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FicDive - Mad Dash for Slash!

Diver Alias: Little Miss Overacheiver (AKA Katinki)

Mission: To find a JxE O/s that’s more than smutty good times (not that I mind those

Summary: One-shot. Edward is transfixed by Jasper. The way his nimble fingers slide along the fretboard and the way the cigarette smoke unfurls from his perfect lips. AU/AH/OOC. Rated M.
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,250 - Reviews: 14 - Published: 2-25-10 - Edward & Jasper - Complete

Why I Read This: So, admission time. I’m a kinda, sorta slash fic virgin, and I kinda, sorta wanted my proverbial cherry popped (gently, mind you). So, when I heard about the Fic Dive column resurrection and saw Mad Dash for Slash *gasp* as a category, I just couldn’t resist. And I must say, what I found was impressive.

And what did I find? A lovely, well-told story about two pretty boys finding a connection deep in the heart of Beale Street. From the twisting patterns of unfurling smoke to guitar-roughened, calloused fingertips, the story screams slow and languid sensuality.

Tuesdaymidnight does a fine job with a third person point of view (my personal favorite), and it’s told in the more interesting present tense, as opposed to past. As such, as the reader, you’re sucked right down into the tale, and you experience Edward’s journey.

There’s a melancholy sense of longing in the words, that feel of unrequited attraction, that oh-so-to-be-desired UST. And then, as the story reads on, there’s the surprise and elation that that attraction isn’t quite so unrequited after all. I love Jasper’s characterization in this story; he’s the elusive catch, the blues man, the one that just can’t be tied down in a traditional sense. And Edward just wants whatever piece of him he can have. Yes, please.

Mission: To find a slashy and preferably humorous Geekward

The Pearl: Fixing Precious: A Love Story by FarDareisMai2

Summary: Jasper's computer needs help from an expert. Enter Geekward. A little slashy o/s written for Yogagal's birthday.
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,144 - Reviews: 37 - Published: 3-22-10 - Jasper & Edward - Complete

Why I Read This: If it’s not perfectly obvious from my own stuff, I like Geekwards, like all of them. So, shoot me, okay? I like the awkwardness and shyness, the intelligence, the disguised hotness, the glasses. Unf.

And sure enough, I found a gemstone of a story. This is a light hearted, enjoyable romp, filled with the funny; what better way to start than with references to the MS Blue Screen of Death? There are Tolkien references, Clash sneaks, and Buddy Holly lenses. In other words? Fun.

The premise is easy enough. Jasper’s ‘Precious’ dies and he’s at his wits’ end. Enter Edward, Mr. Computer Repairman, not to mention Mr. I Wanna Jump You and Do Bad Things to You. But the author’s way with descriptions and actions makes this not-so-uncommon scene stand out.

There’s all the gracelessness and discomfort you’d want from a first meeting, as well as some lusciously lusty thoughts and actions. The author does an excellent job of depicting the two characters’ mutual, but uncomfortable, attraction. And she adds in some tenderness and that promise of “I want more than just the physical.” And then, well, of course, there’s a more than satisfying culmination of their desires.

I’d love to see this O/s continued.

Diver Alias: Here fishy fish (aka Starfish422 )

Mission: To find a compelling slash fic that didn’t contain the darlings of the Twi slash world, Jasper and Edward

Summary: Resident Geeksper has been lusting after college quarterback, Emmett for two years...Are the two of them really so different? Can they overcome their pasts and find the answers to the unanswered questions they both seek? Rated M Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 2 - Words: 15,389 - Reviews: 49 - Updated: 3-30-10 - Published: 11-29-09 - Jasper & Emmett

Why I Read This: The long and short of it is, I failed. It’s difficult to admit, but in spite of diving again and again (that’s what she said) I’m rec’ing a story with Jasper. Yeah, I hear you – quel surprise, right? I’m telling you, I plugged as many character combinations into that search engine as I dared, but the pearl is a Jasper/Emmett pairing. I KNOW. But it’s not Jasper/Edward, and that alone separates it from much of the available Twilight slash. Also, it has Emmett, who is not on my list when I’m looking for new slashy stories.

This story was originally written as a one-shot for the Slash Backslash contest. Despite it having been written for the contest, I didn’t read it at the time, and found it during one of my many dives through the sometimes-scary dumpster of the FF.net search function.

