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Fandom Fluff: Breaking Up Breaking Dawn

Breaking Up Breaking Dawn

Hoosier Mama

Twilight, the Movie? Been there, done that; got the DVD.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon? Been there, done that; waiting on March 20th.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse? Will be there, will do that…on June 30th.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn? Hmmm…


Remember that scene in Jurassic Park where Jeff Goldblum scolds Sir Richard Attenborough for blithely bringing back to life a bunch of extinct creatures that have, since their rebirth, discovered a tasty new food source? He says that the scientists got so caught up in if they could do it, they never stopped to consider if they should do it.

There could be a movie made from Breaking Dawn; the question is…should there be?

Walk into a hypothetical Twilight fanfiction fan gathering, bring up the topic of the fourth book and we all know what would happen. Opinions running the gamut from loved it to hated it would be heard; hotly contested debates would spring into motion. Remember the passion exhibited by both sides when the book was released? The strength of those feelings has died down over the years; but the release of a movie based on the fourth book would no doubt regenerate a lot of that old discussion. Are the fans ready for the acrimony and negativity to spring to life again? Or will the BD haters simply yawn and stay away?

I’ve never done a survey, but I believe there actually may be more Breaking Dawn haters among aficionados of Twifiction than among your standard everyday Twilight fans. I’ve learned that a lot of us in the Twidom turned to fanfiction when we felt disappointed in BD.

In an effort at full disclosure, I must admit that I actually highly enjoyed Breaking Dawn. I’m not bringing up the possibility that a BD movie would be ill-advised because I hated the book; I honestly didn’t. I do, however, have my reasons for feeling slightly queasy at the thought of BD on the big screen. Part of me believes in order to be truly comfortable attending a midnight showing of BD: the movie, I would need a paper bag to wear over my head. I’m curious, but I don’t want anyone to know I’m curious. Frankly, there are things from the book that I really want to see on the big screen and then there are other things best kept in print.

So, as an impartial observer, here’s my list of pros and cons on whether or not there should be a BD movie:


3. The wedding. Hey, I’m a chick. Of course I want to see the wedding.

2. More R Pattz as Edward. Specifically, all my personal favorite Edward moments from the book: his stupefied initial reaction to Bella’s pregnancy; the argument and subsequent deal struck between Jake and Edward, the opportunity to show Edward bonding with his child (which was lacking in the book) and the very ending when at long last Edward can read Bella’s mind.

1. You know. Come on…say it with me…the number one reason to make Breaking Dawn into a movie…in two words…the honeymoon. On an uninhabited, tropical island, our two favorite virgins finally learn what all the fuss is about. And, let me be the first to warn any potential moviemakers, if only a kiss is shown before the camera pans away to some generic scene of natural beauty, you better hope a real life Isle Esme is available to you for your own safety, because the fans will annihilate you. Seriously. (Hey, I just call ‘em like I see ‘em…)


3. The length of the book. It really should have been two books. There is absolutely no way to include everything in the book into a two hour (or one and a half hour) movie. This means important scenes are going to be cut, other stuff will be added so that it makes sense to a movie audience, and my guess is fans of the book will end up disappointed, inevitably.

2. The non-battle at the end. I understand SM’s reasoning for it in the book and it’s OK to read, but to watch it on the screen? I fear it will be risibly boring. Think of any cinematic masterpiece that includes an epic battle at its climax (“Braveheart” or “Return of the King” or “Glory” comes to mind.) Now picture the two armies gathered to do battle, standing there talking things over for half an hour before one side calmly walks away. Oh baby, that’s entertainment!

1. You know. Come on…say it with me…the number one reason not to make Breaking Dawn into a movie…in two words…the birth. What’s my biggest fear? That however talented the moviemakers are at creating special effects, it’s going to look like a Wayans’ Bros. parody of that scene from “Alien”. There will be blood…and a newborn with teeth. There will also be laughter and you really don’t want the audience laughing at this point in the story.

