Monday, April 5, 2010

DrabblerScrambler: Futility


Today's Drabbly Babblers

Drabble #1:
We offered them eternity and they accepted without knowing the weight it carried. Every single day of my forever felt like a slow death.

My eternity was torturous and futile. What else is left when all is lost?

The thread only I can see wove its way around the young lovers; strong and vibrant with the devotion they carried for each other.

Phantom pain seized my chest where my heart should be. The numbness grows again, and I am cocooned by it. It saves me from pain but renders me useless.

Didyme was my life and her death, was mine.

Drabble #2:
She lays beneath me, long hair and lips, her skin all rose and pale.

I tell myself that I can resist. That her scent, sensual and calling to me, is nothing. That her kiss is enough for me.

It's not.

My hands tremble as they find flesh stretched taut across her hip, warm and soft, and I am pressing too harshly.

But she never stops me.

Hearing her whisper for more, I breathe in deeply, searching for strength as my fingertips search for heat.

Until my name on parted lips is my undoing.

Until again, as always, I give in.

Drabble #3:
“Nope, not yet.” Bella pursed her lips, keeping her laugh inside.

“Too strong?” My tongue ached from trying so many times. Maybe more oil?

Bella swirled her finger around and brought it to her lips. “Mmmm, closer,” she said, her eyes closing seductively, “but not quite.”

Maybe if I spiced things up? Her mouth was hot on my finger this time.

The result? A disgusting gagging sound. “No, too much. Here, let me.”

Defeated, I let her take over. Adding tomatoes and basil, she stirred the pot.


“If you say so,” I choked. Skunk tasted better than spaghetti sauce.

Drabble #4:
I had known this day would come eventually. The constant presence of blood at school, in town, and now in my home. All because of her. She was my breaking point. I had known it before Edward forwent the rules. Maybe from that first day.

One little nick, one drop of blood, and everything I had been striving toward was gone.

Running from my family, from her, was the only thing I could do. I couldn't look at any of them.

Because I was never going to be what they wanted. I was never going to be good enough.

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  1. HOLY SHITE!!! 4/4 correct! WOOT!

  2. Wow, I actually got two right! That might be a record for me.


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