Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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The Indie Awards - Open Nominations

It's that time again! Nominations opened for the indies yesterday - and there have been a number of changes since the last round.

To help speed you on your way through the nomination process, here is a quick run down on the details:


There are two primary groupings for this round - One shots/Novellas and Multi Chaptered fics.

The One Shot and Novella category will focus on single or multi-chaptered stories of less than 50,000 completed (yes, completed) that have the underlying theme of love conquers all. This can be Canon, AU or AH - so long as the story is well written and focuses on the concept of love in any form overcoming great odds.

The Multi-Chaptered category will follow a similar format to last round of the Indies. These categories will cover both completed and multi-chaptered stories under the following specialized categories:

  • Best New Moon Story:
    This may be pure canon or AU, and must start off from some point during New Moon (for example Edward leaving, Jake saving Bella from drowning, etc). This may be a work in progress or a completed story.

  • Best Secondary Characterization:
    Stories with strong representations of secondary characters that are not one of the Cullens, Bella, OR Jake. Examples of this include the Volturi, the wolf pack or Quileute tribe members, High School friends, or Nomads. In your nomination, please site one specific chapter where you feel the characterization is overly strong for speed of reference

  • Best Action or Drama Story:
    Inclusive of drama, action, adventure, horror, this category covers those Canon, AU, and AH stories that can't be classified as love stories.

  • Best Love Triangle:
    In keeping with the triangle that came to a head in New Moon , this category is for the best WIP or Complete story with a believable, compelling love triangle. This category can include canon and non canon pairings.

  • Best Use of a Parent:
    Any AU, Canon or AH story with excellent use of Charlie, Renee, Billy, Carlisle, Esme or Sue in a parental role.

There will also be general nomination opions for WIP and Completed Canon/AU or AH Fics that you love.

Changes and Schedule

There have been some significant modifications to the rules specific to author eligibility, previous nominations, and promotion. Please take a moment to read the rules before you begin nominations to make the most of your time.

Nominations will be open until 1/28, with nominations targeted for announcement on 1/31. There will be a three week window between announcement of nominations and the first round of voting to allow for reading time - which was the number one feedback from phase one. Author names will also be included on the final nomination listing to help people move through the stories with ease.

Go nominate your favorite under appreciated stories now and help drive awareness to some great under appreciated fan fic!

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