Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Affiliates: TLYDF, MS & Temptation on Twitter

And so Blogdom Hears The Pitter Patter Of TWITTER FEET.

Yes, we are taking Music Sundays, Temptation Twilight Podcast & TLYDF to the Twittershpere.

TLYDF Twitter is filled with recs and updates and general TLYDF BS. Meta-fandom (yes, I am using this to pimp my fave Snermione and and other meta-fandom reads)and a variety of other things in interwebs life I think you need to check out will be posted as well. Excuse the random Smellyia convo on it. But I refuse to have more than one Twitter. MS Twitter is constantly shoving awesome Music into your ears. And Temptation is giving you constant updates on all their goings on....

TLYDF Twitter: Smellyia_TLYDF

Music Sundays Twitter: Music Sundays

Temptation Podcast Twitter: temptationcast

Go Forth. Twitter. Prosper.

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