Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TLYDF Wants You!

It takes a fandom to populate a blog...

Ever have a random thought in the shower...the car...walking to class...about something you'd love to see on TLYDF? A story analysis, something fun about general fandom, or a cool new idea like quickie fickies or fic dives?

Well now is your chance!

We Want You!!!

Yeah - you read right! We want you to pitch us!

How do you start? Shoot an email to hmonster4@tlydf.com with the following:
  • the title of your idea
  • a short description (100-200 words) of the concept. Please include how it applies to the fandom (e.g. about the movie, about the books, about fic, etc) and any timing requirements or constraints that would apply. Please note that we welcome totally new topics, as well as those that tie into existing series.
  • if available, a link to your profile on fanfiction.
You don't have to be a fanfiction writer to particiapte! We love readers just as much as writers, and would love to have more contributing! No idea is too big, to small, or too silly! So let those ideas rip, fandom! We look forward to hearing what you'd like to see! And for the record - anything with heavy use of Emmett gets bumped to the head of the queue....hehe, okay, maybe not, but I can try!

The floor is open, fandom! Let it's hear what you have to say!


  1. Are you looking for people to propose ideas that they themselves would write? Or just ideas?

  2. @Justine-

    Either is fine, but especially ones that you yourself would write.

  3. Perhaps someone could write some tips on how to get past writers block. Or have you guys already done that?...-shrugs- Just a thought.

  4. May - there was a column on writers block back in the fall - it's under the admin essays link.

  5. Well, I'm aware that I should do this by mail but I'm Lazy, that's the point of being here anyway. I have always found funny how I'm the last one to read a story that everyone else in the fandom seems to be following. I think many people think about them as MUST read stories (something that you ask about when you just start in the fandom), but I want to call them TRENDY stories, I have always thought that this blog needs something like that...which stories are being followed the most every month or [insert here a period of time]...it could be interesting not just to have reviews of good stories (which you guys ALWAYS have), but to point to all of us clueless souls, what is IT in the fandom at the moment.

    Just a thought.


  6. -I think TLYDF should collaborate to create fanfiction.ORG to piss off fanfiction.NET. We want the NC-17 rating? Well, let's make it! Yeah?
    -Oh, and I love the essays posted to help fanfic writers use proper punctuation. Would love to see more of those.
    -It would be pretty fuckawesome to see the spotlights on cool Twitter accounts to follow, Polyvores to look at, and blogs to check out. JS.



    P.S. I was too lazy to go to my e-mail and produce my ramblings. Sorry, admins!

  7. i agree with sapphire sage definitely.


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