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Reader's Series: Tuesday Jane

Who am I? Well, without spilling too many of the proverbial beans on the Internet, of course… I grew up in Alaska commercial fishing for salmon with my Dad, moose hunting with my Mom, and laughing until my sides hurt with my sisters. I married a Canadian math genius that I met in New Zealand when I lived 45 minutes outside of Hobbiton. I’m an accountant, but I’m not boring. My real name isn’t Tuesday or Jane but I secretly love it when people are named after days of the week. Oh, and I love fan fiction.

I’ve been reading Twilight fan fiction for roughly 6 months. I stumbled upon a truly unique story called The Secret Prophecies and haven’t looked back since. I started reviewing right then and there because I couldn’t contain myself. I needed to let authors know I was out there reading and loving every minute of it! It was only a matter of time before I was cruising people’s favorite lists and crossing paths with the fanfic mega favorites. Next thing I know I’m finding lesser-known gems like Star Mile, Burning the Edges and Disaffected. I was far more than pleasantly surprised by the caliber of writing available at my fingertips; I was shocked and elated! Then, with the discovery of TLYDF, I found an inside track on great fics as discovered by avid readers and devoted writers.

The world of Twilight fan fiction has captured me for a several reasons. One, I love that people are writing because they want to, not because they are trying to make a living. True, sometimes readers can get demanding, but for the most part authors are writing (hopefully!) for the pure joy of creating something to share with the world. I’m so into that. It inspires me. I also love that I get to provide feedback directly to authors. In the fanficdom, I'm not just a reader; I'm active participant in an awesome, creative process. I don’t know of any other situation in which a large number of people get to interact with an artist as they create. This aspect of the fanficdom is almost entirely unique. As a mostly not-so-creative type, it’s something I feel incredibly privileged to be a part of. Lastly, I love the fan fiction community.

Most of what I have come to adore about the fanfic community has come as a result of a crazy long review I once left on a Hydraulic Level 5 (HL5) chapter. I wrote the review after an in-depth re-read of all chapters that had been written to date. (Mostly, I did it to figure out what the heck was going on!) The amazing feedback I received from Gondolier made me feel sincerely valued as a reader and just plain special as a person. After that review, I started getting PMs from other readers interested in discussing the story. Next thing I know I’m over at the HL5 forum on speculating and theorizing with the best of them. In short, I found amazing people who love to discuss the minutia of HL5 just as much as I do. I’m there almost every day with a fab group of ladies asking questions and mining past chapters for clues as we try to scrape the next layer off of the HL5 onion. It’s a totally kickin’ time.

Something about fan fiction that caught me completely off-guard was the realization that I might very well enjoy it even more than I enjoyed the books. I love that fan fiction addresses facets of the characters not explored in the original series. I love that it provides an opportunity to see what would happen if the story had gone a completely different direction. It really is the ultimate Choose Your Own Adventure environment.

I am drawn to stories that are unique and bring something special or new to the fanfic table. I prefer all human stories, but there are a few vampire stories that are also very worthy of time. Regardless of genre or plot, I tend to get caught in the tractor beam of stories that are creative, funny and thoughtful.

I am grateful to writers for putting a part of themselves out there in story. Without you, we wouldn’t have this wonderful community of people sharing freely. And being a small part of this community is a privilege that I enjoy thoroughly. Thank you.

Author's Blurb by Gondolier

I am not new to fanfiction writing, but I am still relatively new to Twilight fanfiction. Hydraulic Level 5 isn’t exactly easy to follow (you know, the old “peeling back the onion layers” analogy I’ve used to death.) It’s also a mystery; it takes a savvy reader to Sherlock that thing, and I had no idea if readers would have the patience and interest to take all of the little puzzle pieces and work with them.

Then I started receiving reviews from Tuesday Jane. Not just reviews….book analyses. She picked up on a lot of those subtle little puzzle pieces, she reread them, shuffled them around, and pieced them together until they started to form a picture—despite having missing pieces. She also blew me away with how accurate her character scrutiny was (and still is). Tuesday Jane even noticed the strains of allegory in “Edward’s books”, which made me fangirl to no end. In fact, I hang on to her reviews when I need excellent summaries of my chapters for future reference because, by and large, she gets Hydraulic Level 5.

Something else that I greatly appreciate is that Tuesday Jane and her theorizing gal-pal, Traceypacey, will discuss chapters and then take their theories to the Twilighted thread to share with others. They, along with the rest of Team WTFisgoingon, are hugely responsible for giving HL5 readers a place to hash out their ideas while having some fun and intelligent discussion. And the entire team is always gracious and polite—no matter what outlandish ideas pop up, they keep an open mind and give a thumbs up or down based on what has been written rather than personal preferences. Tuesday Jane’s clever and engaging style has brought in so many HL5 readers to discussions, encouraging them to delurk and share their thoughts. She helps to keep the story fun rather than frustrating. I depend on her and the rest of the team immensely for that—I’ve had to do very little explaining.

She is truly a kind person, a deep thinker, and an honest and classy reviewer. If any writer is fortunate enough to have Tuesday Jane read and review your work, be sure to give her a big thank you!


  1. aw, Tuesday Jane always leaves wonderful reviews! They always make my day brighter!

  2. Tuesday Jane's reviews make my day. I know I can count on her to give me a review that is well thought out and intelligent. I'm always eager to hear what she has to say about my little story.

  3. In G's TLYDF interview a while back she mentioned TJ and how well thought out her reviews were. I was a new reviewer at the time and immediately went to HL5 and searched out her review. TJ's review did not disappoint. After a PM to her to tell her how great I thought her review was we sparked up a conversation and she inspired me to start putting a little more into my reviews. She was even kind enough to read my post-PM review of HL5 and send me some kind words about it. We now have a tradition of hitting gchat after we've read the latest chapter of HL5 to discuss our thoughts, as well as sharing our reviews with one another. Our discussions have lead to a friendship and we've discovered that we actually share quite a few common interests...I even consider her an honourary Canadian, since she married one of us!

    Thank you to G for mentioning her in your first interview and thank you to TJ for being an all round nice girl and not thinking I was a crazy internet person when I PM'd you.


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