Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Author Interview: ronOReds

1. Your interpretation of the change into a vampire (i.e. blood pouring out during the process) is really interesting. How'd you come up with the idea for that?

This was way before Breaking Dawn came out, so I had no idea what the whole process of going through a change would actually be like. But one fact that stuck out in my mind was that the Vampires had no blood. So I thought it would be eerie and cool if you could actually see the blood leaving the body through the pores. And I liked the idea of Edward wiping away a "teardrop" of it from her face. However, I don't think that scene made the final story.

2. Likewise, where did the inspiration for Bella's power come from? Or the rationalization of it, at least?

Bella's power came to me as I was writing in another different power for her to have. I knew that I planned on having the Volturi come into the story soon, and I thought if Bella could actually see into their minds, it would be the only way that they could defeat them in the end. I wanted it to be slightly different from Alice's, but a little similar to Edward because I wanted them to feel connected.

3. What drove you to do your own continuation of the series?

I read the first three books and completely fell in love. Breaking Dawn wasn't being published for another year so I needed to fill the time somehow! This was my first story and I wrote it before I read anything else on fanfiction. I was writing stories long before this, but this was my first time using pre-made characters. It was a great experience.

4. If you could go back and change any part of your story, what would it be?

Oh wow, SO many things, lol. As I said this was my first story on here, so when I read through it I cringe at some of the writing style and technique! But the main thing I would change would be when the family leaves the house and is on the run from the Volturi. I wish I could have been more organized with the plot. I have so many cool ideas now for what they could have done.

5. As I mentioned in the recommendation, you dismissed the Jacob issue very well. Is there any particular reason you didn't want him involved in the story? What are your feelings toward him?

The thing is, I LOVE JACOB! I was never one of those readers that absolutely hated him and wished he was never apart of the story. But I love Edward and Bella more, and I didn't want the story to have the "love triangle" conflict that Eclipse had. I felt like that had already been done, and the parts I was looking forward to most in Breaking Dawn didn't involve him, so I didn't write him in for my rendition.

6.Bella and Edward do get a child, in a way, at the end of your story. Is this something you always imagined/wanted for them, or did it kind of just end up like that?

I read a lot of romance novels and such, and usually at the end to make it complete, the couple has a child. So I think my brain was pre-programmed to think that way. At that time, I thought them having a baby was impossible! So I thought of a way to make it possible! haha. But that part actually was never planned in, and sort of just happened as I was writing. Besides, who can resisit cute Edward moments with a baby ;)

7. How easy/difficult was it to write Ice Makes Passion, and what were the difficult parts?

I loved writing Ice Makes Passion! I didn't have any expectatitions when I posted it, but when a few people started reading and reviewing I was so excited and it gave me so much more motivation to finish! As you can probably tell from my other stories, I love writing humor and odd scenes that you would never see in the books, so Bella's Bachlorette party was my fav.

8. How well-acquainted were you with the Twilight series before you started writing fan fiction for it (how long had you read them beforehand) and what made you start writing fan fiction about it?

I had probably read all the books 3x over before I started writing. I'd say a span of about a month. I just really wanted to know what happened next, so I decided to write it for myself. And when I was done I really enjoyed reading other writers' versions of it as well.

9. I've always wondered this about the authors who wrote 'what happens next?' fics after Eclipse. It may be a loaded question, but how did you feel about Breaking Dawn, especially after having written your own interpretation of it?

Well, I was spoiled about Renesmee about two days before Breaking Dawn came out, so it gave me time to get used to the idea before I read it. But now it's my favorite book besides Twilight! I enjoyed mostly everything about Breaking Dawn (besides a few minor things). To be honest, I didn't even think about my interpretation of it at all while I was reading. Maybe because I had written Ice Makes Passion so long ago. Although I think Stephanie Meyer could have done with a Bachlorette party like mine! That would have been fun!

10. What were your expectations from the story when you first started writing it, and how did they change over time, if at all?

My plot changed constantly. I don't really outline because I change my mind all the time, and the original story was supposed to go in a completely different direction. Mostly I just tried to stay true to the characters, so some of the time I was like "Wait, Edward wouldn't do that!" But it is still so special to me because it was the first thing I posted on here, and I'm proud of it :)

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