So, if the decision was mine to make, and I had the entire original cast and my choice of directors at my disposal, would I give it the green light? It’s doubtful. If the screenplay really knocked by socks off, then the answer would be…maybe. But lucky for me, I don’t have to make these big decisions; some Hollywood bigwig already has. Yes, there will be a Breaking Dawn movie sometime in 2011. Now I only have to decide if I’m going to spend time and money on seeing it.

And if I do…what size paper bag I’ll need to cover my head.

Come on…I know everyone has an opinion on this. Yes or no? Should there be a BD movie? Will you go see it? What are you looking forward to seeing? What about the movie makes you feel decidedly squeamish?


  1. Yes, there should be a BD movie and yes I would go and see the damn movie. Why?

    First if they dont make the will be sorta half of a sandwich... we have the beginning but no ending. Even if they do make it in two movies, it would be okay with me.

    And yes i would go out and sit even 8 hours in movietheater if needed. why? because its twilight baby!

    if Summshit leaves out most of the honeymoon... lets just say i do have shitload of ticky torches... the birth... ehh... not so sure if we should see that... and i am sure ppl would laugh...

    but what if it will be like Star Wars? like what if we will all be past our 80ths when they make the final movie? OMG that would be bad!

  2. *high 5* sister! I could write reams about my feelings for BD - the mildest of which would be, "Sleep type much, Steph?" - there's a lot of fic that's wa-ay better!
    Did anybody else in the fandom forgo the opp to see TL's ripped abs because she was so let down by movie #1? Anyone not bed-ridden, I mean? Don't get me started on that, either...
    Oh, my vote? That would be a 'no', just in case there was any doubt! <><3

  3. I think BD should be made into a movie. Actually, I think it should be made into 2 movies to make sure that the right details get included so that non-reading Twlighters will understand what's going on and that some missing moments get included too (like Daddyward bonding with Renesmee). The thing about the non-battle is I don't think it feel like Braveheart with 2 armies clashing--it'll be more like a political summit plus vampiric powers & enormous amounts of barely-contained hostilities.
    Besides, it would just stupid to adapt 3 books in a series and not the 4th.

  4. YES. This is exactly how I feel. I'm probably one of the biggest supporters of BD as a book, but even I don't want to see it made into a movie. It just won't work. Frankly, there's no way for certain things to translate to a movie audience (the birth scene, imprinting on a baby) and I think it will just wind up being laughable, which in turn will make it embarrassing for us.

  5. Thank you furiouskitten30. You said in one succinct paragraph what it took me way too long to write up above!

  6. Yes, they HAVE to make the movie. They've started it, now they have to end it. And I think I'm one of the very few people that actually loved the book and the way it ended (even though I just couldn't bear that it had ended, so hence the fanfic-addiction). I really loved Renesmee, she's cute and it's fun imagining Edward as a father (and Bella as a mother for that matter), even though we don't really get to see much of it thanks to the whole thing with the Volturi. Yeah, there should have been a little more action, but I do get why Stephenie resolved it this way. But I think for the movie they're going do the same as they did in New Moon; add stuff that is actually plausible and makes it more exciting than in the book.

    And as for the birth scene and the whole pregnancy thing in general: it's going to have to be EXTREMELY toned down to keep it PG-13... But honestly, I think they'll manage. At least it makes it really vampirish, right?

  7. Arggh! This is such a f-ed up topic! My opinion goes back and forth...

    Yes I DO strongly think it needs to be made–for the simple fact that the other three were made, and it would be incomplete without BD.

    There is so much to include I think two movies make sense although I don't see a good ending point for the first movie. Although technically New Moon ended with a cliff hanger so I guess the first BD movie could as well.

    All that said–I do agree that I don't know how some of it could be filmed, and seeing our beloved Bella and Edward go through the birth scene might just kind of taint everything. I have always, from the moment I read the book, called that scene something out of a B-list horror movie–a demon baby chewing it's way out of her stomach, ugh! Perhaps the best thing would be to switch scenes to another character listening outside the door to Bella's screams and then next scene everything's over and the baby is born. Kind of a "fade-to-black" approach, LOL.

