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QuickieFickies: Indies First Time Writers Challenge

The Indies First Time Writers Challenge Quickie Fickies!

Amongst the crazy fall contest calendar there was a special little challenge, near and dear to my heart, The Indies First Time Writers Challenge. The objective was simple, lure readers who wanted to write out of the woodwork. The rules? A one shot about 'first experience' by a writer who had never published fan fiction before. No stipulation on rating, pairings, genre, it was all greenfield. We wanted to create a level playing field to lure people out. And lure we did.

There were more than forty stories submitted, with thirty making it to the voting and judging round. What was surprising was the diversity of the entries. There were a lot of Edward and Bella, but there were a lot of other characters too, including some that you don't hear much about. I wanted to call out a few of the more surprising characters or pairings to give you a taste of the unique takes people came up with. I also recommend you check out the c2 of submitted stories, odds are there is a pairing in there just right for you: The First Time Writers Challenge C2.

We'll be sponsoring another one of these First Time Writers Challenges later in the year, so all you aspiring writers, start thinking. In the mean time go read, enjoy, review. There are some truly lovely stories by some readers you should really get to know.

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| General | Canon | Renee / Charlie | Rated: M/R | 5,502 words | Written for: The Indies First Time Writers Challenge | Published: 10/01/2009

An entry for the "Indies First-Time Writer Challenge" Contest. AU. Renee reminisces about her time with Charlie in Forks in the 70s while watching Bella’s plane take-off as she goes to live with her father.
Ah Renee, often maligned or all together forgotten. It's so easy to discount her role in the Twilight saga. She put Bella on a plane to Forks, and short of a few phone calls and brief cameos in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, we hardly see her. How did she feel about putting Bella on a plane back to the place she'd fled? Was it hard to let her go?

Bendingmirrors does a lovely job on her first time out - pulling out the back story of Charlie and Renee, including how they 'connected,' fell in love, and ultimately fell apart. It's a heart wrenching view of a mother's love and sacrifice.
| Friendship / General | AH | Rosalie / Edward | Rated: M/R | 7,473 words | Written for: The Indies First Time Writers Challenge | Published: 10/20/2009

Rosalie and Edward have been friends since childhood, but he has a new girl in his life and Rosalie’s feelings for him have changed. A story about the shifting tides of friendship. AH.
Oh Rosalie, always wanting, always waiting, never getting. So many of us have mixed impressions of Rose, especially when it comes to Edward. In this one shot, we are introduced to a Rose that isn't too far off of canon. She's beautiful, smart, and appears to have it all. Or does she?

I can't say too much without giving away the plot, but this story is very much about how friendships morph and evolve over time, and how your first love will always own a portion of your heart. It's a lovely, bittersweet read - even if you don't like to read non-canon couples. Trust me!
| Horror / Drama | Canon | Jane / Aro | Rated: M/R | 11,712 words | Written for: The Indies First Time Writers Challenge | Published: 10/23/2009

As Jane burns at the stake convicted of witchcraft; she vows vengeance upon her accuser. Once she joins the Volturi, Jane’s sweet revenge is within reach - M for violence & dark themes
We know her as a malevolent little vampire, but what about the human Jane? What made her who she was, and how did she come to live with the Volturi?

This is a tangled, dark tale that delves deep into the warped psyche of a selfish teenager who thinks of only one person besides herself, her beloved brother Alec. This is horror in the best sense of the word, and will give you all new perspective on what it means to burn...the question is, burn from what?
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  1. I'm definitely going to add Becoming Jane to my read list, especially seeing how much I ADORED the first two Rec's from H. Bendingmirrors has this amazing way with imagery that blends backstory and events that truly feel canon to how Renee is described in the books. Then, one of my favorite First Time one shots of all.. The Corner of Your Heart. I've read it four times and now with the multichap in progress (new chapter up TODAY) I can't wait to see how HeartofLife continues to explore the two characters journey.. and yes I pester her for updates and excitedly squee all over twitter before, during and after as they appear on Mondays!

    Great feature H and you should ALL read them!

  2. I haven't (yet) read the other two, but Ihave to second the rec for Becoming Jane. LoreliD does so much to make Jane a whole, three-dimensional character; it's just amazing. Of course, I'm a little scared of her now, with how well she writes a disturbed protagonist...

    Thanks for new reading material! My to-read list just gets longer and longer and longer.

  3. I loved the last two one-shots, so I'm def going to read the first one.

    I'm glad to see that Edward and Rosalie are becoming more and more popular!


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