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AuthorInterview: (Not so) Angelic Halos

Some of you may not know this, but my first fangirl crush was no other than Halo Jones. I. Love. Halo. I love her writing, and her humor and her crazy obsession for Rob (or Robert, she always calls him Robert, which I adore). I love that she is witty and joins in the fun on forums all around the fandom, and always plays nice. Frankly, she is just too nice to even be my friend. I must have dazzled her along the way and tricked her a bit.

In my opinion, Halo is one of the best in the fandom. Her writing is unique and funny and observant. She and I hold a similar view of Twifanfic, in that we attempt to write what I call true FanFic, which is pushing the boundaries of the original and taking concepts, plot points, character traits (and flaws) and exploting them in a new light. We also hold a similar view of Edward. Human or Vampire we love him. So, so much.

So, I asked AngstGoddess if I could interview her, because well, that's what I do and she agreed which made me giddy so here we are. (FYI: I'm gonna do all the fanfic questions first, then we will get to our true love--Rob.)


So, I don't know if I ever told you this but way back, 18 months or so ago, summer of 2008, before Breaking Dawn (coughfailcough) I was reading I Hate Myself For Loving You (IHM4LY) and just fell in love with your story. I used to read on Twilighted a good
bit back then, as you know there were literally 14 stories on the site at the time, and the forums. I was bit scared of the forums for a long time (I couldn't really figure out how to navigate them-sigh, stop laughing AG) but I would go on the forums on TwilightMoms and read there. After BD came out I was on TwiMoms and saw you make a comment and I think you said something about the forums at Twilighted. Well, I had a huge fangirl crush on you so I followed you over. Yes, I was your cyber stalker. I was. I would think this may concern you but I am pretty aware of your own cyber stalking tendencies with Rob so I think you can let it slide. But anyway, you really are the reason I got invovled with the Twilighted Forums, and involved on the Epic Fail Thread (Halo-is not on the Epic Fail train, I forgive her for this), which led me to the story forums which eventually led me to writing. So, you are the reason I am a fanfic writer. What do you think about all that?

I didn't know that pumpkin! I always thought you were such a peach, and then you wrote your first story and it was GREASE and TWILIGHT in one slam dunk and then my fangirling began just like that.)

How did you get involved with fanfic? Is this your first fandom?

Twilight's my first fandom, and I kept reading fanfics with Bella learning how to strip for some reason and I just wanted to spoof that.

Do you have a background in writing or is this all new and more like hobby for you?

I have no clue how to write stories properly. People ask me where my story arc is and I just stare blankly back in response. lol

You and I share a love for "Boynextdoorward" tell me why he appeals to you so much?

Because Edward in canon is the boy next door who just happened to contract rabies.

But on the other hand you also are writing a Darkward fic, Last Rites, which I would think most people would think goes against the above idea, boy next door, but I'm not so sure. I see some you?

Me too. Edward actually remembers what he once was. And the nice boy he once was is just buried underneath something monstrous. And he gets so used to being seen as a monster, even if he's a pretty monster. And to have some random broad look straight through that and see the real boy underneath is such a sad, sweet notion. Wanting to be a real boy for Bella is how I sum up Edward in canon. And he gets kicked in the ass everytime he forgets he isn't a real boy. See? Sweet, and sad.

What made you switch over to AU? And do you find it harder? Easier?

I think AU helps me be more structured. I swear to God, when I write AH stories, I'll write random chapters inspired from a youtube video I saw. With AU, I have boundaries.

I think AU is more structured also. You really have to keep yourself in check and you can not go off track. Anything bother you so far that you have felt the need to change from Smeyer?

I actually only focus on the stuff I like from SM. Like I think her setup of Edward is great and how he never gets it quite right, the balance between being a man and a vampire and a teenager. And I like the notion that Bella doesn't see clearly, and I pretty much like playing with those two ideas.

