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Diver Alias: The Machine (AKA SunKing)

Mission: Find a story with a mystery so compelling that the answer could only be the supernatural

The Pearl: Legendary by WhatsMyNomDePlume (NomDePlume on Twilighted)

Summary: Preternaturally irresistible, devastatingly charming Edward Cullen seems to have some strange power over the females in Forks… and Bella Swan is scared she might know just what it is. M for suggestive and sexual language. English - Romance - Edward & Bella - Reviews: 151 - Updated: 03-11-10 - Published: 11-16-09 - id:5514543

Why I Read This: Honestly, people, the summary says it all. I had this mental image of the Don Juan of Forks, and I have a serious weakness for the Byronic hero. Imagine my surprise when I click on the little link, ready to just eat up all the sexy Edward within, and am greeted instead by a bespectacled, awkward, eager-to-please Edward! Oh! If there’s anything at all that I can love more than a Byronic hero, it’s a geek!

Unfortunately, Bella doesn’t have the same soft spot for this geek that I do, and she lets Edward know, in no uncertain terms, that she could never be interested in a man that has no idea how to please her physically. Our geek hero takes this to heart and, over the summer, becomes something more of the heartbreaker that I had originally imagined.

Here’s where the intrigue begins. Edward’s transformation is so startling and so complete that Bella spends most of her waking, and even dreaming, hours trying to figure out just what could prompt such a change. Could he possibly be the incubus of legend- the sex demon that brings women extraordinary pleasure?

And here is where I state that don’t even know if this fic falls into the Supernatural/Fantasy category. WhatsMyNomDePlume has created intense mystery around her characters, while infusing light-hearted humor, as Bella searches for answers that refuse to be found. I find myself just as dumbfounded by the metamorphosis, just as intrigued by the mystery of Edward Cullen, and just as freakin’ turned on by that baffling sex demon as Bella is!

After reading all that Legendary currently offers, I turned to the other stories by this author. I state here and now that this girl has a gift for luring her readers in, for building a mystery, and more making us all truly care about what happens to the characters. She’s a shining star, and I can’t wait to see more from her in the future- especially the answer behind Legendary’s Edward Cullen.

Diver Alias: Zygote Love (aka Daisy3853)

Mission: Find a fic where Bella is a goddess in her own right

The Pearl: Return to My Side by IngenueFic

Summary: For Bella Swan, moving to Forks is temporary, just another place to live for her last nine months on Earth. When she meets Edward Cullen, her view of the world shifts so drastically that a decision must be made, one that may alter her very existence.
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 7 - Words: 44,928 - Reviews: 77 - Updated: 3-31-10 - Published: 3-9-10 - Bella & Edward

Why I Read This: For Bella Swan, moving to Forks is temporary, just another place to live for her last nine months on Earth. When she meets Edward Cullen, her view of the world shifts so drastically that a decision must be made, one that may alter her very existence.

I’ll be honest. When I first started looking for something in the Fantasy/Supernatural realm, I was thinking about ghosts. (Well, if I’m being really honest, I was thinking Jensen Ackles… ahem.) I wanted something that would give me chills and maybe keep me up at night. Then I stumbled on this little story, and I was intrigued. I forgot all about ghost stories in favor of gods and goddesses, an already immortal Bella, and an Edward who still thirsts for her blood.

In the prologue, we meet Bella. She’s just moved back to Forks to live with Charlie, only instead of Bella the Blushing Human, she is Isabella/Melantha, daughter of Hades and Persephone and future ruler of the Underworld.

Now, I know. It sounds a little crazy, right? But this is fantasy, so bear with me here. The story begins with such familiarity – the author takes this fantastical premise and applies it to the bare bones structure of the books. The story will follow the basic storyline of all four books, but the way she applies the supernatural elements to what we all know is what makes this story so enjoyable.

Bella is a goddess, immortal in her own right. Even though she’s Edward’s equal and in some ways superior, their love is still forbidden and complicated. She has blood that he craves, and though she heals quickly, she can be harmed and they aren’t sure what kind of effect a vampire could have on her. Bella’s biding her time on Earth until she can return to the Underworld with her parents. She’s been waiting for this moment for her entire life, but meeting Edward (and possibly falling in love) sets her spinning. She’s strong and powerful and knows what she wants, but for the first time she feels insecure and human. She’s never been in love and never questioned her future. Choices must be made, consequences dealt with, possibilities explored… oh yeah, and your father is the king of the Underworld, so try not to piss him off.

The writing is beautiful and paints a vivid picture of this fantasy world that Bella lives in. It pulled me in from the very first paragraph, and the story is really reaching some exciting conflicts as it approaches the New Moon phase. This was definitely not what I was looking for when I set out on my ficdive, but I’m really pleased to have found it.

Diver Alias: Juggler of a Thousand Chainsaws (aka WickedCicada)

Mission: Find a fic that will unleash your inner beast

Summary: A sudden snowstorm. A missing father returned. A bushel of red roses on the doorstep. Bella Swan's holidays brought unexpected events. One year later she begins to learn what it all means. Written for the 2010 Twilight Gift Exchange.
Twilight - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 17,438 - Reviews: 65 - Updated: 3-21-10 - Published: 3-7-10 - Bella & Edward

Why I Read This: In my search for fantasy or supernatural stories, I didn’t so much dive as scrabble around in piles of fics labeled as belonging in these genres. The variety was incredible, but I was lucky enough to find this unusual and lovely story. (And lovely is an understatement.)

A Rose in Winter marries elements from Twilight with the classic fairy tales Beauty and the Beast and Snow White and Rose Red. (There are even some lines from Dumas’ The Man in the Iron Mask thrown in for good measure.) Here, Edward is a self-proclaimed monster and Bella is the rose his heart yearns for. But how could she ever love a monster when her heart longs for the prince she’s dreamt of since her mother spun tales of him when Bella was a small girl?

Despite her own wants, Bella is determined to meet the debts of honor her father has incurred, even if it means putting herself in danger. When her wants somehow align themselves with her fears, she must make a choice that will cost her a man she loves. Her only guidance comes in the form of a few words from her long-dead mother’s fanciful imagination: “…When you find him, remember that the most beautiful part of your prince is what's in his heart.”

Writer SophiaAnne does a masterful job of channeling the profound depth of canon Edward’s loneliness and hopelessness into the monster here, without resorting to an excess of dialogue or even emotion. Instead, she shows us through Bella’s eyes how Edward lives, who he is when he thinks no one is watching, and what has driven him to seek such deep solitude. We feel his pain acutely as a result.

But Bella is like one of the roses Edward loves so much—tender, deep-hearted and sweet—and her willingness to sacrifice for those she loves is more than enough to warm the frozen landscape of Edward’s existence. Like most fairy tales we love, this story has a happy ending, but you’ll still want to savor every word along the way despite knowing what happens. (For added interest, look for outside information on the symbolism of roses.) Enjoy, and be sure to leave SophiaAnne some love in the form of reviews!


  1. Oh man, "Return to My Side" is so fantastic. IngenueFic showcases her mythology knowledge and keeps everything on schedule with the Saga, and I adore this. When I emailed this suggestion to Daze, I hoped it would catch her eye...Everybody give this one a shot! :)

  2. These all sound absolutely phenomenal, ladies! Thanks for finding them! I strongly second the rec for Legendary. Yeah, we may not know yet if it's truly a "supernatural" story, but the tone is so firmly in that genre that it totally works. Can't wait to read the others as well.


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