Wednesday, July 1, 2009



Yes, the day is upon us and THE TWILIGHT GIFT EXCHANGE has been unveiled TODAY!

You’re like what? And I’m like you don’t remember?

Well, darlin’s let me refresh…..

The Twilight Gift Exchange is exactly what it sounds like – a gift exchange of Fic and Art for all those who participated and now us folk who contributed pieces get the pleasure of watching our gifts be given and receive our own! It’s like Christmas in July.

The best part?

You all get to watch too – or read and view. There are almost thirty COMPLETED fics and multiple pieces of art/banners that will be posted. Each day, one to two pieces will be posted until everything is up…..why do you care? BECAUSE IT IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AND YOU CAN READ!!!!!!!!

But if you do decide to read and enjoy what so many people gave their time and efforts to provide – there is a rule of sorts… well, not a rule but a very STRONG request – Review.

This community is ALL about reading COMPLETED work and viewing COMPLETED art. It is about positivity and bringing the community together, so no matter if the fic or art is to your taste or not – it takes virtually NO EFFORT to say THANK YOU. That’s right, we’d like you to exercise those manner muscles your mammies taught you and REVIEW. REMEMBER – YOU ARE GETTING FREE, COMPLETED FICS… THIS IS LIKE THE GOLDEN FLEECE OF FANDOMS – DON’T BE ALL LAZY-LIKE AND READ AND MOVE ON… REVIEW – I’M SURE THE PARTICIPANTS WOULD LIKE INCENTIVE TO DO THIS AGAIN FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE! FYI – early reports from the mods is that there is some seriously good ficcing up in this exchange ;).

Also, the Exchange is ANONYMOUS. You will see who the fic/art is given to, but NOT who it was created by – I love that part. Makes it all so mysterious right – maybe from one of your FAVORITE AUTHORS!?

So go on, read something new, completed and fun. Review and make some stranger smile. BE NICE (This is a NON-FLAME ZONE)! Each week on TLYDF we will be posting a recap of all the weekly posts. So don’t be scared you’ll miss anything.

Now go READ and don't forget to REVIEW!

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