Friday, March 12, 2010

Fandom News - 3/12

Winners for Show Us Your Dark Side Contest Announced Today

Voting for The End is Only the Beginning Begins

Nominations for the The Faithful Shipper Awards Ends

Nothing on the Calendar for today

Deadline to Submit Entries to Cougar Revolution Anonymous One-Shot Contest

Voting for The Indie TwiFic Awards Begins

Start Submitting Entries for the The Public Lovin' Contest

Voting for The Simple Slash Contest Ends

Voting for TwiSlash One-shot Contest Begins

Deadline to Submit Entries to The AwkWard Contest

Voting for The End is Only the Beginning Ends

Nothing on the calendar today. Why not check out what's going on with the #readalong?

Ongoing Contests, Open for Submission:

All You Need is Love Anonymous O/S Contest - 3/21/2010, The ABBA Contest - 3/21/2010, United Colors of Twilight Contest - 3/21/2010, Death by Darksper Contest - 3/27/2010, The Anon Whitlock Dust Contest - 3/28/2010, The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Cullen Contest - 3/28/2010, “The Air, The Sun” Jacob and Bella Fanfiction Community Header Contest - 3/31/2010, Greasers and Dolls Contest - 3/31/2010, The Quileute "Re-Pair" Challenge - 3/31/2010, Black Balloon Contest - 4/2/2010, The Public Lovin' Contest - 4/3/2010, A Very Sexy Un-Birthday Contest - 4/4/2010, Men at Work Contest - 4/10/2010, Was That In the Books? Contest - 4/11/2010, Eclipse FanFiction Challenge - 4/30/2010, The Sport of Love Challenge - 4/30/2010, Twilight Team DILF - 4/30/2010, Seers Outtake Writing Contest - 5/1/2010, Key to the Kingdom Competition - 5/31/2010

Open for Voting or Nominations:

Voting for the The Green Feeling Anon Contest ends 3/14/2010

Voting for the The Simple Slash Contest ends 3/15/2010

Voting for the TwiHard Finding Love in Unlikely Places Contest ends 3/18/2010

Voting for the The Slash Awards ends 3/21/2010

Nominations for the “Everything’s Bigger In Texas” Jasper Fanfiction Awards Contest ends 3/22/2010

Voting for the Cougar Revolution Anonymous One-Shot Contest ends 3/22/2010

Voting for the The Indie TwiFic Awards ends 3/24/2010

Voting for the TwiSlash One-shot Contest ends 3/31/2010

Nominations for the The Silent Tear Awards ends 4/13/2010

Nominations for the Twilight Twins Awards ends 4/30/2010

Word Lottery Day, Enter for Reviews! on 3/20/2010

Support Stacie Author Auction takes place 3/26 - 3/29 ~ Sign Up Now!

Review Reply Day is 3/30/2010

Kassiah loves being a Fictionator and your news girl.

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