Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why So Fail FF?

Oh do you fail us so?

Seems like we are saying that (or some other very colorful variety) an awful lot these days.
It would appear that system upgrades over the weekend changed the coding logic on, eliminating a number of traditional section break structures like
It's not purely a repeating pattern, nor is it the use of *, so you might have to experiment to find a break that works best for you and the format of your story. Fortunately the breaks ARE still there when you export, so a search and replace can save you a little bit of time.
So consider this a PSA - go check your stories - especially if you use separators to show a shift in POV or time. You can export the chapter from the "my stories interface." If you've never done this before - next to each chapter on the far left are a series of HTML Links - select the EXP option, it will send the chapter to document manager. Your breaks will still be there, you simply need to replace them with something that works.
Epic Sigh and Good Luck!


  1. Oh man, that is a MAJOR bummer...I just checked mine and yep, they're gone. Nice to know that has nothing better to do than tinker around with something like that.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. Thank you for this. They seem to make some increasingly annoying change like this every couple of months. I remember there was a while several years back where you couldn't use bloody ellipsis. Silly FFn. :(


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