Friday, April 2, 2010

Fandom News - 4/2

Deadline to Submit Entries to Black Balloon Contest

Voting for The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Cullen Contest Begins

Voting for The Quileute "Re-Pair" Challenge Begins

Voting for Death by Darksper Contest Ends

Deadline to Submit Entries to A Very Sexy Un-Birthday Contest

Winners for the Death by Darksper Contest Announced Today

Voting for A Very Sexy Un-Birthday Contest Begins

Deadline to Sign Up for FictionistaWorkshop Witfit

Nothing on Calendar for today!

Nothing on the calendar for today; why not check out what's going on with the #readalong today?!?

Nothing going on today, either. Slow week!

Ongoing Contests, Open for Submission:

Hot, Bothered and What She Say? Contest - 4/10/2010, Men at Work Contest - 4/10/2010, The Anon Whitlock Dust Contest - 4/10/2010, Was That In the Books? Contest - 4/11/2010, Was That In the Books? Contest - 4/11/2010, Best Domination Ever Contest - 4/15/2010, Fun With Your Clothes On Contest - 4/17/2010, The Public Lovin' Contest - 4/18/2010, Beyond the Story - Forks' Forgotten Friends One-Shot Contest - 4/20/2010, Volturi Love Contest - 4/20/2010, "A Southern Twi-Night" Anonymous Contest - 4/23/2010, Rosalie's a Bitch Contest - 4/25/2010, Crayola Contest - 4/30/2010, Eclipse FanFiction Challenge - 4/30/2010, I Can't Believe It's Not Canon! Challenge - 4/30/2010, Missing Moments Contest - 4/30/2010, The Sport of Love Challenge - 4/30/2010, Twilight Team DILF - 4/30/2010, Seers Outtake Writing Contest - 5/1/2010, The Twilight Canon Fodder Contest - 5/1/2010, Twiku Kung Fu Contest - 5/2/2010, Texts From Last Night Contest! - 5/9/2010, Silence of the Wolves Contest - 5/21/2010, We Don't Need No Stinkin' Coven! Contest - 5/23/2010, Key to the Kingdom Competition 5/31/2010, Til Death Do Us Part Contest - 6/5/2010, The BD Screenplay Challenge - 6/20/2010

Open for Voting or Nominations:

Voting for the Death by Darksper Contest ends 4/3/2010

Voting for the All You Need is Love Anonymous O/S Contest ends 4/7/2010

Voting for the The Quileute "Re-Pair" Challenge ends 4/11/2010

Voting for the “Everything’s Bigger In Texas” Jasper Fanfiction Awards Contest ends 4/12/2010

Voting for the The Faithful Shipper Awards ends 4/12/2010

Nominations for the The Silent Tear Awards ends 4/13/2010

Voting for the A Very Sexy Un-Birthday Contest ends 4/16/2010

Nominations for the Twilight Twins Awards ends 4/30/2010

Deadline to receive prompt for the Texts From Last Night Contest! is 4/15/2010

Deadline to sign up for The Twilight Twenty-Five is 4/30/2010

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Got a contest or an event to add to the calendar? Drop a line to Kassiah with the deets and your graphics, please.


  1. I just thought I'd let you know that the deadline for the Public Lovin' Contest got pushed back until April 18th instead of the 3rd (tomorrow). Other than that, great job, as usual.

  2. Thanks for letting me know :)


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