I'm going to share a writer story about us. When I was writing COH, you were a very supportive reader. (cue fangirl squeal) I wrote a chapter and it was with beta. After I sent it to her I had this realization that I thought the chapter may have some similarities to a chapter and theme from your fic, She's Royal. So, I emailed you and explained this. You told me to shut up and to forget it. That these stories were so different that it couldn't even be possible. You later read the chapter reviewed and said the same thing. THEN, ha, on that chapter I received a review from a reader who told me she thought I was stealing and copying from Halo Jones, and her story She's Royal. Bhahahahahahaha. DUDE I TOLD YOU SO! gah, throw me to the wolves.

Oh god, if I had a nickel for every update that includes a review telling me who I was ripping off.....

Then you and I both came up with AU ideas unbeknownst to the other. Daedalus in Exile for me, Last Rites for you. We briefly discussed some similarities but not much, I think in an effort to keep our minds fresh. We did though agree to let our stories flow and if we over lapped or crossed a plotline or detail we were just going to let it go. Frankly, I thought this was very adult for us, and for two authors in this fandom that can get a little petty at times.

Strategic too--less time squabbling, more communal time Robert fixating!

You love to add in pop culture references to your stories, some of which are over my head and I'm fairly aware, how much of yourself is in your writing? I guess what I'm asking is have you ever:

1. Threaded corn?
That was just an example of a youtube dictating my next update.

2. Made panties out of Fruit Roll-Ups?
Actually, my roomates bought me edible undies from Fredericks of Hollywood for my honeymoon and my husband was like "it tastes like a fruit roll-up."

One of my favorite stories is She's Royal. My heart hurts thinking about it. You had one or two chapters that were just unbelievable in their heart fail. Seriously, I thought for a moment I may just actually die from reading a story. But I know you think you aren't good at angst. Why in the world would you think this?

Cause when I go back to read my more dramatic stuff, it sounds so damn corny. Like a Lifetime Channel Movie threw up all over the page. Ew.

This is not true at all. But, I totally understand, I completely freak out when I have to write anything remotely "cheesy" the last two paragraphs of DIE almost killed me.

Hahaha, you know I will disagree too, but I understand as well. It's always potentially mortifying to write something earnest. Snark gives you more outs!

One of the great things though is how you wrote this story set in Hawaii, and you lived in Hawaii for sometime. Do you enjoy writing about what you know? Where you have been? Different cultures and settings? (you also chose Hawaii as the setting for your original fic contest entry for twilighted last year and if you havent read this story (please name it for me? i cant remember) do so now! it is WONDERFUL!)

I stick to what I know. If I have to research something that means googling. And googling on my lap top is used exclusively for Roberto.

I have to ask...Are you going to finish IHM4LY?

Yes. I'm almost done with my update. It's so lame to update when you wait this long and drag out a story, but I hate unfinished stories.


I may need to forward the sheer number of pms' that start , " i used to like this story, but I could give a shit less about it at this point..." lol :)

Halo and I have a shared passion for Rob. We meet up late night (my time) and discuss the in's and out's of our lust and delusions. We send each other photos and dissect the smallest detail of his interviews. We are obsessed. The following is just a small example of how we feel.

(note this interview was done before the RM premiere/movie release so some of it is a bit dated back to the Details Magazine time period)

so you wanna talk about rob? cause we can of course

i think we stick to the current? there is so much to discuss frankly

oh yeah yeah whatever you are my only rob confidante

bhahaaa. okay

no one likes him! all my real life friends think he's gross! I hate them all
huh? who are these people?

bastards. I KNOW they suck
i do not understand this

they like old farts and I like a young puppy
listen to my birthday is next week so we go out, my friend and I we go to dinner and then back to watch Little Ashes

so they give angel my gifts and I get The new Details and AND

AWWWWW was it laminated?
they give me two framed copies of my "favorite" rob pics

to hang in my office

these are REAL friends!
they are they know me so well

awww, my love is a dirty secret!
i will post these pics with this interview so everyone can see
(AG: *blank stare*)
they can't abide by twilight! Awww yes!
well i have friends like this--but really, i just don’t like them so much so i made new friends (I wish i was kidding)

