
    Well, firstly, a hu-fecking-mongus thank you Emibella for putting these clips up, and secondly for those fine fine fab ladies for being on the pannel. It was oth hilarious and facisnating to watch, and great to put faces to the famous names. :)
    I wish I could have been there, but a plane ticket from the North of England to San Diago on student photography salary... I cant see it happening :( bad times.
    All my love,


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