Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Music Sundays Summer Music Playlist Swap

Music Sundays, our inappropriately named sister blog commanded by style guru Emibella and your favorite dirty uncle wtvoc, has started a new series written by Twific lovers for Twific Lovers:

The Music Sundays Summer Music Playlist Swap is a collaborative effort to get YOU, the reader, to listen to quality music picked by people you know.

At the beginning of summer, several people were asked if they wanted to participate. The catch was that you had to be willing to put your playlist up to the anonymous scrutiny of one of your peers. That's right, anonymous.

Each week, they will feature a set of playlists based on a certain theme. Every Sunday (or Monday. See? Inappropriate blog name) a new playlist will go up with a reveal on Wednesday. As an example, wtvoc and emibella did Songs that Remind You of Summer and this week they are featuring:

Songs the Ooze Sex Appeal
with The Neon Excuse and The Beige Bandit.

Later today, the website will unmask these sexy ladies but you still have time to add your favorite song to the comments.

Go check it out, listen to some sexy tunes and have a great Wednesday with Music Sundays!

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  1. What an excellent idea! Several authors post their playlists with their story chapters and I've discovered soooo much good music in addition to discovering soooo many talented writers. Win/win!


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