AHAHAHA at least they buy good gifts!
they do. Okay so lets talk about Rob first.. vaginas..go:

okay okay
can you believe all these totally redonkulous people going on and on that rob is gay

omg I know
because he said he is allergic to vaginas

I do think he's allergic, he gets a boner cause it swells
ummm yeah exactly

the way my clitoris is allergic to Robert. we should do this like a sat:
test like a is to b as b is to c in test form
we dont need a test you know this in a heartbeat

we would pass. we have like degrees in robology
well really though i was shocked at everyone thinking this

yeah, well in context too. like it's clear he's talking about the photo shoot, cause he's like I knew what I was getting into. in other words like he realized being surround by hot ass naked women would be like boner central cause then he said something like, it was awkward to talk to them, like what do you say to naked strangers with a big boner in your pants?

and like the hangover helped him perhaps not have such an embarrassingly huge boner
bhahaha I KNOW gah stop talking about robs boner

BWAHAHAHHAHA like it's so him too he's being self deprecating not trying to act like a total stud but being honest
sigh, always one thing i love about robs articles and interviews is that he talks to the interviewer like he would a friend, and appears totally revealing, yet at the same time he is such a spin dr. and reveals NOTHING of relevance.

YES he gives so much and then you look back and think, shit he did it again. like I was thinking that about his dog thing. patty is like his alias in crime. And so perfect too since she's dead. no one can question her so he has like little ways to deflect from really digging deeper where he doesn't want to. like I think he's protective of his family in that way.
no, no one can follow up on this. I agree, we have no idea if his dog even liked him or not. this could be a total farce.

AHAHHAHA I KNOW Patty is his alibi for EVERYTHING which makes me laugh my ass off
He brings it up constantly like the girlfriend break up story

and then how he was so sad she died, and now this

and they are always the most HILARIOUS images
I have this whole thing that when i read him or watch him on TV (he totally did this on Letterman) where he starts to tell some rando story, and at first i think it has shades of truth, and as he realizes he has a captive audience he starts to mess around a little, and his expression shifts and he begins massively bullshitting whoever he is talking to and its so confusing and endearing. No one calls him on it

cause he's charming and funny and nothings better than a sexy guy acting like Rainman
well and really he uses that fantastic accent and he really could just talk about anything and we wouldn’t care

such a natural charmer and that's what I loved about the Details magazine. he even admits to what he’s doing when he talked of experiments of public perceptions. he loves fucking with everyone
fyi: i heart him.

Me too cause he's much more cunning and clever than people realize, and isn't it funny how interviewers both female AND male by the end of the interview they want to adopt them. He has them twisted around his finger where everyone wants to tuck him in and root him on like he's such the underdog. GQ and Details sound exactly alike at the end of the guys both interviewers like worrying if he'll be okay!
bhahahaa omg it’s SO TRUE I admit it freely. I waver constantly between wanting to hump him and wanting to do his laundry, and really, I don’t like to take care of anyone.

everyone does, but I agree, it’s not just women who want to fuck him. Straight male interviewers! GQ ends with him and his shitty car and the guy being like hoping he is able to make it okay in life and in the fucked up car what dude ends an interview with a sparkley vampire that way????? someone interviewing fucking robert pattinson that's who
Its like Ellen, the noted lesbian, she worried about his car too and was like, "we need to get you some people"

YESS! Ellen wanted to adopt him AND buy him a house. He is dangerously charming.
well i think he brought up the dog story on ellen too...

