Friday, April 24, 2009

LitPodcast: Books Off The Hook Interviews Mark Jeffrey

This Friday we have something new and different for you.

TLYDF and Temptation Twilight have teamed up to create Books off the Hook, a brand new podcast all about YA literature, the publishing industry and generalized tangents that will be hosted by Smellyia, Moon.witche, Emibella and Pastiche Pen. This will be starting off with roughly monthly posts and we will just have to see where the future takes us!

Our premier episode features an interview with previously recommended writer Mark Jeffrey, author of the Max Quick Series, in which he shares his experiences in self-publishing, and gives us a look into his stories and the inspirations behind them. The original LitRec for Mark Jeffrey can be found here.

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Show Notes

1.A short introduction from Caitlin

2. The Interview with Mark Jeffrey:

The Max Quick Series
Self-publishing vs Traditional publishing (for all you aspiring authors - this should NOT be missed!)
The state of the publishing industry
Influences from across the board
What is in store next for Max?

Our next episode will feature all four hosts and we will be discussing Graceling by Kristin Cashore.

Thanks for tuning in.

All music used is this podcast was composed by Kevin Macloed and can be found here.


  1. This was so much fun. Now, we just have to make sure that I never have to edit two podcasts at the same time...because I might go insane.

    Other than that, I'm looking forward to doing more and hope you all tell everyone you know who mmight be interested. This podcast isn't about Twilight. It will appeal to anyone who enjoys reading YA literature.

    Mark was a joy to interview, and I hope his insights into the world of publishing give those interested a different view of looking at it.

  2. I was wondering when you guys would interview Mark Jeffrey! I read his Max Quick Series (Thanks for the recommendation, by the way,) and I loved it.


  3. Oh. I forgot to mention that it DOES sound like Max is speaking to you on the podcast. I love it. Max is definitely my favorite character, hands down. So, this is extremely exciting. Eek!


  4. Ally, I don't know you, but I like you. And I'm glad you liked the books. Hope you enjoy the little teaser he gives us for Bane of the Bondsman, which I'm dying for.

  5. Brava, ladies! This is an excellent. I love Jeffrey's innovative approach to using the internet to find an audience in the publishing industry. It's a ruthless, dinosaur biz that tends to fight technology rather than work with it. I'm glad to see how successful authors are navigating around the biz by using their own techie methods!

  6. Thanks so much for the invite to come on the show ... and thanks for the comments! I'll keep checking back on this page, so if you have any feedback or follow-up questions, always interested in both.

    - Mark Jeffrey

  7. I'm sorry... It's Ally - again. I realize that I check this blog way too often. When you want me to stop commenting, just let me know ;D I have a couple questions for Mr. Jeffrey:

    Will we see more Max/Casey relationship in the third installment? Because I'm not going to lie; I was rooting for them since book one xD Also, will The Bane of The Bondsman be the last of the Max Quick Series? Or will there be more books? Thanks a ton :)

  8. Hey Ally --

    1) Max/Casey: Yes, we will learn more about their relationship. They will spend more time together in BoB (in fact the first scene after the first few pages is them talking). But their relationship becomes more .. complicated than you may think right now. :) But Yes, I am interested in how that turns out also and it is a focus.

    2) BoB will probably conclude the story arc begun in Pocket. I will do that in either one or two books, unsure right now which way that will go. And then I will very probably do another multi-book story arc with the same characters -- I've already got one in mind I'm noodling on. I will give a satisfying ending but leave myself a little window to go through at the end should I desire to keep going (and i probably will).

    - Mark Jeffrey

  9. That's exciting...and I love that you call it BoB.

    Okay, I had some questions I didn't get around to asking during the interview.

    1)Was podcasting something you knew about/were into beforehand? And how did you get the word out about the podcast?

    2)When I was reading Pocket, for the first half of the book I thought it had a fantasy feel to it, and then it switched to sci-fi. Did you do this on purpose or did it always feel sci-fi to you?

  10. Did you know there's a free Kindle App for iPhone? Getting ready to download The Pocket and the Pendant for Kindle

  11. Caitlin / all: Sorry for delay.

    1.) No I hadn't intended on podcasting at all when I wrote 'Pocket'. Evo Terra of the Dragon Page SciFi podcast convinced me to do it. He plugged it on his show, and then I got plugs from other podcasters. That was basically how the core audience was built.

    You have to recall that 2005 was a much different time: podcasting was very new, there was a lot of enthusiasm and a tight knit group of people who did it.

    2) I thought of it as scifi originally, but yes it is definitely more 'quantum fantasy' now or magical realism. I think what you noticed most is the tenativeness I had with the 'voice' of the book initially.


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