Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Affiliates: Final Day to Vote for Indies!

Why are The Indies so fucking cool?

1. Because we can show love to people who haven't won awards yet, but totally deserve it.
2. Because it highlight stories that we possibly haven't read, but really should.
3. Because it has a pretty website.
4. Because the coding is GOOD.
5. Because it has these little rollover thingies.
6. Because it is good for the fandom to see new things.
7. Because Pastiche will read this and beta me by saying "'Things' is too vague!"
8. Because the staff over there worked their asses off.
9. Because the authors who made it to the final round worked THEIR asses off.
10. Because there's no better way to say "Thanks for sharing your story" than to vote for it.

Please vote for Indies! Voting closes today! There is no email verification or any run-around. Just a one-page click-through. Simple. Quick. Easy. Fun.

Click link below for voting page!


  1. There are also some pretty crappy ones on there, which makes me feel really insecure that mine didn't make it to the final list. At least I know I can form a proper sentence with the correct punctuation, unlike some others...

  2. Seeing my fic make it to the final round has probably been one of the coolest things I've experienced in the fandom so far.

    Thanks for all the hard work that went into putting this together, it is working! My hits have increased dramatically ever since round 2 voting opened.

  3. ISC - I've seen your fic mentioned all over the place since the noms. Have both my fingers crossed for you!

    Your fic seriously rocks :)

  4. "Because Pastiche will read this and beta me by saying "'Things' is too vague!""

    So, I just read that.

    And, yes, "Things" IS vague. Only in dialog.

    We've discussed this.


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