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Fandom Hopping: Snermione, Star Wars, and Mortal Instruments

Your Name: GinnyW

The Fandom: Harry Potter

Your Preferred Pairing: Severus Snape/Hermione Granger

How You Got Sucked In: I met some people on a Harry Potter forum who liked Snape... a lot. They kept trying to get me to read fanfiction and I plugged my ears and chanted, "No way. I'll never read that stuff. It's a crime against the original story. Noooooo!" My friends kept recommending one shots and eventually caved, but I didn't get hooked until a few months later and two of my friends were talking to me in a group chat and they were raving about a story updating.

They said, "It's Snape & Granger and it's soooooo goooood!"

I said, "Ewwwwww!"

And then... it niggled at me. Curiosity killed the cat... I went to look and got hooked. It was a Snape/Granger story and somehow the author made me believe that the pairing worked. I was glued to my computer screen for hours, and then I had to have more. I tried some other pairings, including Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna, & Snape/OFC, however none of them were as appealing to me as the Snape/Granger pairing.

Your Favorite Fic: Cloak of Courage by wendynat, hands down.

However, I also really love:

Lioness Prophecies by amr
His Draught of Delicate Poison by Subversa (really, anything by Subversa, I love her.)
Catalyst by Shiv5468 (she's awesome too, I adore her.)

(What) Have You Written in this Fandom: I've written over 20 stories for the Harry Potter fandom. Most of those in Snape/Granger. The most popular were: To Beget an Heir and A Slip of the Tongue

However, my favourite is: Letters to No One (the 2nd ending)

Good Fan Sites/Archives/RecLists:
WitchFics (I recommend reading The Fire & the Rose there... and its sequel.)
The SSHG Gift Exchange (I still am one of the co-moderators for this. We're in the middle of our 2010 round and have 150 participants.)
The HGSS Digest: A daily LJ post of currently updated stories as well as recommendations for classic stories
The SS/HG Quiz (a weekly quiz with excerpts from Snermione fics... It's really a great rec list.)

Your Name
: emavalexis

The Fandom: Star Wars

Your One True Pairing (OTP): Sorry, but I have two - Han Solo/Leia Organa and Anakin Skywalker/Padmé Amidala

Your Favorite Fic: The Cell by obaona (which, funnily enough, does not involve my OTP, but rather the somewhat-controversial Obi-Wan/Padmé pairing).

(What) Have You Written in This Fandom: A lot of shorter (mediocre) fiction, mostly one-shots involving numerous pairings/groupings, mostly centered around PT (Prequel Trilogy) characters. All publicly posted to my LiveJournal account.

How Long Have You Been There: Well, that's a tough one, because I've been a Star Wars fan my entire life. But I suppose if we're talking 'formal' involvement in the fandom (whatever that means), I've been around since late 2007.

Good Fan Sites/Archives/Rec Lists: TheForce.Net for fandom news and events (and its forums for fan discussion and fanfic alike), for any and all official Star Wars content, Wookieepedia for all of your fact-checking needs (it's a huge universe), Jedi News on LiveJournal for links to all kinds of output in the fandom dating back to 2005, and my own LiveJournal memories list.

How You Got Sucked In: I've been a fan pretty much my entire life. Fanfiction in general, however, came a lot later for me, because I was one of those fanfic-is-wrong, it's-not-real-writing types for the longest time. I actually started dipping into a tiny bit of fic in a couple of other fandoms (Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) for some reason or another and then, given what a big Star Wars fan I've always been, I strayed over to that fandom's fic - and I've really never left. I embraced it with a fervor.

So, Why This Fandom? (Why This Pairing?): It's the fantastical aspect, to be sure (I mean, Jedi? The Force? Come on - what's not to be fascinated by?), but ultimately it's the very relatable human aspect of Star Wars that's kept me around all these years. The relationships. The fun and the heartache. And of course with such a diverse playground of species and planets to play with, there's a near-infinite number of possible situations and circumstances to explore. As for my preferred pairings? Well, I'm a canon kind of gal, plain and simple (though I've been known to read and write almost anything).

Fandom Quirks: It can get a little divisive in the Star Wars fandom. You have your staunch OT (Original Trilogy) purists (who would rather pretend that the PT doesn't exist), your latter-day PT enthusiasts (who have little to no use for the OT), and then you have folks who embrace the whole kit 'n' caboodle. It'd also be pretty easy to assume that all of the fans in a certain age bracket prefer one over the other, but Star Wars fans are anything but predictable. I've encountered a number of fans who weren't even born when the original films were released, yet love them beyond measure.

Other Reading: As mentioned above, Wookieepedia is the definitive Star Wars information resource.

