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Quickie Fickie: And New For Something Completely Different

And Now For Something Completely Different

We all get in our ruts. AU, AH, a certain rating, even a pairing. But, just like it's good to try something different when you go out to dinner, sometimes it's good to try something different when you read. Quickie Fickies this week is all about different. No worries, these are all canon in pairing (we'll save Jella and Roseward for another time), just in scenarios you might not have seen before, but always wondered about.

To go along with Giselle-LX's take on Canon and missing moments (Part 1 and Part 2) we are giving you five different takes on the happenings of our beloved series. Whether it's a secondary character's backstory occuring before we met them in the series, missing moments that craft depth and perspective, or a flash forward take on what happened after the close of Breaking Dawn, these stories will help fill in some of the infamous blanks left by Stephenie Meyers. They may even give you a different take on some characters you've never really thought about before.

Consider these sorbet for the brain - quick little hits to jump start your engine and maybe make you see the series a bit differently.


Angst / Hurt/Comfort Canon Jasper / Alice Rated: T/PG13 4,313 words Published: 10-26-09

The last battle is always the worst. Jasper faces a new fear as he fights Victoria’s army of newborns with Alice by his side. Jasper/Alice one-shot. Eclipse missing moment.
The Eclipse battle scene told from Jasper's POV. Subtlynice is a talented canon writer who understands the characters she writes. Her writing is beautiful, smooth, poignant, and truly captures the essence of the characters. A must read for J/A fans!

Family / Angst Canon Leah / Seth Rated: T/PG13 4798 words Published: 8/9/08

Little brothers. You can't live with them, and you can't live without them. What happens when Leah and Seth are home alone the day after the climactic battle in Eclipse? One-shot told from Leah's POV.
Here's the review I wrote in January: This story is extremely well done. Very well crafted, with the details like the term paper topic and even the sneakers supporting the theme. It has moments of humor ("I'd developed a habit of speaking my mind" and "That was definitely not English" and the whole exchange about preparing the frozen dinner, for example) but it also expressed a lot of deep and genuine feeling. It took the character through a realistic emotional arc. I consider myself very hard to please, and I'm really impressed with this.

Hurt/Comfort / Romance AH Jasper / Alice Rated: T/PG13 2,280 words Published: 12/06/2009

Losing his life on the battlefield, Jasper finds beauty within the chaos, but the thing that holds beauty holds its own chaos as well. Pairing AxJ, one-shot.
There's something attractive about a human Jasper, a mystery that surrounds his choices and his attitude. It's Jasper at his most canon and I struggle to find any Jasper fics that cover his past. zm4u definitely captures Jasper and his past, throwing in an AU twist that really leaves you reeling and hungering for more.

Suspense / Hurt/Comfort Canon Carlisle / Emmett Rated: T/PG13 5382 words Published: December 24, 2009

Dr. Cullen's day did not start out as usual, and maybe, the worst is yet to come. Pre-Twilight, Canon, Rated T
I rarely ever see this kind of story in fandom. The idea to explore the possible circumstances leading to Emmett's total integration into his adoptive family is excellently done and very well written. Capturing Carlisle's interaction with the younger vampire's early experience as a Cullen has been written with great skill. Also true to canon, this piece is a very compelling and inspiring story between a father and son.

Family / Drama Canon Edward / Charlie Rated: T/PG13 1,304 words Published: 12/30/09

It took nearly 13 years, but Charlie finally understands. EPOV of a very important day post-Breaking Dawn.
Ebhg is one of those fantastic writers who I feel has done a fine job of writing Edward's journey through fatherhood. This fic is set on Nessie's wedding day, where Edward finally identifies with how Charlie felt years before as he gave up his own little girl. Ebhg's writing has a wonderfully understated sense of humor, perfect for the awkward moments between these two!

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