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FandomHopping: We Take the First Leap

And.... we have a new regular feature! One that this admin (A.K.A. Pastiche Pen) is a bit excited about--to say the least. Anyway, so why the new feature? Well, as our fandom has aged, it's been clear as day that Twilight has only introduced many readers to Twilight fan fiction but to the concept of fan fiction as a whole; therefore, readers have boldy explored multiple universes--putting famous characters in all sorts of dangerous and awkward and hilarious positions. Anyway, in many cases this hasn't involved just reading--it's also involved writing, so we wanted to share some of these authors stories.

Thus, we begin.

***Note, for HP, since it's the largest of all fandoms, we're breaking it down by pairing.
Your Name: Pastiche Pen
The Fandom: Harry Potter
Your One True Pairing (OTP): Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Your Favorite Fic: Underwater Light by Maya (No longer available) and otherwise, most recently, On a Clear Day by Sarasgirl.
(What) Have Your Written in this Fandom: Nada. Just an obsessive reader.
How Long Have You Been There: Since March 2009
Good Fan Sites/Archives/RecLists:

How You Got Sucked In:

I used to not read slash... Moreover, reading Harry Potter was not something I was remotely interested in at first, because unlike Twilight, where Meyer's writing is mediocre, JK Rowling's depiction of her own characters was a bit sacred to me; however, as time went by, I decided to give HP another try. I first started with trying to hunt down Harry/Ginny... at which point I discovered there were slim pickings and a lot of awful fluff. Next, smellyia gave me a list of Snape/Hermione to read--some of which I really liked, but on the whole, I still find Snape a little weird... however, when my beloved friend, gallantcorkscrews started reccing me Snape/Harry, I found myself horrified but boundlessly entertained, but still... Snape was not my man. Finally, I read Mirabella, author of cracktastic Harry/Draco, found myself wanting more, did a google, stumbled on Painless J's rec list, and was not seen or heard of for three weeks.

So, Why This Fandom? (Why This Pairing?):

Fandom Draco admittedly is not Canon Draco; however, what makes this pairing my ultimate favorite is the preexisting tension between Harry and Draco in the books, and also their canon "obsession" with each other. Harry refuses to shake Draco's hand when they're 11 in the Great Hall. He, Hermione, and Ron are at odds with Draco and his goons through the years. Harry and Draco's battles over quidditch, and then finally, Harry's stalking of Draco in their sixth year. He refuses to identify Harry when he's capture and brought to the manor in the final book. Harry saves him from fiendfyre.

Basically, there is a lot of meat on the bone.

There's also the fact that while Draco is never "good," he is redeemable. He is influenced by his upbringing and his family pressures--but this also make him a complex character with a lot of natural conflict. In part, I think I hate fluff, and Draco Malfoy is sorta the anti-fluff character. Therefore, he and Harry make up my OTP (one true pairing).

Your Name: americnxidiot
The Fandom: Dexter
Your One True Pairing (OTP): Dexter/Rita, but mostly just Dexter
Your Favorite Fic: "To Be Human" by LovinJackson and one by mike91848 that has a spoiler in the title, so I won't list it here.
(What) Have Your Written in this Fandom: "Do Us Part", which so far is just one short one-shot. I wrote another set of drabbles, but they were a little graphic and I ended up taking them down because they made me uncomfortable.
How Long Have You BeenThere: February 2010, so not very long
Good Fan Sites/Archives/RecLists: I haven't found any so far. does not have a lot of stories and it's pretty inactive now that the season is over. This fandom is really small. Maybe I just need to do my research more.

How You Got Sucked In:

It's pretty simple. Those of you who watch the show probably know what happened in the season 4 finale. How could you not want more after that? I am way too impatient to wait until September for more Dexter.

So, Why This Fandom? (Why This Pairing?)

Michael C. Hall... and I'm only sort of kidding. I've been a big fan of Dexter since I saw the first two seasons during my freshman year of college. I've been watching it since and even ended up watching all of Six Feet Under during the break between season two and three just to get more Michael C. Hall. The biggest problem with the Dexter fandom is its size. It's very very small. After being in the Twilight fandom, I'm not used to that. As I result I've strayed even from my fandom jumping fandom into Bones a little. I belong to a few Dexter LJ comms, dd_dexter being the biggest one (for Darkly Dreaming Dexter) and I'm hoping they'll become more active as we get closer to the new season.