I clicked on it because the term “Resident Geeksper” in the summary made my geek-loving brain go into overdrive. What I found was a well-written story that made me truly like Emmett in a slash role. Though Emmett-as-football-player could be portrayed as “strong like bull, smart like streetcar”, this Emmett is a sympathetic character. He defuses a potentially-dangerous situation with a locker room bully who harasses Jasper because he’s gay. He even goes as far as to give Jasper some instructions on how he can take down a much larger person, if he needs to defend himself against future attacks.

I love that with this Jasper, being an outcast at college does not translate to his life outside school. He performs with a band and is completely confident of his abilities there, even when his school world encroaches on his music world in the form of Emmett showing up at one of Jasper’s gigs. Jasper rises to the occasion, performing to an appreciative crowd, and wowing Emmett in the process. The confidence Jasper feels at his home bar, along with some interested cues from Emmett, finally give him the courage to take a shot at the guy he’s been crushing on.

Do they get together? I can’t tell you that – you’ll have to read and see. The collaborators recently updated it, and I hope, now that they’ve decided to continue the story, they don’t wait another four months to post chapter 3, because I’ll certainly be waiting to read it.


Diver Alias: Boo Boo Baby (AKA Miztrezboo)

Mission: Find an Emmett that isn't a total skirt

Summary: Resident Geeksper has been lusting after college quarterback, Emmett for two years...Are the two of them really so different? Can they overcome their pasts and find the answers to the unanswered questions they both seek? Rated M
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 2 - Words: 15,389 - Reviews: 49 - Updated: 3-30-10 - Published: 11-29-09 - Jasper & Emmett

Why I Read This: It probably isn’t a secret how much I love Emmett in fic. All fic. So when the opportunity came up to explore the slashy side of Emmett, I was all over it like butter on a hot potato. My excitement was short lived when everything I found was either a) already popular or b) not to my pedantic and picky requirements (when you’ve been around the fandom since August 08… you kind of have to have OCD like tendencies when it comes to what you’ll read). Then, just as I was giving up hope and thinking I’d have to settle for some Jasper and someone other than Edward.. I found a new love.

Originally written as part of the For The Love of Jasper contest held a whiles back, Sparabella (the combination of Clurabella and Sparagus) have written something sexy and different and that I thoroughly enjoyed! They pretty much had me at the description of Jasper – all golden curls and black frames and steel grey eyes – in a band no less. Then Emmett – oh I’ll just let them explain…Emmett's eyes were focused on the professor, his pencil tapping quickly against the notebook instead of taking notes. The artist in me noted the shades of red in his chocolate hair, the freckles that were barely visible across his cheeks, the angle of the shadows created by those dimples...

Where was I again? Right. Plot. Jasper, out and proud gay man with complete and utter lust of the Quarterback with brains. Emmett, not so sure on his sexual persuasion and an interest above friendship with to a self proclaimed geek in sexy glasses. Emmett helps Jasper out of a uncomfortable situation with another jock and they share a moment. The heat turns up a notch at the bar after Jasper’s band plays and he catches Emmett watching.

Unfortunately, Emmett’s buddy leaves him without a way to get home… how inconvenient, or convenient as the case may be when Jasper offers to give him a ride.

Emmett doesn’t just ride in Jasper’s vehicle, let’s put it that way.

There’s a few awkward moments with noob to the gay scene Emmett discovering the difference between Vaseline and Boy Butter (had to giggle at the name of that myself!) The loving is sweet and hot and completely satisfied this little black wombys need for a sexy Jasper/Emmett pairing.

And News Just In: they’re continuing this into a multi-chaptered story, chapter two is already up and it only begins to give you an idea of where they’re going with this one. Loved it, and cannot wait for the next update!


  1. Thank you so, so much Miztrezboo!! I really don't have any words right now, and that's saying something!!

    I'm beyond estatic that you chose to recc our lill fic; on this amazing blog no less...just, thank you so much :)

    Love Clurrabella

  2. So, my very embarrassed self took its time commenting here because, well, I was too blushy and fangirly. But thank you so much for the rec. It was a huge surprise since the piece is quite outside my normal tone of writing, and I've hemmed and hawed about it endlessly. So thank you, thank you, thank you. :)


    fardareismai2 (the one who is blushing even now)


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