Other Recced Fics: Selfless/Selfish by niicoly, The Senator's Wife by indiefic, Devotio Sacer by fialleril

Name: Katie aka Jeesiechreesie

The Fandom: The Mortal Instruments (City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass) by Cassandra Clare

Your Preferred Pairing: Jace and Clary, hands down. (There’s also built in slash ladies, Alec & Magnus is fabulous [and it’s canon])

How You Got Sucked In: I’d taken a brief peek at what TMI fic had to offer after reading the series this last summer, but was in the middle of writing my own Twilight story (which I totally put on hiatus for two weeks while I read TMI). Due to that, I didn’t have the time to devote to wading through the vast abyss of badness to find the gems. Yet I just reread them for the second time and I became obsessed all over again with nothing to stand in my way. I tweeted about them, I made posts about it on Twilight comms, I fought with one of my besties about them. I just needed more more more more Jace. Because guys, I got news for you... this boy can kick Edward’s ass. He’s all balls and swagger with a smart mouth, but with an intensely loyal and protective side. He takes down demons, quips with the best of them, and yet deep down he’s a lost boy that life has taken a dump on and just desperately needs to be loved. The ladies legit don’t stand a chance. So I went on a quest to find the best of the best in a young fandom that’s dominated by one-shots (and arguably bad writing).

Your Favorite Fic: My favorite fic is probably a series of oneshots that begins with Need by Alaylia. It’s what we would call canon AU, and really delves into the struggle Jace/Clary have throughout the books, and the impossibility (way more so than Edward and Bella ever had) of being together. It takes a “what if” situation, sees it through fruition, and then snatches it back. It’s spectacular. There’s another fantastic one by MarcyJ- an old school Twilight writer (Cullenary Education: Forks Sex Ed), Perchance to Dream. It’s simply heartbreaking and angsty.

(What) Have Your Written in this Fandom: I have yet to delve into writing for TMI, but if I ever have time to write again, it’s the next thing on my agenda. It’s even been plotted out, and I want to jump into it right now. With so many well-rounded characters, plot lines, and open-ended scenarios the ideas are endless. TMI is just taking off, and while it’s still rough around the edges in terms of quality of writing, the depth of the plots blow Twilight fics away. I think there’s so much potential as both a writer and a reader in this fandom, and as the books continue, that will only grow.

Good Fan Sites/Archives/RecLists: Pandemonium Club on LJ is a great place to keep track of fanvids, fanfics, news from Cassandra Clare, icons, and discussion. Cassandra Clare’s LJ is very interactive- she answers comments on her posts, and they’re done by her. There are also a couple of outtakes on her site.

Now for recs, I’m going to have to give you them to you myself. I’ve found these by clicking through the favorite lists of any author whose stories’ I’ve enjoyed.

Rogue by ddpjclaf. (complete) It has probably the best IC Jace I’ve seen, though the Clary needs some work. She’s not quite a Mary-Sue, but the author hasn’t really gotten her spot on. Regardless it’s an enjoyable read and keeps you intrigued and readily utilizes all the characters.

City of Ink by NeuroticMuse413: (complete) If you click, don’t be alarmed by the summary, because it’s terrible and really not about that at all. It’s got a lot of great Clary/Jace, but also has a surprising plot twist that is well developed throughout the story.

Sins of the Father by Emily Bowden. I’ll warn you now. Skip the lemons. If you do, this story is good, and has a number of plot strings I could easily see occurring in the fourth book, City of Fallen Angels. It takes Jace and Clary’s notion of being fated to belong together and runs. Around chapters eight through eleven, the plot thickens taking the story in a direction you’d never have expected. It’s not completed yet, but it updates frequently and only has a few chapters left.

Best Fic for a FirstTimer: I’d suggest Rogue or the Need oneshots I mentioned earlier. They manage to capture the essence of the characters and the story line of the books. And if y’all ever want more, I’ve got a list in my email. Talk to me. We’ll flounce Twilight together and ride off into the sunset.
Past Fandom Hops: Draco/Harry, Bones, and Dexter.


  1. Finally, someone else who likes Snape!! I'm all Snape/OFC, but man...he's deelish! Any POTO phans on here? Love me some Erik, too! I am all about Byronic tastiness...

  2. Wow! I feel humbled an honored for the fic rec. Thank you. :)

  3. Thanks for taking the time to rec these. Looking forward to reading some of them!

  4. On GinnyW's recommendation, I started "Cloak of Courage" this morning. It is FANTASTIC! I'm so glad TLYDF is fandom hopping!

  5. I love Jace, thanks for these fic recs!


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