Your Name: withthevampsofcourse/wtvoc

The Fandom: bones
Your Preferred Pairing: booth/brennan or gtfo
How You Got Sucked In:
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pulsepoint made that for me

i've actually been a fan of bones since the show began back in 2005; i've been tivo'ing it since the series premiere. why'd i join? david boreanaz, of course (for purposes of this article, i feel that i should tell you that many people refer to me as either wtfoc or wtdboc: withtheflounceofcourse or withthedavidboreanazofcourse, respectively). i was/am a HUGE buffy/angel fan, and when i saw that he had a new series i was like FUCK YES FINALLY since the series finale of angel had left me all >:( but i wrote twilight fic first. why'd i switch? honestly, the drama in the twifandom had left a sour taste in my mouth. still does. i suppose you could say i was ripe for change/the pluckin'. then i started tweeting about how great bones was, and someone (i wanna say niniriffic or mjinaspen) asked if i'd read bonesfic and i was like lol no but then i was like ... whyever not? so, i started trolling on the main bonespage on which ain't easy. for finding shit, anyway.

luckily for me, SSJL had JUST updated a fic of hers and well, she's one of the best in the fandom. i read it and loved it; then i reviewed it. she responded. i responded back. sucker that she is, she got trapped into my web of seduction, and we're now great friends. somewhere in there, i randomly started writing a bones fic. and it felt great. for the first time in AGES, i felt good about writing again. i was excited. it was the honeymoon phase for me (which i'm still in, by the way). and it was like... well, really good sex. i never wanted it to end, and david boreanaz is always there in my thoughts.

Your Favorite Fic: hmm. toss-up between a family man by SSJL ( and on the case of the altered ex by m.rig ( and pretty much anything by cathmarchr (

(What) Have Your Written in this Fandom:

egads. a lot. the nice thing about this fandom is that it's very open to oneshots and drabbles. i'm currently participating in a "bones hiatus fic meme" on LJ in which people prompt stuff and you write whatever you want in response- while we wait for the show to return on april 1. so i've written oh, 6 or so for that (so far). i also have a WIP called the pig and the swagger and several oneshots- the nudge from the actuary, the gun in his holster, and an AU called exsanguinate that... well, let's just say twilight fans would (and have) approve(d).

Good Fan Sites/Archives/RecLists:

oy vey. the ones i participate on are on livejournal; the kink in the bones ( which is... dirty lol. i get my bones news/icons from the biggest bones one on LJ: there're others, but those are the ones i'm active in. Also, depending on my mood, is very bones-y or at the very least, spammed with pictures of david boreanaz. check out my icon there right now if you need further evidence.

So, RIBBIT! I should never be allowed to make the graphics for this blog... Anyhoo, next up is Snermione, Mortal Instruments, and Star Wars!


  1. Heh, you should talk to Kyrene. She's been in pretty much every fandom ever. (Okay, maybe not, but it feels like it sometimes.)

    Me... I dance about Star Trek (2009 currently, but TOS, TNG and Voayager) a lot. Ever since I discovered their fic, last summer or so, I've probably only read a dozen Twifics.

    I know bugger all about Bones and Dexter, but I think I might take a look at some of the Harry Potter stuff later...

  2. This is fantastic, I'm always wanting to jump into other fandoms, but don't feel like wading through all of the crap the same way I did with this fandom.

    I'll be checking out all three genres and I'm a huge fan of HP, Dexter and Bones.

    Thanks for this column!

  3. Mortal Instruments? FINALLY people are loving it as much as I? haha. I tried checking out fanfics for it about a year ago, when I discovered the books (right after City of Ashes came out), and it was, sadly, quite small and empty... After City of Glass, I haven't looked again, but now I'm back to wondering if there are any other good fics to submerge myself in. :)

    I'm not usually brave enough to hit other fandoms. I stick to my favorite stories on alert in twific, and then use the rest of my time to remember this thing called Real Life... damn.

  4. @sobriquett - Reboot fic is my current mad obsession. Mad. Mad.

  5. I approve of this Dexter picture.

  6. Very fun article! Anyone covering Hunger Games fic?

  7. Really love this new column. I especially want to thank Pastiche for her rec or 'On A Clear Day', don't think I've fangirled a H/D fic this much since Underwater Light (& i was reading that fandom while Maya was writing in it...) The post Hogwarts Harry and Draco felt so authentic and the secondary characters (especially the flapping cupboard and Mrs Norris) were so well done. Loved it...

  8. @twistedkites... I just saw your message... and yes, UNDERWATER LIGHT OMG. okay, fangirl moment all done. And yeah, wasn't On a Clear Day ADORABLE?


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