HE DID! He knows how to use Patty! Patty's being exploited!
I think so i wonder if one day someone will write an unauthorized tell all on rob and will confirm something like, "rob never had a dog”

OMG THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! I would love him more!
okay okay, clearly, we can talk about rob and his fake dog all day. lets discuss...ummmmm how about more serious issues like Summit is pissing me off.

okay why? They are so stoopid though. They ruin everything.
Stop with the cross Eclipse/RM promotion let us have our non-Edward Cullen moment.

it's weird cause it seemed like they were gonna wait on the Eclipse stuff until after Remember Me and I read how they realized there was twilight fatigue already, and they don't want the franchise to jump the shark midway through so they were gonna step back. but then Valentines day was so weird with half the movie shown wtf? Give people a rest. we just had New Moon.
well i feel like people are really excited to see Rob in RM, in a different role, away from Edward Cullen and not only RM

yes, his fans are very supportive
But BelAmi as well, which is clearly a VERY different type of movie and audience. I think Summit fears this. I think they also realize that the world will go on with out the fake Robsten as well and this also scares them.

that and the constant reminder or evidence that Rob and Emilie (or Rob and Anyone) have chemistry also and this disturbs them.

well, I think people are getting r/k fatigue too outside the fandom so they need to not pimp that so much. they are too young for people to want to see them on covers all the time. they are going to run the franchise into the ground with overexposure
yeah BUT, see we realize this...but Summit seems so stupid they are just shoving this down our throats

yeah well, even with Remember Me I think they need to slow down. the clips and stuff are starting to come at New Moon pace and Summit just seems to give away all their movies. it's like calm the eff down!
Yeah i agree personally i need about one clip every three to four days

even a picture works!
4 in one day sends me into like a overload and freakout. yes, one picture a day is enough.

exactly! drop us the pretties but don't show the whole damn movie. cause that ruined New Moon in a lot of ways for people. it's like why see it twice, which is dumb for Summit
yeah i agree it’s idiotic

summit is so dumb!
and really its so out of context it never works

I hate robert in bed with them!
me too

(I removed an entire section of angel ranting about breaking dawn and the upcoming movies. Trust me. No one really wants to read my thoughts on Metaphorical Castrations)
okay moving on...(because really...)

we must… sorry I go off on tangents all my repressed twilight and rob feelings
ha....i always say Off Topic in my world is anything NOT related to Rob, as he is my on topic all the time

sigh oh roberto okay next topic
okay real quick give me a percentage of how true you think Robsten is? (FYI, Halo is unable to even pretend to give me a percentage.)

hmmmm god there's a promotional aspect definitely but I think robert is a bohemian and therefore probably banged half the cast
bhahahaa possibly so (you know everyone will hate you now for saying that)

really? why? I think he's very discreet though
idk...i think everyone either wants him with the Stew or Alone

righhht hmmm they are weird together so it's hard to say honestly they seem super close in so many ways but how I'm not sure I think she's young and it makes him protective which is not a natural thing for him.
Exactly. i will let my robsten go for now--anything else?

robsten is a curious creature I don't know what to think of them. they are odd but close but the odd throws it all off for me
me too. They are each other’s kryptonite.

hahahahaha kstew is an odd bird. I think what I said earlier though that robert's used to being the young one. the one everyone takes care of. and with him and kstew though she was definitely the kid between the two whatever it was she acts like a kid
i loved the quote in Details where he said the thing about being 19 or 20 and not being mature? It was very good.

yes! you think you know everything and kristen comes off like that exactly
she does absolutely. Okay what upcoming Rob movie are you most excited to see and why?

bel ami cause I want robert to be a bastard he's so pretty but can look cruel. so I can't wait for that.
did you read the script for this?

I read the book in high school but it’s been years but I vaguely know the plotline
i read the script and (semi spoiler alert!) but there is this part at the end...

oh spoil! I love spoilers!
At the end, there is this point, where you think you see his redemption—that he has this moment where he realizes his wrongs and will make this fundamental change to his conniving ways and then… he sees a pretty young thing, who's father has money and prestige and power, and he thinks..."yeah, that is where i need to go" and you realize in this one moment he may not be redeemable. i want to see Rob do that

YES! see rob to me is like Hugh Grant. I don’t want him to wait 15 years to play a bad guy.
okay,any last thoughts? will you send me your favorite rob picture to post?