    And yes, OH MY the hordes of fans with pitchforks and torches that will stalk Summit and the director if the honeymoon scene is not done!

    As for the ending, they have dramatically intensified the action scenes of each book so far, I'm sure they could do something satisfying with the ending to make it a little more satisfying.

  8. Is it okay that I want it to be made into a movie because I kind of want to laugh at it? I was never for or against BD, mostly just baffled by it. I don't regard the Twilight movies as "good" movies. I simple want to see what was in the text on the screen. I just have to see that birth scene. I have to see the hybrid baby. It will give me closure to see it all. And I want to cringe when it's terrible. I don't know what kind of fan that makes me. I swear I'm not jaded. I just love Twilight for what it is.

  9. I feel like they HAVE to make the movie at this point, and with all the money they bring in there's no way they'll miss out.

    This is one instance in which I HOPE they change the movie and make it different from the book. They'll have to add a fight scene in the end. There's no way to get around it. I'm hoping that whoever writes the script makes it fabulous. Take out all the bad and add it with lots and lots of good.

    Hey, maybe Nessie doesn't have to even exist...

    Wishful thinking.

  10. I'm a huge BD fan, and I support the book being made into a movie. There are ALWAYS things you can change to ramp up the action or tone down the weirdness- I realize these would probably need SM's approval, but it could happen.

    If they split the book in two movies, the fans who only want to see honeymoon lovin can easily do that, and those of us who want Daddy!ward and the back half of the book could get their way too.

    There's always gonna be laughter in this fandom, I wish it was otherwise, but it's going to be there. Even if it makes us a joke, I hope it gets made to wrap up the series.

  11. I totally agree with kenoshachick. These are not great movies so far (I will concede vast improvement of NM over Twi) but they are highly entertaining, even when they have ridiculous moments. I can't wait! :-)

  12. @HM: Can you reserve a paper bag in my size too, please? (Let's be honest- if they make it, I won't be able to resist seeing it! ;-) )

  13. As a BD follower, I would love to see it come to life on the big screen. Only for the fact that I would be able to complete the journey to see Edward's perfect ending. Why not have the perfect ending for the perfect Edward?


    I would also like to see all the fans protest the movie just to show SM that the whole MS(interview/cockblocking Edward's mind) bullshit is outright fuckery. Sorry, I'm still bitter about it, but that is a completely different topic anyway.

    In the end, I am 99% positive that I will be at the midnight showing for the rest of the saga. Of course for the hot visuals of any of the Cullen men. *sigh*

  14. I've gotta agree with you on this. Like you, I too enjoyed Breaking Dawn. However, there are some things that were distasteful to me. Like how the whole general theme of the books switched from a romance to something a bit more sci-fi than usual. Sure, there was a decent amount of coverage on their romance and family, but I felt a significant shift in the dwellings on vampire powers. Of course this is why I liked it more than some of the other books (that and the dissolution of the love triangle that bothered me). I feel like a movie would carry on that same feeling.

    I hope they do something with the battle scene, however, to make it fit hollywood standards. That part frustrated me to no end in the book, so you can imagine how I (and probably loads of other people) would feel if it were translated verbatim onto the big screen.

    And while your other cons are all something to consider, for me the pros (which coincide with your own) are far more intriguing. That and I have this OCD where I need to start something from the very beginning and see it to its end. It would just feel too incomplete without the final chapter.

  15. Honestly? When you think of the length...SM sometimes had a habit of kind of going on and on. While the book was long, I think it could easily be done in one movie. Yes it would be a long movie, but I don't think worthy of 2 books or 2 movies.

    Does that mean that they've let go of the 2 movie idea? Because if not one movie would have just been Wedding, Honeymoon, and...half of the pregnancy? The whole pregnancy? Could the last half really be done in one full movie? Eh.



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