I love anna and I love anna and rob
you know i got your review for DIE and i pinged AG and said you know Halo and I are so ridiculous

we fangirl each other to this silly extent

I'm like an earnest 12 year old when I write you. it's like a fan letter to Duran Duran

I only do it cause I love your edwards though
(omg, love duran duran)

its cause were old. who was your favorite one?

oh god I"m embarrassed to say I should have preferred john taylor
no wait you and i are going to say the same thing…

but I sorta had a crush on nick rhodes and then simon le bon
Nick Rhodes TOTALLY

YES!!! he's still the BEST LOOKING!
he is

with their come back a couple years back he aged SO MUCH BETTER. nice skin that one
its the effeminate british man—we love him

omg I have this theory why we love Robert! it's like john taylor and nick Rhodes made a baby. robert is nick and john's baby! we were imprinted by Duran Duran to love robert
you could be right (believe it or not I have had this conversation before…) my BFF loooooooves Rob as much as me and we have a shared passion for Nick Rhodes

and like, NO ONE liked him

I've been explaining this to people for ages. No, no one liked him.
everyone thought he was gay

but nick was so much coooler

no, not gay, he just had good cheekbones
he did and he wore his blush so well and his top hats -- look at nick and john. that's robert
wow! you may be onto something and then, THEN there are those pics from EW last year where i swear to god he looks like their love child (Seriously, my friends and I call this Simon Lebon’s love child but Halo may have a better theory here)

FUCK YES ahahahahahhahahaahahhahahaha! Omg! even his clothes they are so nick 1984

ahahahahahhahahaha his hair too! Older won of a certain age--like mid-thirties want Rob big time
this is why

and it's cause he's Duran Duran--Redeux. lol
he is bhahahaaa…sigh

I love us ahahahhahahaha
i love us too

you go to bed, birthday girl!
this is the mutual fangirling i was referring to…bhahahaaa

I know we fangirl us as a package, ourselves included
its pathetic yet entertaining

it is! we're smug--yet ashamed of our obsession

it's a weird combo
it is—okay, thanks bb!

Have an author you'd like to play 17 questions with? Shoot an email to with who and why!

AG Note: I stole the Bel Ami Rob pic from Edwardville. Oh, and the other one. Oh, and stole other Rob pics from various other seedy locales.


  1. I was SO happy to see this, because when H put out the call for which authors we'd like to see have 17 questions put to them, Halo was my only response. I think she is just funny and sweet and amazing, and this interview only confirme that.

    Hands down, my favorite part: " I have this theory why we love Robert! it's like john taylor and nick Rhodes made a baby. robert is nick and john's baby! we were imprinted by Duran Duran to love robert" Hahahahahahahahahahahhaaha. So funny.

  2. Awe HaloJones I will wait forever and a day and SQUEE like the fangirl that I am when you update IHM4LY! It's STILL one of my all time favorite fanfics that I go back and reread at least 5 chapters of when you update!

    Great interview by two writers who give us seriously entertaining fic (I STILL can't forget CoH .. one of my all time FAV AU fics) as well as their crazy super love of the Robert ;o)

  3. Fantastic chickies!! I love you both.


  4. I LUBBS this article. You *points to the fuckawesomely fuckawesome EZrocksangel, Halo, and AH* rock my world of fanfic.

  5. I too, will wait forever for IHM4LY! It was one of the first ff I ever read and is still a favorite. I've reread it several times! Your B/E and A/J are some of the best. I love all the popculture references.

  6. Your comments about Rob re: Duran Duran "redux" were sooooo spot on. I still remember the first time I saw Twilight, and my late 30s friend and I turned to each other, and she said "he's like all the hottest members of Duran Duran smooshed together". I was a Nick fan, she liked Roger (a bit too manly for my taste, LOL).

    Definitely DD redux.


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